My story start when I was10 years of age, I had a s****r who was 13 years old and she was always teasing me especially when she invited her girlfriends round to our house after school,
They would all go to her bedroom and then call me up to her room asking if I wanted to play with them of course as a 10 year old I was too young to understand what there type of playing was,

I was told to lie on the bed as they wanted to play nurses and I was to be the patient for them I would always do as they asked and just lie there while they pretended to operate on me,

Then one time they were playing doctors we need to remove his clothes to examine him,
So my s****r told me to go to my room to undress and put my pajamas on then come back to her room so they could examine me,

As I entered the room they were all giggling when I asked what they were laughing about the told me to lay on the bed, my s****r then started to undo my pajama bottoms and pulled them down when I tried to stop her she told me that if I didn’t do what she wanted she would tell mom and dad that I was flashing my willy to them all,
As I tried to stop her they held my arms and legs so I couldn’t move my s****r pulled my pants down so there I was on the bed for all to see the girls started to take it in turns touching my cock and then my s****r said “I told you it would start to grow if you touched it and look how hard it gets when you play with it,

One of the girls then said “ hey look he’s going to cum and as I did my cock felt so strange in a good way and there was this milky liquid starting to erupt from my cock boy did it feel good and they all had the look of amazement on there faces as I squirted into the air my s****r said see I told you I would show you his cock,

Over the next 12 months my s****r showed her friends my cock on a regular basis and how it became hard if you touch it they would all give her there lunch money to see it and touch I was being used by my s****r for money,

I never told anyone what had happened to me I was too embarrassed but I could never get the thought of how good it felt having such young girls touch and play with my cock and how good it felt when I cum in front of them I so wanted to feel what it would be like to put my cock inside a young girl even though I was now in my early 20s,

I found myself looking at girls no older than 16 and wondering what it would be like to fuck them at twenty I had plenty of opportunity’s to fuck young women and even older women but what I wanted was girls young enough to know what I wanted to do to them,

I took a job on a holiday park looking after the grounds so it gave me lots of opportunity’s to see holiday makers on the site with there c***dren some far too young and others just the right age,

I started to check out the ages of some of the girls most would always be with their families so it was difficult to find them on there own then there was a stroke of luck I had noticed a mother and her daughter come to the park they looked like it was just the two of them,

The mother was not bad looking and the daughter was really pretty long blond hair which was curly and a body that looked perfect a nice bum long legs that had a good shape she looked like she was sporting a real good bust through the tee-shirt she was wearing I would say she was about 16 or maybe 17 she was making me feel hard just thinking about what I would like to do to her,

But first I needed to get close to them and the way to do that was through the mother win her over then the daughter would be mine to do with as I liked so that was my plan,

Over the next few days I made sure I was around the area doing the lawns and taking every chance to say good morning as they past me I know the mom was interested in me it was the way she looked at me you get to know what these women want so it was going well and I needed to make my move soon,

So the day arrived I would make my move, as they were both walking pass me I said are you enjoying your stay at the park!
“Oh yes the mom said but I wish there was more to do of a night she said”

Well I can help you there if you like I know a great place out of the camp that is really good its near the sea on the beach about a 30 minute drive if you fancy it they have a music and you can get something to eat and a drink and it’s the place to be of a night its really great place to be I said,

“Sounds really good we would love to go if that’s ok “

Bonus I thought she’s taken the bait,”
Of course it’s ok I would love to take you both how about tonight you will have to dress up I said to them as it’s the dress code no jeans or trainers,
I will pick you up around 8pm tonight is that ok!

“Ok” she said now it was time to prepare for the night I needed to make sure the mother and daughter had a few drinks and one with my special tables in after all it’s the daughter I wanted to fuck the mother would have to wait to be fucked later oh yes I would fuck them both tonight maybe more than once,

So you’re all wondering what the tablets are! Well they are sl**ping pills that my mother use to have to sl**p and they work really quick,

As the night arrived and I drove to pick them both up when they came out to meet me I was gob smacked the mom was wearing a skirt with a slit up the front exposing her legs she was also wearing heels which made her legs look so sexy and a blouse which had the top few buttons undone showing her cleavage,

As for the daughter she was wearing a thin cotton lemon dress, which was about 6” above the knee and heeled sandals in white they made her legs look even better than her mom’s with some makeup on you could of pass her for 20 but I know she was only 16 as they got into the car I told them both that they looked great and that we were going to have a great night out,

On the way I couldn’t help but look at the mothers split in her skirt as it did expose quite a bit of leg and it was making me feel hard looking at her,
She knew she was having an effect on me so she put her hand on my leg and looked at me as if to say I know what you want because I want it too,

