Her 1st Dick- Seduced by an Older Man-True Story

Her 1st Cock at 14- True Story told to me by my ex girlfriend

When my girlfriend and I were young teens we found some porn magazines in the garage that belonged to my father while my parents were at work. He must love seeing White Girls with Black Men because that's what it was and it was very explicit -showing 2 Black men with one younger White Girl-sucking , fucking and getting Cum all over her face and mouth ! At our young age it got us So Horny and so curious about Black Men and Black Dicks.
My girlfriend (Debbie-not her real name) got so hot that all she talked about after that for the next few weeks was Dicks and Black dicks . A few weeks later she told me she was on the subway train (we lived in NYC) and it was about 10PM and she was the only passenger with another White Man about 60-65-she said he looked like a Banker- she said that he kept looking at her and touching his Dick and that even though he was old she was getting "horny". Finally he stood up to get ready to get off the train stop and squeezed his dick - as if to show her he was aroused by her- She told me she reached up and Squeezed his dick!!!! I asked her why would she squeeze his old Dick and she replied that she'd been horny to see a Dick since looking at those magazines with me. Anyway, he asked her to if she wanted to get off the next stop with him and she did. At that time only half the train station was lit up at night to encourage passengers to stay together in the Lit half for safety purposes. They walked to the unlit end of the station and no one was on either platform ( it was an outside elevated train) . He took her behind a closed subway exit so they were blocked should anyone come up from the opposite end of the station. Once there he pulled out his Dick and took her hand and put it on his Dick. She said his dick felt "mushy"-not as hard as the dicks she saw in the magazine but it was the first dick she ever touched. It soon got Harder and she said she got so horny! She squeezed his dick and he put his hand under her catholic school dress and rubbed her pussy!

Finally he asked her to get down on her knees and Taste his dick- he asked her if she ever sucked a dick and she said "no". He said its "OK" that he would teach her how men liked to get sucked. He asked her if she liked the way his dick felt in her young hand and she said she did- he told her if you like it then Kiss it. She leaned forward and gave it a soft kiss- he told her to kiss it the way she kisses her boyfriend and she flicked her tongue over it- she told me his dick jumped when she did that-ha ha . Finally he told her to open her mouth and put her lips around his dick and suck it slowly like a lolly pop- or like a baby sucks a nipple. She put her lips around his dick and said the tip was wet with a sweet tasty liquid (she didn't know about "pre cum " yet) . she sucked his dick slowly, just barely past his cock head but before she knew it his dick throbbed and he tasted something and then something shot in er mouth hitting the back of her throat. She got scared and pulled away and he continued to stroke his dick to the side letting out the rest of his cum. He told her he was sorry but it felt so good- she told him it was the first time she ever did anything like that and it surprised her. He asked her if she liked the taste of his juices and that it was a "reward" for a girl doing a "good job". She told him the little she tasted wasn't bad and that if she had the chance again she would let him keep it in her mouth. He put it away and zippered up and asked if he could see her again. She asked if he lived around there and if he lived alone and he did. He gave her his phone number and address and left. more to follow.......( she went to his house and he had plenty of Interracial porn that he would show her while she sucked him and he fingered her. -he turned her on to Black Dicks and eventually arranged for her to be with a hung Black Stud at a motel room while he watched ) more to follow...

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1 month ago
I want to here cuckvoyer story about his wife s early days
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good stuff. More please!
3 years ago
l married her... or one like her .
3 years ago
Great story. Lucky old guy!
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
OMG! Thats freking awesome. My ex GF took on three older black men at a motel when she was 14.
3 years ago
G8. More