The First Time I Sucked a Dick

When I was about 10 years old my older b*****rs friend mentioned the topic of "girls" in our neighborhood that were hot. He was about 14 (4 yrs older than me). When I responded that I would like to Fuck one of them he smiled and said he didn't know I was In to that yet. It started many convesations on summer nights when everyone left to do their own thing (he was a little heavy and was the target of teasing so he was alone many nightsecame closer)

It eventually leaded to him showing me nudie magazines and telling me what he'd like to do with each girl. I loved hearing his fantasies. When I got hot I took out my dick and although I was just turning 11 I shot a nice load about 4-5 fet in length! He would just rub his dick through his pants and cum in his underwear. He would open his zipper to show me hot wet his underwear was from cumming in them. I wanted to see his dick but I think he was ashamed that it was only about 4-5 inches at that time.

We would go down to his basement in the apt building jhe lived in and we would talk about girls and jerk off. Iloved seeing his dick popping out through his pants. Once he grabbed my hand hand tried to ake me touch it-I fought back because i didn't want him to think I Did Want It. Just when I was ready to let him put my hand there he let go.

Years passed and we kept up our talks. When I was 13 I found an Adut Newspaper that had stories and photos of Guys and Girls -Showing Cocks and Pussy-until then we only looked at Playboyand only saw ,Asses and Tits-. i saw him on the steps of a building with his frinds and I called him over and told him I had photos that show Cock AND Pussy. He replied that he's Not Interested in Cock but wanted to see the Pussy's. We agreed to go up to the last steps leading up to the roof of my apt building. I showed him the newspaper and he imediately squeezed and rubbed his Dick-He was always hot and ready to cum.

I made up my mind that I wanted to touch his dick and put it in my mouth! After looking at the magazine I took out my dick and told him to take his out-That was when I saw it was about 5 inches. I told him to touch my dick and he said "get the fuck out of here". I said I would touch his if he touched mine and he said to Touch his first and I did. Then he squeezed mine. I told him to suck mine and again he said to Suck his First. I did. I put my young lips around the head of his dick and licked underneath his cock head. He told me to go Further down on it and move my mouth up and down. He never did suck my dick but after sucking him a little bit I thought about the taste and texture of his cock...the way it felt in my mouth...the smooth cock head. I loved his dick and knew I would be doing this again for him. I pulled my mouth of his dick and was so hot that I was finally holding and sucking his dick that I jerked off and my load shot out about 5 feet!!! He rubbed his dick under his cock head until his cum shot out too! After watching him cum I saw he had a drop of cum on his balls and I said to him "let me clean that for you" and I leaned over again and sucked the drop off his balls and put my mouth back on his dick and Cleaned his cum off his cock. My first taste of his cock and cum All In One Day!

We left and he told me he loved it and to hide the newspaper so we could do it again.- And We did- Almost every day for the next 13 years until I was 26 and moved away and we lost touch,.

If you like this sory and want more Let Me know- I can tell you the first time he shot his load in my mouth, or how a few years later his cock Fully Matured to a Mans Dick with big Fat Balls and about 8 inches (a real beauty).

95% (40/2)
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6 months ago
luv the story
1 year ago
Hot story, somewhat similar to my first time sucking.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I liked it when his dick was just 4 or 5" long... reminds of my my brothers dick when we used suck each other before we even knew anything about Cum!
3 years ago
i love it
3 years ago
Yes more please more :)
3 years ago
I'd really like to read more about your time with him! This was a great taste (lol, pun intended) and I can't wait for more
3 years ago
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