My Japanese Girlfriend Made me Lick Her Ass-Please

I had a young 20 year old Japanese girlfriend from Osaka - she was very cute and petite and spoke with a cute Japanese accent- I used to eat her as soon as she got home from her college classes. We were boyfriend /girlfriend although I was about 40 at the time-
after eating her pussy and making her cum several times I lifted her butt off the bed and ra my tongue over her butt crack- she jumped and giggled- I asked her if she didn't like that and she said that she loved it and no one ever did that before- I did it again, licking softly, using my tongue as a plunger- sucking her little asshole- she loved it !
She rolled over into a "doggie" style position and pushed her cute little ass i my face and I licked and licked, and pushed my tongue in her hole as far as I could. Then I kissed her hole and flicked my tongue over it and she went crazy- I love licking a hot young girls ass so I was in heaven!!!
She started playing with her clit and brought herself to an orgasm as I sucked her young Asian ass. MMM..yum ...slurp slurp....

The next day when she got home I asked if she wanted to go out somewhere or get dinner outside- she replied that we can "order in" that I had a lot of work to do- then she pulled off her clothes and bent over the table so her ass was in my face- I smiled and said that she must of been thinking about me licking her butt all day at school and she said "yeah"- I told her I'd lick it whenever she wanted for as long as she wanted- It became a ritual- I would stil eat her pussy and we would fuck but she really loved me licking her tight little hole! One day as I was eating her ass she let out a little "poof"- I moved my head away but was surprised to hear her say" keep lickng my butt" "you know you love it"- and I did keep licking- she became more and more dominant as I licked her butt over the next few weeks-
Finally one day she came home from school and told me she had a treat- she told me to lay on the floor and put newspapers around me- then she climbed on my face with her back to me and I started licking her ass- soon I noticed her butt hole open and detected a little aroma... I continued to lick and she began pooping little marble size balls before a larger piece came out- she demanded I keep on licking- I never did that before- never fantasized about it or anything -but to have this cute little, petite Japanese girl sitting on my face as I licked her butt got me very hot ! She finished pooping but told me to keep licking- my tongue tasted her poop- and I continued to clean her cute little ass with my tongue- she looked around and found a marble size poop on the newspaper and picked it up and put it between her crack and told me to lick it off off her- man she got my dick hard and I did anything she wanted! I licked and sucked it until it dissolved on my tongue- she smiled and asked if I liked that- I told her I loved it- she got up and went to the kitchen and came back with some "sweet and sour " sauce from the Chinese food we ordered- she opened the packet and poured it on the larger turd and told me to lick it off-

Man she was getting dominant and kinky and I loved it! I hesitated and she said if I didn't eat it that I couldn't lick her ass anymore and if I did she might bring a Japanese friend of hers over for me to do the same to her- I quickly said ok and picked up her turd and sucked it in my mouth , tasting the Sweet and sour sauce and her poop- but she sat their and played with her pussy while I sucked it- telling me that I was her personal ass licker and that she would use my tongue to clean her from now on- I got hotter and hotter and sucked her poop more and more-
She eventually did bring another girl over and the girl giggled as I licked her ass and giggled even more as she pooped over my face and I licked her clean- My girlfriend eventually moved out and hooked up with her Japanese friend and became a lesbian-
But i still jerk off thinking about that year when I was her tongue slave!
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1 year ago
I love your writing! Keep it up, the shit was to much for me, but i do now Asians like it, i could never, ever do that to a man not even for money, trust me ive been offered money to do it and it wouldnt come out lol!
1 year ago
Fascinating,,,not sure I could go as far as eating shit but I love pushing my tongue into a hole
1 year ago
I'l lick but I don't know about the poop, unless I'm tied down.
1 year ago
1 year ago
You hit a good one with this.;put it in my fav's to enjoy again.
1 year ago
nasty no poop lick ass but no poop