Caught In The Woods Pt 2

Caught In The Woods Part 2
October 20, 2010, 4:31 pm
He stood behind me and while alternating kisses and small little bites upon my neck his hands reached around and began to unbutton y denim shorts. Once my denim jean shorts were unzipped he slipped his hand inside them and his fingers reached down to explore my, by now, damp panties. At first just slowly stroking my wet pussy through the silky fabric of my panties. Then gradually getting rougher and rougher as his fingers seemed to be trying to penetrate the lips of my pussy through the thin damp pantie. While one hand continued to probe and explore my wet cunt the began to tug the denim shorts down off my hips. Soon I was standing there with the denim shorts around my ankles with my hands still securely tied above my head. I felt his hands begin to squeeze and knead the twin mounds of my still pantie covered bottom. Soon his squeezing and caressing turns to carefully placed swats alternating from one cheek to the other. The swats seemed to get harder with each successive smack. I felt the familiar stinging sensation coupled with a growing feeling of heat rising from my backside. Using his foot he directed me to spread my legs out further and while doing so I kicked away the denim shorts that were around my ankles. After using me in silence for so long at last he spoke, "Keep those legs spread and stick your ass out Bitch!" he ordered. I naturally complied as I'd always done. The next sound I heard was all to familiar....the sound of him removing his belt from his jeans........a sound that I'd come to know signaled that he now intended to use the wide leather strap on me. Helpless, tied and suspended in just my thin silky black bikini panties I nervously anticipated the first biting sting of the leather belt. I didn't have long to wait as I heard the tell-tale sound of the leather strap whistling through the air a split second before the belt made contact with my waiting bum. SMACK!!! it landed upon my right cheek and I let out a small yelp. SMACK!! and it landed again this time upon my left cheek. Then in rapid succession the blows began to assault my fanny. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!.....they continued to fall upon my backside one after another, each one eliciting a wail from my lips. The stinging of the blows and growing warmth they brought to my ass checks both painful and exciting. The thrashing stopped as quickly as it had begun but I knew it was just a temporary pause. I felt his fingers slip beneath the elastic of waistband of my panties and he began to tug them away from my body. Once again he produced the small pocket knife and teasingly let it drag across my naked flesh before he deftly cut through the elastic of the panties and quickly cut them in such a manner that the fabric fell from my fanny and hips and tumbled down my leg toward the ground. The palms of his hands began to roam across the expanse of my now naked bottom as he admired his handiwork. "It's a nice shade of pink now Bitch, but I think we can still do better." he whispered. The heated stinging feeling in my ass was both painful and exciting but I knew he was far from finished with be contiuned
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Caught In The Woods Pt 1
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good continuation
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