Hi like all my stories on this site they are all fantasy and pure fiction and not real events but thank you for looking,

My name is Sally and I’m married to John my husband, He specializes in psychiatric patients, who have been put away in a psychiatric hospital for most of their life,

We have been married for 10 years,
He has worked very hard in the past 10 years to get his position at one of the top psychiatric hospitals,

We are both in our thirties so life is great our sex life has always been good as we both like the same things in life and do so much together as a couple,

Life was about to change when my husband was told that he was being posted to one of the top psychiatric hospitals in the country,
He was very excited, as it was what he had worked for,

As for myself I wasn’t so excited as it meant moving out into the country and I would have to make new friends it wasn’t just 10 minutes into town to see my friends it was more like a couple of hour,

I would have to try and find something to keep me busy while we were there, It was only a 6 month posting to start so I suppose I would have to grim and bear it for the time being,

The building was old as it was originally a country home and had been taken over by the hospital its location was very secluded so ideal for this type of hospital,
As we arrived the senior physiatrist introduced my husband to his fellow colleagues,

We were then taken to the lodge within the grounds it was on the outer perimeter of the hospital and was lovely with a very large garden I did think that the garden needed some work as it had been allowed to over grow, perhaps this would keep me busy in our time here as I did like gardening,

We were allowed a couple of days to move in before John would start work,
I decided to have a look around the garden and found that there was old summer house that was in need of repair it was such a shame as it was old and hidden by the trees and shrubs a very private place and felt peaceful a place where you could go and relax without being disturbed,

As John went to work I was invited to meet the wives of the other doctors it was very informal much like a coffee morning most of the women were a lot older than me I was properly the youngest woman there,

I was told that there were parts of the hospital that were restricted,
This was for our own safety as there were many different types of patients some that had ****d and murdered so it was in my own interest that I stuck to the rules,

Later that day I started work in the garden and felt that I was being watched by someone,
I looked around but could see nothing it was a bit unnerving having been told that there was only a wall separating r****ts and murder’s between myself was I over reacting,

The next day I decided to visit my husband at the hospital to see where john worked,

I wanted to ask John if it was possible to get someone in to repair the old summerhouse, as I wanted to keep busy, there wasn’t much to do during the day,

I didn’t managed to go very far when I noticed a long corridor that seemed to lead into the heart of the hospital, I assumed that this was were the offices were as there were no signs and no one around to ask and no signs restricting access,

So being curious I decided to walk down and take a look
At the far end I could see bar’s and a gate so I continued walking until I reached the gate,
I could see people it looked like they were all just sitting doing nothing,

All of a sudden I jump when there was someone the other side of the gate shouted in a loud voice “What are you doing here” before I could answer a few other’s had gathered and started to shout while trying to grab me show us your tits sexy!

Oh shit I thought as I quickly made my way back up to the main corridor still hearing them shouting,
“Come her sexy we only want to see your tits!

As I managed to find my way back my heart was pounding why was there no signs I was just verbally abused by several men I should never have walked down there,
In future I’m never going to come to place again as you guessed I never made it to Johns office,

I waited for John to return home to tell him what had happened,
He didn’t seem surprised he said well you did look sexy in your skirt and heels this is what I deal with every day remember some of these men have not seen a woman for many years and that they get sexually frustrated being locked up and to see a sexy lady like yourself would stir any man to want such a sexy wife like mine,

Well put like that I suppose it was my own fault for dressing like I did and not asking before I wondered off on my own,

Over the next couple of days I was now getting bored so I decided that a trip back to see my friends for a couple of days would do me good plus I wanted to do some shopping it made me feel better when I did,

I had a lovely time meeting up with my friends and I brought some nice sexy underwear and of course stockings for John I couldn’t wait to get back to him and show him his surprise,

As I got into the cottage it was dark John was already in bed asl**p so I didn’t disturb him

It was morning when I realized that John had gone to work so I spent some time in the garden it was such a nice day,

Over the next couple of days we spent very little time together and I was now getting very frustrated with John he seemed to be working all the time and spend very little time as a couple,
Plus I was not getting any attention or sex he seemed to be tired all the time,

I attended the coffee morning just to stop me getting board not really my cup of tea but it was something to do,

When John did come home he told me that this Saturday there was to be a dance for some of the patients and that the doctors and there wife would be expected to attend apparently they do this every year,

This was my chance to get dressed up and maybe my husband will take note of his wife plus it was a chance to wear the items I had brought,

As the day arrived we both walked to the hall were the dance was John commented about my dress being a little reveling, I must admit it did show my ample breasts,
I felt really sexy wearing stocking and my high heels dressed like this beside it was for my husband I wanted him to appreciate me as a sexy wife for him to make love to me later,

“How wrong was I!
As we arrived my husbands was too busy to notice talking to his fellow colleagues,
I was asked to dance by several senior doctors all trying to look down the front of my dress,

Then I was left just standing watching the patients dance with each other, when a very handsome young man asked if I would like to dance with him he told me his name was Joe he was of course one of the patients,

I looked in the direction of my husband only to see he was still talking and didn’t look in my direction,

So I accepted Joe’s offer and walked onto the dance floor,
It was a slow dance so he put his hand around my waist and pulled me to him to lead and it was then that I felt that he was getting aroused,

