The count down for the bdsm lovers of the new year

10. A rosey red ass from spanking with the hand, hairbrush, spatula, ruler, whip, flogger, or switch.
9. Hot wax on the nipples, belly, pussy, ass, back or legs.
8. Tied up, gagged, spanked, fucked and cummed on.
7. f***ed orgasms while others watch.
6. Tied up and f***ed to watch while he fucks another sexy red head or brunette.
5. Eating another womans pussy for a group to please my master.
4. Wearing my Masters cum for others to see.
3. Being collared and servicing my Master either alone or for others to see.
2. Sucking my Masters cock with another cum slut.
1. Gagging on my Masters cock till he shoots his load down my throat and being allowed to lick his cock clean.

I figure that most people make a wish list of things they want to achieve in the new year. So why not write a list of desires i hope to fulfill for my Master. Maybe in less than a New year, but hopefuly when in one session.

A slave can dream! Maybe i should have done the top twenty because there are some i left out!

100% (6/0)
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2 years ago
Very nice I will help you with all 10.
3 years ago
interresting and will have to write a list for my lady of things I want to do for her and her to me
3 years ago
I'd like to read the next 10 :)
3 years ago
Thers some i left out, but they are not forgotten i am saving them for my next list. And yes there is going to be a second, i just wanted to tease a little today!