Sharing Dick with my Girlfriend-Part 2-True Story

We went to Bruce's house and I went upstairs first to tell him about my girlfriend and how she wanted to suck our dicks and would suck him too- he smiled and said "bring her up". He was a shorter version of will smith, not a thug in any way -a very well raised k** but I had been showing him hustler magazine and talking about him fucking white girls while I stroked him for about a year. I never had the courage to lean over and suck him . With Rich It was easier to do because he was more aggressive and put my hand on his dick and put it to my face . Anyway...I was about to see my girlfriend suck and fuck the two dicks that I had held (and in Rich's case ) sucked.
I went down to get Rich and Barbara and knocked on Bruce's door. He opened it and smiled when he saw how cute she was-I noticed his dick already getting hard just knowing her sweet lips would be wrapped around it. Rich spoke first telling Bruce that she wants to suck our dicks and took her hand and put it on his dick which she immediately began squeezing and rubbing. She reached over to Bruce's crotch and rubbed his dick. Then she got down on her knees and pulled Bruce's zipper down and put her slender fingers inside his pants and pulled out his hard dick. At 14 his dick was already about 6 inches with a slight curve and nice mushroom head. She leaned over and licked his cock head and his dick jumped causing her to giggle her cute nervous giggle. She opened her mouth and ut her sweet soft lips around his dick-tasting what I had wanted to taste for a long time. She moaned .(.later she told me that she almost had an orgasm just knowing that she had a black dick in her mouth). She sucked him up and down while we watched and stroked. then Rich stood closer and told her "I got something for you too" and leaned back so his hard dick was sticking straight up in her face-It looked so Good I was tempted to suck it ! Barb took her mouth off of Bruce and sucked Rich's Long Fat Dick into her warm mouth..moaning all the time. She got so turned on sucking dick and I was glad to provide it to her with friends I also sucked or played with.
Bruce was still stroking when I asked him if he wanted to touch her tits. She had firm tits at that age and her nipples were hard. Rich began moving his dick in and out of her mouth while Bruce gently squeezed her tits. Then Rich sat down on the couch and pulled her head back down on his dick. I asked her if its OK for Bruce to fuck her, that he never fucked a girl before and she said "Good" ! , "I could be his first"- and Rich said "Yeah, your first fuck will be with a hot white girl" . She stuck her young white size 1 Butt up in the air as she gobbled up Rich's dick . I told Bruce to get on his knees behind her and get close and fuck her from behind. Because she had her face down she didn't see me take Bruces Caramel Dick and rub it over her pussy lips. I told him to push it slowly - All the time I was holding his Black Dick I kept thinking my First 2 dicks I ever touched were getting sucked by and now fucking my girlfriend. It Made me want to Suck BOTH of them as soon as I could. I Squeezed Bruce's dick and guided it into her pussy. I told him to move it in and out slowly and eventually push his whole dick in. I moved back and watched his strong muscular body (He wasn't athletic but he had a naturally strong build with defined muscles) holding my girlfriend as he moved his dick in and out of her. In a very short time he yelled" I'm gonna cum" and she let go of Rich's dick and said "Put it in my mouth"...and of course Bruce did. I didn't see him cumming because she swallowed it all. I had seen him cum when I used to jerk him off and I know his cum shot out.
Bruce was smiling now and I asked him if it was good and if he liked her and he said"She could suck my dick any time" and Barb giggled her cute giggle and went to suck Rich again. But Rich wanted to fuck her so he told her to climb on top of him facing him and she slid his dick into her young pussy (She was getting to be a Pro already) Rich humped his fat dick into her pussy -seeing his fat balls bouncing around while he pushed his dick into my girlfriend was getting me so horny! I got close and gently squeezed his balls without her noticing. Then he told her "I'm cumming" and held her tight . It looked so fucking tasty to see his dick slide out of her covered in her juices and his cum!! And then the cream pie started to run out of her pussy and Bruce yelled not to get anything on the couch or his mother would kill him. Barb asked for a paper towel but Bruce had none and the cum started to run down her leg and she turned to me with a pleading look and said " you love licking my pussy...could you lick it up"? I acted indignant and said"No" . But she pleaded, "Don't you love my pussy? Don't you love licking it ?" and because she was obviously not against me licking Rich's cum I acted reluctant but lovingly licked every drop of his cum out of her pussy and off her legs.
Rich pointed his dick at me and said "lick her juices off my dick too" and I said "Get the fuck out of here" (Secretly I wanted to suck him clean but I had to put up a front in front of Barb) . But Barb again pleaded"Don't you like my pussy juice"? "It's covered with my pussy juice" so I leaned over and sucked his dick clean. Barb said she had to get home so she dressed and I walked her home and RAN back to Bruce's house and asked Bruce how he liked her as I touched the front of his pants. I said that they both fucked her good and she loved both of them and got on my knees and pulled out Bruce's dick and sucked him hard and then sucked up and down until I could finally taste his cum from his cock (I had tasted it in Barb's mouth after I kissed her good bye). Then I went to my favorite Stud Dick Rich. I told him to tell me what he likes about Barb because I love hearing him talk about my girlfriend who he Feeds and Fucks WHILE I Suck him. I sucked another huge load out of his dick and then had to leave.

Next...Bruces mother found out about us being there with a girl and she punished him and we couldn't go there and found Barbs laundry room in her apartment buildings basement was a good spot. (Eventually she would suck her 55 year old Black Supers big dick )
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1 year ago
mmmmm made my tiny dicklette hard just reading this, wish i had been there to clean her and share cocks with her.....
2 years ago
2 years ago
lovely loved it when you cleaned her..wish it was me
2 years ago
Thanks, very hot stories!