Part 2

It was nearly a week later before I saw anyone which was strange as they never seemed to be there much considering they were a f****y I was beginning to think they were a very strange f****y,

I mean she put on a show for me, I then saw her with another man while her husband watched and the took part,
And now they were never at home and what’s happened to the son I haven’t seen him since they moved into the area very strange,

I’m still hoping to get to fuck her myself as it would seem that she likes to tease and then enjoys fucking other men in front of her husband or it could be him who knows what going on I still needed a plan but how could I plan if she was never there,

I was on my way home from school when I heard my name being called as I looked around there was the woman over the road she called me over and said,
“ Hi how have you been?

“Ok thanks haven’t seen you for a week “

I know we have been busy with the move and I’ve been spending time with my son at my parents,
In fact he’s still there so why don’t you come over tonight say the same time as before,

“Ok but do I get to come into your house this time well you will have to wait and see,
“See you later then”

I couldn’t wait for tonight this may be the only time I get to finally fuck her so I was now excited about tonight I wanted to look my best so I took a shower and made an extra special effort for the night,

I’m hoping she going to be wearing stocking and heels like she did when she fucked that guy with her husband watching,

I was getting hard just thinking about those sexy legs clad in stocking,
I was going to fuck her even if she protested,

As the time arrived I made my way over to the window and waited the curtains were still closed so I waited then waited and she did not appear,
So I decided to go round to the rear door and tried the handle,

The door opened so I stepped inside and started to walk towards the lounge I was now scared as I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing just walking into the house without her knowing so I got to the lounge door and slowly open the door

Then a voice said, “What took you so long I’ve been waiting for you”
As I pushed open the door she was sitting on the unit with her skirt lifted above her thighs showing her stocking top she was wearing high heels and her legs looked amazing,

“You like looking at me don’t you”
Oh yes! you look so sexy and your legs are amazing I so want to run my hand up your thigh and feel you silky legs,

“So you like me to wear stocking for you then”
Oh yes!
“Would you like to see more of me then”
Oh yes I would!
“Then take off your clothes and show me your cock”
She demanded,

I was now standing in front of her completely naked
“Not bad for a young man
I want you to lie on the floor under the glass coffee table”
So I did just that,

She then leaned over the table and took off her blouse to reveal a pair of the finest tits I have ever seen,
She then sat on top of the table and pressed her breast down onto the glass just like the last time I put my hands to the glass as if I was feeling her breasts,

By now my cock was getting really hard I so much wanted to feel those magnificent breast for real but I continued to watch she was now getting turned on herself I could tell from her breathing,

She then said I’m going to show you something you will never see anywhere else,
She slid herself over the table until I was looking up at her naked pussy Oh my god it looked so fucking sexy,
She then started to move up and down the glass and as she did I could see her pussy lips opening as she move forwards and the backwards,
The glass was becoming wet with her juices

She was fucking the glass table and I was looking up at her while she did it,
The view was just amazing as she was moving quicker I could see she was about to cum and boy did she cum all over the glass her cum juices just kept coming,

Enough I thought as she collapsed on top of the table I slid my self from underneath got up and said I’m going to fuck that fucking wet pussy of yours,

Before she could say a word I grabbed my hard cock and pushed it in to her pussy from behind and as she told me to stop and I ignored her calls for me to stop I continued to fucked her hard I wasn’t going to stop until I had unloaded my cum inside that fucking hot pussy,

As I was pounding her she was now moaning for more all I herd was “Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh shit you bastard I need you to fuck me harder Oh fuck Oh shit Oh I’m cumin Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh my god you bastard you made me cum”
And boy did I cum too I was like a stud I kept going until she came again and again I don’t think I had any cum left in my ball when I finished,

I got dressed and left her lying on the floor with just her stocking and heels on with all my cum dripping from her raw cunt she was well and truly fucked,

The next couple of days I saw her about but never spoke to each other she was one great fuck after a couple of months they moved never to return ‘

But you know what she was the best fuck I had ever had, I still rub myself off thinking of those sexy stocking clad legs no one did it better than her and she will always remain my favorite fuck,

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