Hi my name is William and I’m 16 years of age I live with my mom,
I prefer to be called Billy instead of William so that’s me,

We live in a nice part of town and have a nice house my Mom works and so does my dad, as an only c***d I get to be on my own a lot and so you could say I’m a bit of a loner at times,

I do not have a girlfriend but I do have some mates that I sometimes go around with and we do a lot of sports together at school so do not have much time for girls,

It all started when I got home from school one day and I noticed that there was a new f****y moving in next door the first thing I noticed was the woman with her young son she looked in her early thirties with shoulder length blond hair and boy was she hot she was wearing a pair of tight jeans with a white tee shirt that showed her ample bust and that rear in those jeans too she was so fucking hot I started to get hard just looking at her,

I waited until she looked my way and I waved to her and shouted over let me know if you need any help” she said thanks’ I will “
I couldn’t wait to get into the house and go to my room for a better look,
You see my room looks onto most of the rooms at the rear including the lounge as well as the bedrooms,

I watched her as she went in and out of the rooms I decided to find my binoculars out for a better look I could now see her bending over moving box’s around and boy did that rear look good I needed to make my presents know so I decided to go over and ask them if I could make them a cold drink,

“That would be very nice of you she said” by the way I’m Kate and this is Danny my son my husband is Colin, pleased to meet you he said!
My name is Billy and I live with my Mom and Dad it’s nice that someone is moving in, as it’s been empty for 6 months,

Thanks she said you will have to tell us about all the facilities around here when we settle in,
Sure it will be my pleasure “oh and thanks for the drinks “
No problem sees you later,

As I got into the house I thought what a woman I will make sure I get to see her as often as I can she is so hot I’m going to check out the windows tonight just in case I get to see her,
Later that evening I told my parents that I was having an early night, as I needed to study, I really wanted to check out the woman next door,

As I got to my room I made sure there was no lights on in my room I didn’t want to be seen if I was going to spy on her,
I looked over at the windows with lights on and yes there she was only this time she had on a skirt and blouse I got my binoculars to get a better look she was sat on the bed sorting through a box her legs were crossed showing a really nice thigh Oh boy I thought she even has great legs I kept looking in the hope she would show me a little more but then she stood up and the light went out I didn’t see her the rest of the night,

The next day I couldn’t get the thought of this woman out of my mind I never ever felt like this before about anyone! What was it that made this woman so interesting to me!

Over the next couple of days I kept peeping on her most nights but no more than a quick glimpse of her rear or legs I wanted to see more,
So I decided to wait until it was dark and sneak over the fence to see if I could get a closer look at her, I was becoming a peeping tom but I didn’t care I wanted to see this woman more and my only chance was to get closer to the windows at the house,

The night I had picked there was no one at home just as I was about to leave I herd them arrive home so I hid until they were inside the house I waited for the light to go on and I quickly made my way to the lounge window “Oh my god I thought she looked so sexy she had a grey skirt with a split up the side and a black top which had a v cut at the front showing her lovely breasts and I swear she was wearing stocking as I caught a glimpse of a stocking top through the slit in the skirt and she had on killer heels which made her legs look amazing,

My heart was now pounding looking at this woman without her knowing I was peeping on her,
She then came over to the window and started to close the curtain but then she stopped and looked out the window for a couple of seconds “Oh shit I thought she’s seen me as I tried to hide “

But then she turned and walked back into the room as if to say I know someone is there,
As I looked in from the side she wasn’t moving just standing there and then to my surprise she leaned against the unit and started to lift her skirt up over her thighs to reveal her stocking tops
Oh fuck I thought this was now making me so fucking hard I just wanted to get my cock out and rub myself off she stood there for what seemed like hours and then she lifted herself onto the unit and crossed her legs to show me her black stocking tops oh fuck I was cumin and I think I spurted all over the wall and window she was still just staring at the window as if she new I was there,

I quickly made my way back home I thought holy shit that was amazing I can’t wait to peep again,

Over the next couple of days the curtains were closed so I couldn’t see in
Then something happened that was about to change everything,
I was coming home from school when I noticed she was in the front garden when she beckoned me over,
Of course I was over like a shot o find out what she wanted,
To my shock she came straight out with it!
I know what your doing I know you have been spying on me I saw you the other night looking out you window at me your trying to see if I was getting undressed wasn’t you!

