Real Navy Story 1992 USNS HenryJ.Kaiser

I began working as merchant seaman in 1992 on board the Kaiser operating in the Red Sea.Our crew consisted of 122 people with around 40 of them US Navy personnel,all women except for 6 guys.I was the youngest crew member 20yrs. old and since they had no barbershop, cut the some shipmates hair on my off time.One day after dinner RM2 Wilson ask could I trim her hairline,sure no problem I replied come by my stateroom.Surely about an hour later she stopped by,and I began to groom and have a conversation with her.We asked the normal question where are you from? How long you been a crew member etc,etc.Since she only needed a neckline trim I was done in 5 minutes.I stated that this was my first time being away from home and without my girlfriend.She smiled and said,"You just need to drained,instantly my dick began to swell,and she noticed.Nice piece she` replied,I wanted to fuck and she knew it too! She said there was to many people moving about the ship,and did`nt want to get caught breaking the,"No Fraternization Rule. So she would be back later.

Meanwhile,I waited and fantasized how I was going to fuck her.RM2 Wilson was 12yrs.older,African-American like myself,pecan complexion,5ft tall,petite with C-cup tits and a plump ass.I daydreamed an agonizing 3hours,but still no show.She`s full of shit I said to my self, I was so horny my boxers were wet with sticky precum.I had decide to call it a night when I heard a light knock at my door,it was her!! She came in with a thirsty look in her eyes.I tried to undress to no avail,instead she sat down in the chair and made me strip.First my white tee shirt,then pants,and last my boxers.Wow, she said," whats a 20yr. old,137lbs young man doing with a 10" dick.She was amazed, "my tiny hands can barely fit around it" ,she laughed before licking my oozing pre-cum.She sucked slowly at first then violently gagging until tears rolled down her face.I undress her,sucked her puffy nipples while she mounted me.Her pussy was tight and super wet,her face displayed pain and pleasure as she long stroked my dick,taking it deep in her good pussy.After about 5min.her pussy pulsated& squeezed my dick with the strength of professional arm wrestler and release for about 2 mins about 4ounces of thick heavy cum. So much that it ran down the crack of my ass.She dismounted me licked my ass,balls clean and sucked off my thick,brown, veiny 10+ inches.I had BJ`s before but never had my cum swallowed.I too am a massive cummer and loved watching her enjoy every drop of both sauces.We got dressed,vowed not to tell anyone,kissed and she left only after ordering me not to every masturbate while we sailed together. My cum belonged to her!The following days we acted normal and formal.Then the fourth day in the mess hall she say`s Hey Bob can you give me a trim........Not A Problem
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