My Mom is one hot Milf! Well that what I’ve been told by my friends at school you see when my mom picks me up from school all my friends gather around my car hoping to get a look at her tits and her really sexy legs mom always wears short skirts and low cut tops and sometimes stocking as you can catch a glimpse as she gets out of the car,
It’s no wonder they all want to look I’m sure she know she’s teasing them she never tries to hide the fact that she showing herself to us young lads,

I think it’s so nice to have a mom that is so sexy everyone wants to be my friend and I can ask them for anything as long as they get a lift home with me it’s great I use my Mom for my own advantage,
Mom once said to me why do you have so many friends and why do they always want to come in the car,

That’s because of you Mom they all think you are such a hot Mom and as you always wear short skirts and low tops they all try and get a look at you I mean you have sexy legs and your tits are so big Mom,
I know I should cover up more I don’t want to give these young boys the wrong Impression,
I think it’s too late for that Mom?
They all think you’re a Milf>
What’s a Milf?
It stands for Moms I Like to F**k
Oh my god do they really think that of me!
Yes Mom they do,
But these boys are only 16 years of age how could they have such rude thoughts,
Its not hard Mom you do show off your body and they find you very sexy the way you dress,
I must stop wearing such clothes?
Don’t do that Mom or I loose all my friends if you do>
Don’t you mind that your friends want to <you know>
Why no I think it’s great to have such a sexy Mom and have my mates lusting after your body it’s so cool”

Well I must admit I do find it a real turn on knowing all these young boys are looking at me,
I would love to see all there little hard cocks,
Oh my god why am I saying this in front of my own son please forgive my rude thoughts,

No problem Mom?
She just laughs at me!!

Wow I thought my Mom would actually like to see my friends little hard cocks,
The next day at school I couldn’t get the thought of what my Mom had said?
When Mom picked me up from school as usual she was wearing a short skirt but this time it was shorter than normal,
If you looked hard enough you could see her crouch boy did the boys enjoy this as they gathered around the car Mom loved this she’s such a sexy slut I thought,

As we were driving home Mom said that Dad was away for a couple of weeks with work so we were going on holiday to my aunts place for a week at half term,
You can bring a friend with you if you want too as otherwise there will only be you and me and I’m sure you would rather have a friend for company instead of just your Mom,

Well yes I would if that’s ok Mom
Sure its Ok ‘
Do you mind if I ask Tommy to come with us?
Which of your mates is Tommy,
Tommy is the tall lad who we sometimes drop off on the way home you know he’s always passes comment on how good you look the one who is always trying to sneak a better look at you,
“Oh yes I remember the lad quite big for his age and slightly older?
Yes that’s him he’s my best friend Mom
“ It’s up to you bring who you want,

Bonus I thought this is going to be fun as Tommy would love to see my Mom Some more so this could be good for me I can’t wait to ask Tommy if he wants to come,

The next day at school I asked Tommy what he thought about coming on holiday with Mom, and me
You’re joking me! I would love to come,
As the end of term holiday was coming close Tommy was planning to himself how he was going to spy in the hope of catching a glimpse of Mom naked,
You never know I might even get myself a blowjob from this Milf,

As we left to go on holiday I noticed just how sexy Mom was looking and so did Tommy, I have never seen her this close before she was in good shape said Tommy and how sexy she looked,
“What a holiday this could turn out to be,

When we got to my aunts place it was amazing it had a big swimming pool. Games room and a hot tub the perfect place to have a good holiday.
First things first into the pool we go as Tommy and me jumped in?
“Hey you boys don’t you think you should first unpack:
Later Mom’
“Ok but don’t be too long or you’ll miss out on supper?

After supper we were all so tired from travelling we decided to have an early night it was a big day tomorrow,
So Tommy and me talked for a bit while in bed,
“He! Billy your Mom is so hot I bet you would like to see her naked,
“I don’t know I said? And why would you say that to me’

“Well” you see I’m a bit older than you and as you get older like me you start to have these thoughts about having sex with a sexy older woman?
So your telling me that you would like to have sex with my Mom?
“Well yes in away I suppose I am’
But what if she doesn’t want to have sex with you because she’s married to my Dad?
Let me worry about that so would it bother you if I did”

I suppose not it’s up to you and her as long as we can always be friends I don’t really mind,
“We will always be friends no matter what”

