last wednesday afternoon outdoor sex session

heard about a local cruiseing spot in pelsall nr walsall and decided to take the afternoon off work to gdet dirty and top up on my tan for free and suck cock till i chocked i had in my head a number of guys i wanted to suck about 2 till 3 my first instincts was great im the only guy here then all of a sudden a white van parked and a young workman about the age of his l8 20s or early 30s was wearing those combats all warehouse lads wear he was standing by the canal rubbing his cock and wasnt bieng desreet about it so i led him off to the bushes when i was chockingon his cock deeply and enjoying d sprayed in myhis cock so much then we were disturbed buy a guy in his l8 4os with poppers and well all got wet and wild what i mean is i was throat fucked so good theo ther guy didnt need lube to fuck the warehouse white van man as he was fucking evry time his cock came out i sucked it dry looseingf my self in poppers and the taste of his sweet ass. they both throat fucked me and came in my mouth which i gargled with then spat out. the mid 40s guy said thier is another guy thier look waiting for you isaid great signalled him over sucked him so deeply i felt sick and gasped with air on his cock as i was still horney on poppers again another throat fuck so fast hard and gagging i swallowed the lot and caught my breath to be watched by 2 older guys and they came over i spent my afternoon as a cock sucking slut and had the best time ever altogether i had 5 guys great afternoon
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2 years ago
love it