Neighbors Introduces Me To Nursing

I was only 16 when I first started to notice my neighbors. There was an 18 year old blonde, Debbie, who I was very turned on by, but I thought she would have no interest in me. She was a senior in high school, had 36DD tits, long and slender legs and not an ounce of body fat. I would see her at the neighborhood pool frequently wearing a string bikini, which was the style of the day. I was just a long-haired guy hoping to find a good place to jerk off.

Debbie's mom, Judy, had divorced just after having a baby a few months before they moved in. I didn't see a lot of her at first, but as they settled in, I would catch glimpses of her walking around in their back yard. I guess she was just trying to find some peace from the baby, who seemed to be either screaming or sl**ping all the time. I noticed that she usually wore only a t-shirt and baggy shorts, but it was clear that Debbie's blonde hair, good looks, and even her nice tits, had been inherited from her mom. I could not help looking over the fence at Judy when I would hear her come outside, and I found myself spending more and more time thinking about her.

One day when I was watching Judy, she suddenly turned to the fence where I was standing (with a semi in my pants) and asked why I never said anything. She told me that she was dying for some conversation and invited me over. Once I finished blushing, I agreed and walked around to where a gate connected our side yards, and I went into the back yard where Judy was waiting for me with her hands on her hips. She suggested we go inside and listen to some music, which sounded great to me, since I had hear her listening to the kind of R&B that I like.

Once we were inside, Judy put on some music and then sat on the couch with her legs tucked under her. I stood there with a dumb look on her face until she finally suggested that I have a seat and make myself more comfortable. I was trying not to stare, but her t-shirt and shorts weren't covering a lot. She smiled when I looked at her, and told me that she had noticed me watching her and asked if I liked what I saw. I must have turned beet red, as I stammered out that I thought she seemed like a nice lady and I was glad they had moved into the neighborhood. Then she asked me if I had met Debbie, and I told her that we had not really talked.

About then, the baby let out a couple of yelps, but it didn't last. She told me that sometimes he would wake up, but maybe if we were lucky he would give her a little break. I commented that she must have a lot to do to keep up with the baby and a nearly grown daughter, and she said that Debbie was no trouble, but the baby wanted to nurse constantly, often falling asl**p and then waking up a short time later wanting to nurse more. I noticed that as we were talking her t-shirt started to show signs of wetness, and I was mature enough to know that it must have been caused by her nipples starting to leak. That made my cock get hard, and I squirmed around in my chair to try to get a little more comfortable and hide the growing bulge.

Then all hell broke loose when the baby started crying uncontrollably. I offered to leave, but she insisted that I stay and and told me she really wanted to talk and hoped she could get the baby back down pretty quickly. As she stood up and walked out of the room, I could see her tits swaying, and could not help staring at her perfect ass, as her shorts had slipped up into her crack. Just before she went through the door, she turned around, gave me a big smile, and told me to stay right where I was.

Only a few minutes later, she returned with the baby in her arms, still crying, but seeming a little calmer as she held him close to her breast. To my surprise, she lifted her t-shirt and offered her nipple to the c***d, which he sucked up hungrily. I must have been staring intently, because she asked if I had ever seen a baby nursed. I told her that I had not, but that it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I then came to my senses and asked if I should leave her to the task. She said she would be disappointed if I left and didn't mind my being there at all, having had little contact with anyone other than the baby, since Debbie was gone a lot. I settled into watching as the baby sucked her bare breast.

In a few minutes, the baby started to sputter a bit, and she told me that she needed to switch. She raised her t-shirt even more, then moved the baby to her other breast, leaving the first one bare for my viewing pleasure. I asked her if I was being imprudent looking and mentioned that her breast was not covered, and she told me that it felt best for her to allow it to dry a bit and recover from the suckling before any cloth touched her there. She pointed out that her nipple was extended and told me that it became very sensitive, and she gently ran her finger over it, which caused me to groan without thinking. Also subconsciously, I had moved my hand to my crotch and was gently stroking my cock through my shorts.

A few minutes later, the baby fell sound asl**p, and holding a finger to her lips she took the baby back to the nursery. As soon as she was out of the room, I furiously rubbed my cock and tried to position it so it would not be so obvious that I was not completely hard. She returned quicker than I thought, though, and when she entered the room, I had my hand in my pants, making an adjustment. She winked at me, and asked if I had enjoyed watching, then she took her t-shirt off completely so she was now wearing only a pair of baggy shorts.

Instead of returning to the couch, Judy walked toward me, and told me that the baby had not totally drained her. She asked if I wanted to taste her milk, and I nearly fainted. She straddled my thighs and pushed her tits into my face, and I quickly licked one of her nipples, tasting her sweet milk, then I gently sucked. She told me that I should suck much harder, and when I did I felt the milk spray into my throat. She was producing more than I dreamed possible. After a minute or two, she pulled back and pushed her other nipple into my mouth, and as I sucked the milk out, I noticed her arm slide down her belly and into her shorts - she was going to touch her pussy while I was sucking her tits!

That made my cock grow to a total hard on, and she started to rock back and forth. I knew she could feel it against her thigh, and she slowly shifted until my cock was pushing directly against her pussy as he stroked her clit. I reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her harder into me, and she started to moan.

Judy told me that it had been a few months since her divorce and that with a new baby there was no man in her life. She told me that my sucking her nipples had felt incredible and asked if I could help her out even more. I understood her meaning and stood up, holding her by the ass, and carried her to the couch and laid her on her back. She immediately stripped off her shorts and spread her legs so I could see how wet her pussy had become. Her lips and clit were swollen, and she arched her back to push her crotch toward me and asked what I was waiting for.

I dropped my shorts, and she grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her. She clearly wasn't needing any more foreplay, and she guided my cock directly to her slit and rubbed my engorged head against her clit, then up and down the soaking wet slit of her cunt. I leaned forward only slightly, and my cock slid in between the folds of her pussy. Gently, I slid back and forth, allowing the length of my cock to penetrate more and more deeply. I noticed that her tits were leaking milk, so as I sunk my entire cock into her, I leaned forward and sucked each of her nipples, feeling a warm spray of milk from them. She groaned and bucked her hips.

I fucked her harder, and she reached around my waist and pulled me into her even harder and deeper. I was trying to hold back, and I told her that I was going to cum if we didn't slow down. She said she wanted to feel my hot cum fill her pussy for the first time in months, and that was enough to set me off. As my first burst of semen shot deeply into her, I felt her pussy start to spasm in her own orgasm, and her tits were spraying milk. I continued pumping hard and deep, shooting jets of cum into her as I sucked her tits when I could.

[To Be Continued]
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great one! really well written
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can't wait for part 2
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love it
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mmm...brings back memories of suckling full breasts...thanks!
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Great story, Bob
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mmmm please go on
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DAMN!!!! That was so HOT, Please continue
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Oh yes, do continue ...
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Wow waiting for more !! very hot!!
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