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Seducing my Uncle

Lannie is my mother's youngest b*****r. He has always been the quiet one but always talked with me at f****y gatherings. About five years ago at a birthday party for my aunt, we were walking around her yard, drinking beer together, when the topic of sex came up. I had experienced a couple failed marriages and he had just divorced. We talked about how lonely it could be in such conditions and how one's sexual needs could seem overwhelming and sometimes impossible to satisfy other than thru masturbation. I took a chance, trusting him as I did, and revealed that I sometimes got so horny I was tempted to suck a dick if that's what it took to get someone to suck MINE....then I nervously chuckled (of course, I had been sucking cock for years but didn't feel that information was necessary). He kind of looked at me strangely and said that he had the same feelings at times. I asked him if he had ever followed thru on those feelings. Again, looking a bit uncomfortably at me, he whispered, "yes." Once that ice had broken, I put my hand on his shoulder and confessed, "me, too." I remember the smile that came over his face at that moment. After looking around to make sure we were not overheard, "Would you ever consider sucking ME," he quietly asked. Damn, my cock was getting hard with this conversation. "Sure," I said. "Call me, tonight and let's talk."
Well, I DID call him. We confessed our love of cock and how we both loved one another (as uncle and nephew) and that we could say anything to one another with no fear of betrayal no matter what happened. He told me he was disgusted with how women had treated him and I told him I was finding men more and more attractive. Then, I dropped the big bomb on him and told him I liked to crossdress. THAT really got his interest. Lannie told me he sometimes had slipped into his wife's lingerie when they were married. I got his email address and told him I would send him a pic of his nephew as Bobbi, and that he should call me back after looking at it.

Within the hour, my phone rang and his first words were, "Damn, you are better looking than any woman I have ever dated." I laughed and thanked him. Then, taking the next logical step, I asked him, "Would you like to meet her? But, I warn you she is fairly dominant and might try to get you to do things that might scare you."
"When?" was his very rapid response.
Well, I made a date with Uncle Lannie for the following Saturday morning. Since Saturdays were my days to see my married bf, I told Lannie that we would have company. Tho nervous (both live in the same area) he trusted me not to expose or embarass him (he understood that all of us were vulnerable to public shame).

That morning I dressed in a stretchy bra/slip which had been a favorite of mine for years....small silicone breast thi hi suede pumps...curly wig and slutty makeup. My bf arrived first and I couldn't keep my hands off of him, of course. Soon after, the door bell chimed and, after refreshing my makeup, I opened the door (standing behind it to hide Bobbi from the neighbors). I thought Lannie was going to faint when I closed the door and revealed his crossdressing nephew. I said, "Hello, Lannie, " and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed me back as I slid my hand to his crotch. I stepped back, raised my palms, and asked, "Well, what do you think of Bobbi?"

"You are beautiful," he said softly. "I am glad you think so, Honey," I replied as I took his hand and lead him down the hall to my bedroom, where my bf lay naked on the bed with his huge cock standing red and swollen.

As my boyfriend lay there stroking his hard cock, I dropped to my knees before Lannie and unbelted his trousers. Pulling them to his thighs, I smiled when I saw that he was wearing a silky jockstrap. "mmmm, that is so sexy!" I muttered, pulling the pouch down and freeing his 62 year old cock. He was uncircumcised and had a nice full set of balls. Taking his cock in my mouth I sucked him and sensed his legs shaking. Lannie placed his hands on my shoulders while I sucked his dick for all I was worth. I, myself, felt MY cock stirring as his cock began to stiffen on my tongue. Letting him slip from my mouth, I raised his cock and licked his nuts....inhaling the wonderful man scent of his crotch. When he was fully aroused, I stood up and kissed him, wanting him to taste himself on my breath.

"Get naked and join us," I directed, then climbed onto the bed, in a 69 position with my lover, and began sucking HIS beautiful cock. Soon I sensed Lannie lying next to us, raised my lips from my bf's cock and kissed my uncle once again (btw, Lannie is a wonderful kisser.....something I demand from ALL of my playmates).

Thus began a wonderful morning of hot, man-to-man lovemaking...the first of many to cum in the ensuing years.

Posted by bobbi41017 2 years ago
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15 days ago
I need a nephew like that
27 days ago
very lovely experience for all 3 of u
1 month ago
this was so erotic would have loved to be there with all of you
2 months ago
Great story
4 months ago
Very hot story Bobbi, i got so horny reading, i want more :)
Would love to hear what happens next !
5 months ago
Very hot!
1 year ago
Great story, very hard. Cock in hand.
1 year ago
Great story, and brings back memories
1 year ago
very sexy
1 year ago
sounds really good!
1 year ago
I like the part where you insist on your lovers being good kissers, I love to kiss other men too
1 year ago
1 year ago
Hot story
2 years ago
Very sexy story, I had sex with my uncle when I was young I always loved him.
2 years ago
Love your story very hot. Thank you for sharing! Look forward to reading more!
2 years ago
sexy story Bobbie. Just saw your slow bj video, you are great. wish I was your Uncle or bf.
2 years ago
What a sexy story, you make my cock so hard, luv to play with you honey!
2 years ago
Very good story, thanks
2 years ago
Great story! I sucked my uncle's cock when I was 13 years old while wearing his wife's negligee. He was beautiful!
2 years ago
Very exciting story a real turn on Sweety!!!!
2 years ago
love it!
2 years ago
I just posted two pix from that two different of me kissing my uncle and one of me vamping for the camera. Enjoy!!!
2 years ago
" I dressed in a stretchy bra/slip which had been a favorite of mine for years....small silicone breast thi hi suede pumps...curly wig and slutty makeup " Have Pictures of that day ?