Before I could say anything she said I don’t mind you looking at me in fact I like it when you look at me I like to tease young boys like you did you enjoy my legs the other night I love to wear stocking they make my legs look so sexy and it makes me Horney for when my husband comes home,

So if you want to see more come over tonight and wait like you did the other night and I will put on a show for you lets say around 9pm as my son will be in bed and my husband will not be home until after midnight ok “

I was lost for words Ok”

I got into the house and thought have I just heard right was I dreaming or did she just offer to show herself to me holy fuck I thought this is going to be amazing I can’t wait I have dreamed of this moment she actually going to show herself to me!
I could feel myself getting hard as the thought of what was about to happen,

My heart was again pounding as the time was getting close to 9pm I made my way over to the garden and waited outside the lounge window my heart was about to burst and my cock was hurting as it needed to be set free,

Then it happened the curtains opened and there she was standing in the window she had on a house coat tied at the waist she never looked at me she just looked ahead as if I wasn’t there she then undid the coat and opened it to reveal she was wearing a black bra with a thong to match and of course stocking with heels,
It was all I could do to stop myself cumin,

Then she came over to the window and pressed her breasts up against the glass holy shit I thought I was going to cum she looked so sexy as she moved her breasts up and down the glass she then turned around to show me her rear and removed her thong,
Oh boy she was so fucking sexy she then pushed her arse against the glass and moved up and down pulling her rear apart Oh fuck I’m dreaming this is so fucking hot I put my face to the glass and put my tong on the glass as if I was liking her arse crack she could see what I was doing and it was encouraging her to press harder and move up and down against the glass she now turned to me and pressed her pussy to the glass and pulled herself open so I licked the glass as if I was licking her out she was now so wet as she was making a wet mark on the glass as she moved up and down,

As I was licking her through the glass she had removed her bra and then pressed her fabulous breasts to the glass so I opened my mouth over each one as if I’m sucking on her nipples she was now so turned on so I decided to remove my pants and push my now hard cock against the glass and then she put her tong and started to lick the glass as if she was licking my shaft it wasn’t long before I was spurting my cum all over the glass and she licked the glass as if she was licking my cum,
“Oh fuck that was amazing and at that she closed the curtains it was the end of the show,

When I got home I could not believe what had just happened I was in shock was I dreaming I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming I couldn’t wait until the next time I so wanted to do it for real next time and not though the glass,

The next few days I didn’t see her or hear from her it was if she had disappeared there was no movement from the house or lights I saw no one was this real or did I just dream it,

It was a week when I saw a light on so I went to have a look I could not see much as the curtains were closed but there was a small opening I could just make out a figure of a man and woman she was standing up I could hear the woman moaning what the hell was going on I thought,

The next day while I was coming home from school I couldn’t see anyone so I decided to knock on the door but no one answered so I waited until it was dark and made my way over to the house there were lights on but the curtains were all closed,

I was now worried as I hadn’t seen the woman or her son for a week so I walked around the back of the house to see if I could see anything,
As I got around to the kitchen there was a light on and the blind had not been fully closed so I could see inside without being seen myself,
The window was part open so I could hear voices I then saw a man come into the room followed by the woman she was dressed in a black dress tied at the waist with high heels with two glasses of wine in her hand she passed one of the glasses to the man,

She was then joined by her husband they were all standing against the units talking I couldn’t make out what was being said but then the man took the glass of wine from the mans wife
He then he started to kiss the wife on her lips her husband was just standing watching,

What was going on I thought the guy was now putting his hands all over the wife’s body and as he did she responded by allowing him to run his hand over her breasts and squeeze them Boy was this getting interesting the wife then pushed the guy back and untied the dress and open it and allowed it to drop to the floor,

Oh Fuck she looked so fucking hot standing there in just her stocking and heels she was completely naked she then undid his trousers and pulled his cock out and started to rub the shaft for a little while and then dropped to her knees and started to suck him off,

I couldn’t take anymore I got my own cock out and started to rub myself off watching this woman suck cock I then noticed her husband had got his own cock out and was doing the same as myself she then grabbed her husbands cock and started to suck his instead,

She changed from one cock to the other then she was lifted up and bent over the table,
The guy then pushed his cock into her from behind and started to fuck her while she sucked on her husbands cock,

As she was being fucked they changed places and while she was fucked by her husband the other guy put his cock back into her mouth this went on for about 30 minutes she was now put onto her back and getting fucked again her breast’s were being sucked so hard I could see her nipples sticking up,

She was so sexy lying on her back while they both fucked her again and again,
All I could hear was her screaming for them to fuck her harder and when she cum she screamed out to be fucked again by now I had cum twice myself just watching this show and Boy what a show it was,
I couldn’t wait to get my cock into that pussy I had to have her at any cost but how was I going to do it I needed a plan,

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8 months ago
great story can't wait for the follow up:)
8 months ago
on its way should be out in the next couple of days, many thanks for your comments
8 months ago
nice story
8 months ago
hope you post a follow up story to this one