The next morning both Tommy and I went to the pool to swim and chill out
Mom called us both for breakfast we were going to spend the rest of the morning at the pool
Mom told us that she was going to join us later,
So Tommy and I sat at the pool talking and chilling out at that I heard Mom coming as you could hear her heels as she walked to the pool,

“Oh my god I could not believe what she was wearing not a lot by the look on Tommy face!!
“Hi boys what do you think do I look good do you like my bathing costume”
‘I heard Tommy say <Holy fuck just look at that body’
She was wearing a one piece bathing costume in black that had two strips of material that came down the front of her breasts which was only covering her nipples and allowed her breasts to push out from the side,
The material then carried down and was then pulled under her pussy and attached by a cord which passes between her bum then back up to the back of her neck and tied,
Holy shit with her heels she was one sexy looking slut no wonder Tommy fancies her?
I could feel my own cock getting hard just looking at her?
Poor Tommy he was now so lost for words and I could see his cock sticking out the front of his shorts I’m sure Mom could see us as well as she smiled?

“Hey boys do you want a drink”
Yes please we both said?
“Ok Tommy do you want to help me!
Oh yes I would love too!
As Mom walked to get the drinks Tommy followed her I could see him look around at me as if to say this is it I’m going to get to fuck your Mom?

I decided to stay at the pool and let them have some time together,

“Ok Tommy do you like what you see”
Oh my god yes you are so hot!
“I know I can tell by the bulge in those shorts”
I can’t help it?
“Then you had better get those shorts off and show me that cock of yours”

It wasn’t long before Tommy was standing in front of Mom completely naked
“Oh my! your cock is so big and thick it’s bigger than my husbands how old are you”
16 years of age’
“Well for your age you have a big cock and I can’t wait to have it in my mouth”

Tommy asked would you take off the costume so I can see you naked?
“Of course I will if you promise to fuck me with that big cock of yours”
Are you k**ding me this is a dream come true for me!
“Me too”
As I removed my costume I could see pre cum dripping from his cock I dropped to my knees and boy did I suck that cock of his this was going to be a fuck feast holiday for Tommy, and me

I could now start to feel him about to cum so I took his cock out of my mouth and he cum all over my tits”
Holy shit there was so much cum I wanted him to put that cock in my pussy I was so wet seeing all that cum over my tits,

I then told Tommy to follow me upstairs as I wanted to fuck that cock of his and this must be our secret not even Billy my son should know about us deal”
You bet you have a deal!
As we got to the room Tommy asked me to put on my heels as he said that I look so hot and wanted to fuck me in them!
Your wish is my command?

I sucked his cock until he was hard again I told him to lie back so I could get on top of him
I grabbed his now hard cock and pushed it into my pussy “Oh my god you are so big”
As I started to pump his cock it felt so good it wasn’t long before I was pounding his cock that hard I could feel my self cumin ‘OH shit Oh shit Oh fuck that feels so fucking good OH my god Oh fuck I’m cummmmmming as I did so did Tommy Oh Shit your so fucking hot holy fuck as he came inside me I could feel so much cum in me it he was still shooting his hot cum as he pulled out of me I was covered in his cum,

We lay there for a bit and then I sucked his cock again until hard and he fucked me again it was even better than the first time for a lad of 16 he certainly new how to fuck me I couldn’t get enough of his cock,

Over the next couple of day s we took every opportunity we got to fucked each other I even gave him a tit fuck while Billy was sitting in the next room I couldn’t get this lad out of my mind I needed to fuck him I was falling in love with this boy and I’m sure he was with me,

One night when Billy had gone to sl**p Tommy sneaked into my room and fucked me all night and then sneaked back in the morning before Billy woke up,

After the holiday we decided to meet up and have sex as many times as we can I always dress up for him even wearing stocking and heels as he love to fuck me in them,
I need him so much and he needs me too I know its wrong what we are doing but I can’t help myself he’s my young lover and the sex is amazing,
Billy thinks he come to the house to see him but really it’s to be with me,
When Billy goes to bed Tommy wait outside and then comes in to fuck me as many times as he can before he goes home,

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2 months ago
Total rubbish, you couldn't tell a sexy story if you tried, give up and fuck off.
10 months ago
pretty lame it starts off as Tommy writting it and than changes to mom and doesnt really give much detail
10 months ago
1 hot story here hope to read more
10 months ago
Started of ok Tommy was telling the story, then it changed to mom telling it. Pity as was getting good but not true