I looked in my rear mirror to see if the daughter could see her hand on my thigh she was just looking out of the window as if not interested I adjusted my mirror so I could glance a look at her legs I was not disappointed her dress had moved up exposing her lovely white thighs that’s what I wanted I thought to run my hand up her lovely legs to feel her pussy,

By now I was getting a hard on and it was not unnoticed by her mom who had now put her hand between my thighs I responded by putting my hand between her thighs she opened her legs for me so I could push my hand up between her thighs which I did and then it hit me she wasn’t wearing any underwear boy was she wet,

It was a good job we arrived at the beach she leaned over to me and whispered you can have more when we get back home I just smiled to her as if to say I will,

The night was warm and I couldn’t take my eyes of her daughter all night she looked so sexy I so much wanted to fuck her there and then,

It was time for me to put my plan into action I needed time before they would be under the influence of the d**g, it was now 10pm so I suggested that we have one last drink and head home the mom was ready for it as she kept touching me up most of the night and I asked the daughter what she would like to drink,

“Can I have a glass of red wine like my mom please “ yes of course!

So I got two glasses of red wine and managed to slip the d**g into both drinks without anyone noticing they both finished there drinks and we made our way back to the car it was now 10:30 so we should be home by 11pm,

On the way the mother started where she had left off but it wasn’t long before she was starting to fall asl**p as for the daughter she was well ready for it as they both kept giggling as if they were totally d***k I took the opportunity to put my hand between her moms legs and pushed my fingers into her wet pussy and finger fucked her she was moaning for me to do it harder,

By the time we got back to the park they were both in a state of sl**p I couldn’t wait to get them inside there chalet,

I helped the mother in first by holding her around the waist and managed to lift her onto her bed,
Then I picked up the daughter out of the back seat and carried her to her room and placed her on the bed, I then made sure no one had seen me and drew all the curtains then put a lamp in the lounge,

My heart was now pounding as what I was about to do was wrong I know but I couldn’t help myself I wanted that girl and I was going to have her what ever the cost,
My cock was so hard I even thought about fucking her mom first before I fucked her but I decided to stick to my plan and fuck the daughter so I got undressed and was totally naked when I walked into her room she was still lying in the same position that I had put her on the bed,

I knelt down in front of her and slowly opened her legs I ran my hands over the top of her thighs they were so smooth as I reached the top of her pants I pushed my face in between her thighs and smelt her fresh pussy I pushed my tong into her crutch though her pants she moaned a little as if she knew I was about to pleasure her and myself,

I pulled her pants off her pussy was smooth and her slit was warm so I pushed my tong into her slit again she moaned I was now tong fucking her and she was responding to my tong by pushing her self down onto me, I wanted to kiss her on the lips so I got my fingers and started to rub her clit while doing this I climb on top of her and put my lips to hers she just let me kiss her,

I then pulled her on her side unzipped her dress and pulled it over her shoulders exposing her bra I unclipped the bra and pulled it away her breasts were perfect and nice and big I put each one in my mouth and sucked,
I removed the rest of her clothes all she had on were her shoes,

I kissed her all over she was so pretty and so sexy I needed to put my cock in her to fuck her but first I wanted to savor this moment I was about to fuck my first 16 year old girl and I wanted it to be perfect so I sat on the bed and picked her up and placed her onto my hard cock as I lowered her onto my cock I could feel her body start to moan as I entered her pussy I felt the warm sensation as I penetrated her,

I started to lift her up and down on my cock boy was she tight to start but as it got wetter I got quicker I was now fucking her on my lap by lifting her up and down on my cock I needed to put her on her back to penetrate her deeper before I cum,

I lifted her legs up over my shoulder’s and pushed my cock deep inside her and then I fucked her so hard she was now moaning at every push I was so fucking horny that when I finished pumping my cum inside her I pulled out went next door to her moms room,
I stripped her naked and boy she had a great body too I left her heels on I put her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock inside her pussy and fucked her for the next hour,

She couldn’t get enough of me she kept asking me to fuck her harder in her sl**p so I did even put her on her stomach and fucked he from behind she had a great arse I was tempted to fuck that but decided to go back to the daughters room instead,

She was still lying naked on top of the bed so I lay her on her back opened her legs and started to lick her pussy again she responded by moaning and opening her legs wider so I got on top and pushed my hard cock inside of her and boy it was a lot easier this time she was still wet and was getting a real good fuck from me it wasn’t long before I was cumin inside her again,

I lay there for a bit with my cock still inside her pussy admiring how lovely she was and how sore she will be when she wakes up from her deep sl**p it was time for me to go I made sure that I redressed both of them so they would think they had slept in there cloths all night covered them with a quilt and I was out of there,

To the next time??????

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