party with an older woman

party with an older woman

About six years ago I went to a party at a friends neighbors house. While I was there i noticed several attractive older women whom I'm guessing were in their 40's. My buddies neighbors house was pretty big and had a lot of rooms. The owner was an older male who lived there alone, after speaking with him and introducing my self he asked me to go to the basement where the extra drinks were kept. Once in the basement I noticed a bathroom, I was drinking beer and I had to go!

I was just about done going when the bathroom door began to open very slowly. I turned my head and noticed one of the older good looking ladies peeked her head in... She said oops I'm sorry did not know anyone was in here...I said its okay as I zipped my pants and went to the sink to wash up. She walked further into the restroom and closed the door behind her. I asked her what her name was and she said Kelly.

Kelly moved closer to me and asked if I liked her ??? I said are you k**ding me you are gorgeous! Kelly smiled and ran her fingers down my chest towards my crotch.

I started to grow and she could tell right away. I am blessed with a 8.5" cock.

Kelly unzipped my pants as I reached over and locked the door.

Before she could get my pants around my feet my cock was hard as a rock and pre-cum was oozing from the tip. Kelly licked and sucked on my massive dick for about a minute before she could feel the rush of cum beginning to make its way through my shaft. Kelly took every bit of my cum right down her throat.

Kelly stood up kissed me on the cheek and said "good boy!"

She exited the bathroom with out ever asking my name.

I haven't seen her since but memorial day is approaching I might have to reach out to my buddy and see if his neighbor is having a party!

I still wonder to this day if the owner of the house sent me to the basement for the extra drink on purpose or what ???
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2 years ago
Bad boy!
2 years ago
very good