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The lost kiss

Warm summer kisses
Planted on the air
Find me somehow
On a guess. It just a dare.

Dazzling in the sun light
Find my lips with a flare
Tickling my taste buds
Caressing my hair.

I felt such passion
Clearly i felt it in my hips
i swayed in the effect
And counted all my chips.

I danced in the spring
My feet full of glee
That you taste of pure honey
Brought straight from the bees.

We played in the moonlight
Our hearts all a flutter
your skin next to mine
melted me like butter.

The days have all past
And i do not know
How a kiss could haunt
A slave when her master did not show.
Posted by blushingredd 3 years ago
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1 year ago
actually, very revealing of your need
3 years ago
Sorry i am such an awful poet, but it hit me to write it and it just became.