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It'd been a while since I'd been out - what's a while, well a few months at
least. I was just sorta done with not getting what I wanted or needed. So
as I sat on my sofa with my laptop warming my crotch I perused the endless
list of online ads of men looking for sex now.

I'd like to see a straight guy, regular masculine guy, with a need for some
head - just casual chat, drop the trouser and let me work. Ah the dream
but no such luck on this site. Still I scrolled profile after profile
until I got to one with a FAV SITE link - a straight on line sex hook up
site! Ah, this will be fun - click.

Arriving on straight site, I found that the categories weren't very
different than the prior All Gay site - you know the combinations MF - MMF
- FFM and there is was MM. Well now. How about that - Nice to see -

You know the term - 'careful what you wish for' - well here were dozens of
straight married men looking for what they weren't getting at home! I was
a k** in a candy store!

After what seemed to be hours of reading these horny profiles and stories,
I decided that there had to be a better way to sort through all these men -
and they were from all over the country - making the selection practically

I took a break, took a leak, let the dog out, let the dog in, got a beer,
and returned the laptop to my lap top for more searching. Meanwhile, my
newly added profile was getting hits and messages, winks and pokes, and
views from all kinds of men. It was surprising how many men would write a
"looks good" or "nice cock" just minutes after posting approval. I guess I
was not the only horny devil looking for online gratification! Yesss!

I came across Dan in a couple minutes after reading the most recent
in-coming ?come fuck me " message from I694u in the United Kingdom or
somewhere. He was listed just below. A FACE ONLY ad. Hey, what gives, I
want to see cock! But yet, it was a nice face at that - I decided to act
and send him a note - and click - it was sent: ?Your ad is so unusual in
that it does not have a genital in the main pic - nice pic - having any fun
on this site?? Signed - Me.


I was done after that and headed off to bed. When I returned the next
afternoon, my message box had 5 new messages - among them was a nice note
from Dan. Hey, thanks for the compliment. Sorry, no offense, but I don't
do Bi - I'm straight, married looking for a 3rd for my wife. Dan.

I thought "Damn, How polite of him to even respond". That would not even
happen if I'd written someone on the Men 4 Meat site! I was impressed. So
I wrote him back.

Dan thanks for the reply. Were you looking for a Man or Woman to fill that
3rd opening?

Dan's reply came quickly as he was also on line: She wants a man to join us
- well actually she wants a guy to fuck her while I watch and then do her
afterwards. Signed Dan.


I'm thinking about this and wondering about the possibilities - Hmm that's
kinky - she's a lucky gal to have such an adventurous man! So I wrote

?Dan, you?re a pretty cool guy to set something up like that for your
woman. Me, I'm just here to find a straight guy, get his pants down, and
suck a load out. Thanks for the info, and good luck.?

We exchanged a half dozen or so messages talking about whether I was having
any luck and where I lived and so on and so forth and then he revealed, ?my
wife likes to see me jerk off and shoot because I shoot buckets of cum - I
shoot it across the room and she was thinking it would be hot to surprise
the 3rd with a cum shower. To which I replied hastily that I would not
waste it - just swallow.

I got an instant reply of - you would? Even my wife won't. She tells me
not to cum in her mouth and to let her know. In the past when I just let
it go, she gags and screams and that's the end of sex for weeks!

I replied ? Too bad - yep. What I wouldn't swallow would run down my chin
- but I'd bury his cock until he was done.

His reply stopped me in my tracks considering the conversation was just a
couple of guys talking sex - he wrote - can we meet tomorrow. You can show


What? I had to re-read his first message ? I thought he was pretty clear -
but, I guess I had his attention now.

I replied - sure. I'll be your cock slut - when. The time and place was
set. We were to met at the train station after the lunch hour in the back
parking lot. I told him that I was going to be in the company van and he
said he'd call when he got to the parking lot and we both logged off. At
that point, I started to wonder if that was all true, would he looked the
face pic - and all the doubts that come with this sort of a clandestine
meeting - I thought, well I can always drive off. No biggie. It's going
to be fun.

I was early, I was positioned strategically to see all the vehicular
traffic come and go and I'd backed into a space where no one would be able
to come up from behind and look into the van.

