Sucking Straight Men in Porn Theatres-true story

I love going to Porn Theatres and sitting in the back row a fews seats from the corner. I wait for a Hot Scene and then look around to see who is aroused-who is touching their cocks or who is Brave enough and Hot enough to take it out and slowly stroke it.
I was next to an older man who looked like a Banker type- probably about 60 or so- wire rim glasses-typical Banker Look. He pulled his zipper down on a scene where a white girl was on her knees waiting to suck 3 hung black dudes. I love those scenes too! I watched as he took his cock out and tried to squeeze and play with it without being noticed. I kept looking down at his cock to let him know it was OK . Finally I moved to the seat next to him and softly touched his cock and squeezed it softly- he moved his hand away and I leaned over and took his semi hard cock in my mouth and slowly sucked him hard - he slowedme down saying he was waiting for a specific scene- I kept playing with his cock when finally he pulled my head down-I looked up to see the seen he wanted to get sucked to- the first black guy pulled his cock out of the young white girls pussy and was jerking it off into her open mouth- I leaned forward and sucked his dick-it was only about 5- 5 1/2 inches but nicely thick- into my mouth and sucked like a baby sucks a pacifier- He held my held down and started squirting his load into my was so good and salty!
I sucked every drop and when I pulled my mouth off his cock and sat back I saw there was a black man about 40 years old standing with his cock out stroking it by my face- I commented that the white girl in the movie loves sucking Black Dick and he said "yeah" and pushed his dick into my mouth- I started to suck but he just held my head and pumped his big black dick in and out of my mouth as if he was fucking a White Pussy ( and he was-lol ). He filled my mouth with his cum -squeezing every drop out then without saying another word turned and walked out of the theatre. The banker was hot again after watching me getting Face Fucked and leaned back with his cock out so I could suck him again and he came faster this time.
I love sucking Straight men!!!
89% (30/4)
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7 months ago
9 months ago
Hot story
1 year ago
Learn something new
everyday! Thanks my friend!
2 years ago
one of the best hand jobs ive ever had was in a theater i was 20 and horney and this guy knew how to take his time..i still jo thinking about it
2 years ago
HOT HOT HOT story!
3 years ago
i love sucking also
3 years ago
I love white boys who suck black cock...
3 years ago
MMMM that story made me real hard wish someone was here to suck me off at work. I am now stroking under my desk
3 years ago
Think I might take a little drive....
3 years ago
great story, wish i could find porn cinemas in the uk
3 years ago
Good one!
3 years ago
wow i se we love to do the same thing