For a second I stopped and pulled away but then realized as he looked at me he was so embarrassed by what he had just happened,

I moved forward as to not allow anyone to see his embarrassment as we dance and I could now feel how aroused he was becoming and it was getting worst, as we moved around the dance floor no one seemed to be watching not even my husband,

I was now getting really turned on as I found myself pushing myself into him more I could now feel how aroused he had become and not wanting him to stop,
At one point I thought that he had an orgasm, as all off a sudden it was no longer there,
After the dance I wanted my husband to be jealous of this man as he was practically using me to relive himself on the dance floor and I was allowing him to do this,

By the end of the night I must admit I was so turned on by the fact another man had found me so attractive,

That night on the way back home I wanted my husband to just fuck me as I needed to have sex,

My husband just fell asl**p as we went to bed we hadn’t had sex for over two weeks and I was feeling sexually frustrated?

The next morning I was lying in the garden on my sunbed when I saw Joe who I had danced with last night come over,

Thank you for not reporting me last night and then I could see him getting aroused again what was it with these men,
He quickly left trying to hide his erection,

I watched as he walked away thinking about what had happened last night when we had danced,

The next couple of days Joe came over to me to speak and each time I could see him getting aroused it was now becoming more interesting as this man obviously found me exciting it was like a game I would be on my chair he would come over and speak look me up and down then start getting aroused and quickly leave before I noticed,

I had now started to notice what a good body he had he must have been in his early twenties,
One morning I got dressed in a light blue wrap around dress put on my heels and made my way to my sun lounger allowing my dress to ride up my thighs,

As he walked towards me I could feel my heart pounding but there was a sense of excitement,
As he arrived I could see he was now looking at my legs he said good morning, but this time he just stood there looking at me,
I could see starting to get aroused but this time he didn’t rush off I must admit I found it a real turn on seeing a man start to get a hard on,

He then said would I like to have a look at how the summerhouse was coming along,
“Yes I would”

As I got up from the sun bed I moved my legs around to the side showing a little more thigh,

I followed him to the summerhouse and followed him inside we were now alone and as he turned to face me I could clearly see that the bulge in his pants, he looked at me then looked down at his budge and then back to me,

I leaned back against the wall of the summerhouse,
Opening my dress at the front revealing my long legs for him to look at while he was relieving himself I chose to look away as not to embarrass him I could hear his breathing becoming heavy as he was about to cum,

After he had finished I quickly adjusted my dress and made my way back to the cottage I could not believe what I had just done,
I had allowed this man to relive himself while I stood there showing my self to him what ever was I thinking,

Later that night I couldn’t get this man from my mind I was really excited that I wanted to show myself to this man some more I was so excited by it,

The next morning I waited until I could see him going to the summerhouse,
I got myself dress and made my way,
He had his back to me and didn’t notice me at first,

When he did I could see he was already aroused so this time I turned my back to him and raised my skirt to my waist revealing I was wearing a black thong he quickly started to rub himself off and again I waited for him too cum then adjusted my skirt and walked back to the cottage,

I did this several times over the next couple of weeks each time showing him different parts of my body each time but never naked,

Then this one time I decided to go completely naked I was going to show myself to him naked for the very first time as a treat,
I got dressed as normal but this time I wasn’t wearing any underwear just a dress and heels I waited for him to come but I didn’t see his this time,

I did wonder if I had missed him so I decided to go anyway and see if he was already there,
As I got to the summerhouse he was no where to be seen so I stepped inside but as I did I felt that there was someone behind me as I looked round I could see it was Joe with the look of lust in his eyes,

I could already see he was aroused and as I was about to move he moved forward grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him and put his lips to mine and kissed me in such a passionate way I responded and allowed him to kiss my neck at the same time he was squeezing my rear,

He must have realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear because he then moved his hand up to my breasts and squeezed them both I was now allowing this man to feel my body and I didn’t want him to stop,

He then lifted me up and lay me down onto the floor pulled my dress open and started to suck my breasts at the same time putting his hand down onto my pussy I wanted to stop him but in my mind I wanted him to take me I had lost all my inhabitations I was going to let this man do what ever he wanted too,

I was now at his mercy I could feel him probing my pussy with his hard cock and then I felt him enter me Oh my god it felt so good as he push into me I have never felt anything like this before in my married life he was now pumping his cock in and out of my pussy it wasn’t long before I was having my first orgasm he just kept fucking me I must have cum twice before he cum himself and when he did it was all I could do from screaming as his hot cum burst into my pussy,
He then pulled out of me and turned me onto my stomach and pushed his still hard cock into me from behind and continued to fuck me until he cum again,

I quickly got dressed and made my way back to the cottage before anyone saw me,

Over the next few months we had sex in the summerhouse many times I would dress up in stocking and heels for him as he loved it when I did,

I would sit and ride his cock or he would fuck me from behind once I allowed him to put his cock into my rear I would never had let my husband to do that to me,
But Joe he could do what he wanted and when he wanted to me,
It did all come to and end when my husband was posted to another hospital,
So I never got to see Joe again but I will never forget our time together maybe one day he may get released and if he did I would be waiting for him,

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Great story!