MY wife used by men at a party - first time !!

[video][/video]I have to say my wife was looking incredible as we got ready for the party. she always looks hot but she was dressed up in her new dress and 4 " red heels - her dress was very elegant but totally sexy! exposed back and sharp, deep v cut in front showing off her firm 32 D's - lots of cleavage and better yet A LOT of side boob! It was skin tight and looked really horny.

The party was rolling when we got there - some good friends who throw great party's. Not swinging party's but there is often lots of d***k people and nudity - sometimes even public sex. Fun party's but not too crazy. We mingled and as I got pulled away I could see every man was chatting her up and making sure she had a good drink. By the time I found her again she was really wasted - very d***k and very horny. She was dancing and pulling the v neck of her dress out showing off her fine tits to the enjoyment of all the guys scrambling to get hold of her in the excuse for a dnace!
She was incredible and I was hard just watching her shake and dance and tease all these poor guys cause I had every intention of taking her home soon and fucking her brains out! But as i talked to others guys kept bringing her drinks and soon some were feeling her up while they danced. I was liking it but when I saw her having trouble walking I went over to help out. Now she was just flat out d***k - slurred speech, stumbling around and a bit easy with whoever groped her.
I tried to take her drink but she insisted on drinking it and even having another guy get her more. She was not going to be told she could not do something! I had to laugh when a few minutes later she was sitting down and falling over! She was OUT! My buddy who was the party host saw and offered to help me get her to a room to sl**p it off. She barely even mumbled as we carried her to the bedroom that was down a hall.
The house was warm so we just laid her on the bed and as I moved her to the middle she moved and her dress rode up - when I looked down I was looking at her beautiful shaved pussy and remenbered she said she couldnt wear any nickers cos it would show her pantyline thru the dress! I looked over and my buddy was starring between her legs and it was obvious he was hot for her. I liked that he was looking at her and i moved her so she would be comfortable AND her entire pussy and ass were on display! it was fucking hot! we finally left and I went to party for a while longer . I came back a couple hours later and found this :-

She was buck naked and her pussy was swollen and wet!
I pulled out my phone and snapped a pic - you can see her wet pussy!
Fuck! What happened Who had been in here??? I wondered who did this or if it was several people? I leaned over and rubbed my finger over her swollen cunt and she was wet as could be but as i explored her pussy could not feel any cum or evidence of a fucking. As I basically fingered her hot pussy I was so hard i couldn't help myself and dropped my pants and kneeled behind her - I eased my hard cock in her wet pussy just as she is in the pic! oh she was so hot and wet!!! I was on my knees my hands on her ass and tits, feeling her hot body when in walks my buddy and another guy! I kind of froze and we both looked at each other - he apologized and tried to explain why he was even in there, "just checking on her". Right I thought - But he didnt leave after he apologized they just were looking at my wifes sexy naked body! I admit i liked it and told them to close the door and come in. They took that to mean get their dicks out and begin to masturbate over my wife and feel her hot body all over! i was watching my friend kneel over my wife's face - his cock right over her as he jerked off - when his precum ran out and landed on her face I burst and came in her as deep as I could! I pulled out slowly savoring her body and as i turned my back my buddy moved in my place and pulled out a rubber from his pants that were on the floor (so thats why there was no cum in her I thought!!!) Just as he was opening it I told him not to use it - he smiled and pushed his big cock in her! i watched him fuck her hard as he felt every inch of her body piching her nipples so hard I couldnt believe she didnt wake up !! and i got hard again as he was fucking her and licked his finger and eased it in her tight ass! she moaned and moved but she was still out!
All 3 of us used her twice each then pulled a sheet over her and left her for anyone elese who might happen into the room.
The next day she said she was sore but said nowt to me about her swollen pussy and dribbling legs - sneaky bitch !!
My friend told me a few guys said they took advantage of some pissed chick naked in a room that night !!!
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1 year ago
kind of nice story, but really no decent man would just leave his wife to be used that way., sorry
1 year ago
what a lucky hubby to have such a slut of a wife
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good story. Wife sounds like a sexy show off that finally got what she needed, and you got to enjoy and watch also.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Horny story. Wife sounds like a slt