The phone rang at quarter to 1 and Dan spoke. Is that you in the back
there? I said yep. And he said, what's your name again? I told him as
his little boxter rolled up next to my van. Whoa - He looked exactly like
his face pic ? that?s a nice relief and then he got out of the little car
and stood at 6'4" - man this ones a biggie - he approached my window - put
his hand out and shook mind and said, nice to meet you cock slut - and then
grinned widely.


He got in the passenger seat and the two of us were like a couple of k**
doing it for the first time. He said where do you want to do this - and I
motioned to the back of the big van - I had a lawn chair ready for him - he
took the cue and bolted to the rear of the van. I swiveled my Capt. chair
and watched him get comfortable. He was a red head. He tossed his shirt
and his pants and sat there in all his glory with a flaccid 8" cock as red
as a dog's dick surrounded with a tightly trimmed red bush along with all
the red hair on his stomach and chest. I couldn't tell if he was blushing
or not because of the red tint of his skin and I was savoring the view -
relishing the next step I took dropping to my knees in front of my straight
man. He told me that I'd have to help him get it up - he was nervous - so
I asked him what he liked and he began to tell me - I like my balls licked
and if you could get down under my balls and lick the crack of my
ass while I stroke my dick up into a hard on - that's be great. Yes sir,
and I dove in to his crotch taking a giant inhale - just like before you
submerse in a pool - eyes closed and mouth open I sucked up his balls and
tossed them around my mouth with my tongue lapping under his scrotum. I
felt the burst of bl**d rocket to his cock and heard it slap his belly - I
paused to look up at this fine sight and saw him reclined a bit, head back,
eyes shut and a giant smile - and down I went. The lapping and spit
equaled the pulsing of his cock when he tapped my on my shoulder, I looked
up and he gave me the thumbs up - not a word - just the hand gesture. I
took that to mean that he was ready for me to down that big cock. By this
time his cock was turning purple and I licked my way up from the crack of
his ass to the tip of his cock - he was just smiling like a stoner all
glassy eyed. I nursed every inch of that cock into my mouth until I was
gagging on the space it was taking up in my throat. I pounded up and down
and jumped to his balls and then back noticing that he was reveling in the
action. In a couple of minutes he tapped me again and I looked up in mid
suck to see him silently lip the words - I'm going to cum ?

I went back to work keeping my mind on the prize when it happened -
Vesuvius exploded in my mouth - I had to f***e myself to continue and gag
down the first blast when the second blast accompanied by a sound only a
man in ecstasy can make - guttural grunt powering out the next pulse of cum
into his oral receptacle. I counted 7 (lucky 7) blasts of cum, up and over
the pallet, and out the sides of my lips. I was clamped down on his cock
and trying to consume him. I glanced up and his ultimate look of surprise
on his face for a split second changed to admiration. That?s when he put
both hands on my head and face and started to work his cock back and forth
in the remaining cum in my mouth. His cock was not receding in fact it
seemed to be getting hard again and he pounded my face while he continued
to hold my head. He rose slightly off the chair and f***ed me to the floor
of the van and never missed a stroke on my fuck hole of a mouth. Now on
his knees he rolled me around on the floor with finesse and finally got me
into a face fuck position and proceeded to give it to me hard and deep. I
thought I would faint but the hotness of the situation was making my
captive cock ache. So I did it, I yanked my cock out and started beating
to the stroke of my tormentor - matching it - all he did was grunt and slam
it deeper until - yes - the second wave - pow! blasting f***e again and
again - filling my mouth and nostrils and throat - cum was leaking out
every where when I shot my wad to compliment his.

His balls were as tight as they could get up against his pulsating
cock... He sunk into his heels and left his softening cock in my mouth and
petted my head, stroking my face like you'd pet a dog.

After a moment of silence he said, My wife won't let me jerk off - she told
me that I could only cum when I fuck. His cock dropped out of my mouth. I
gagged out a response ? oh!

We talked a while about getting together on a regular basis because fucking
my face didn't feel like cheating. I told him sure. And I tell you, he
made good on his offer - many times.

Ah, men!

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3 years ago
great story so horny
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
great story!