intiation into my new collar.

Flames danced in the fire place as i watched the glow from it dance across my bare skin. Kmeeling on the floor at my masters feet i felt the tug of the leash that was attached to my collar. Looking up at master he offered a snack. Opening my mouth i took the morsal and again lowered my gaze as he stroked my long red hair.

A group of his friends, card playing buddies had arrived earlier with their slaves and each man's slave attended to them in some fashion. Fetching drinks, bringing snacks, or simply massaging a shoulder. For the time being my duty was to sit and patiently wait for masters commands.

Earlier in the evening master had arrived home with a box. In it were my new collar and leash. Excited that i had final earned my collar i listened to his instructions as to the plans he had made, how i was to dress and how he expected me to behave.

Showered, and dressed in a black thong, ankle and wrist cuffs, i delightedly sat as master put my collar on and attached the lock. The key he placed in his drawer. "You have pleased me greetly with your dedication and servitude my pet. You are now truely owned and i am proud to say i am your owner. Tonight i want to show you off to a few friends and you are to not let me down. Do you understand?"

"Yes master"

"Tonight you will sit at my feet untill i tell give you a command. You are not to talk unless spoken to. You are not allowed to move until i decide you can, and you are expected to do whatever i ask, whenever i ask without hesitation. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

As on cue, the door bell rang and the evening began.

The first to arrival was a tall slender black man named Jerry. His slave was also white, dressed in an over coat. Jerry removed her coat and i saw large heavy breasts, hard dark nipples and a trim waiste. If not for her four inch heels she would have barely reached his chest. Blond hair, pulled back into a pony tail, dark eye make up, and bright red lips. She looked much like a little doll.

Soon after their arrival Dan, a short portly white man arrived with his slave who was oriental, very petite, small firm breasts and very large nipples. Attached to her nipples was a chain that met in the middle and dangled down between her thighs wher it attached to another chain that circled her hips.

The last to arrive Fred seemed white mixed with either a Italian or hispanic background. His unruley black hair was long and curly, his big beefy hands held the leash to his slave and she was big boned, with very large breasts, pink nipples. A large behing, that begged to be spanked and very pretty long and straight red hair.

Sitting at my fasters feet, my leash in his lap i waited as the card game ensued. When a tug to my neck came i was almost shocked, but without hesitation i looked up and saw masters empty glass. Rises i walked over to the bar and poured two fingers of E &J, returned where i placed the glass infront of him then knelt again.

A few hands later and again i felt a tug on my leash and master motioned that his cigar needed to be lit. Rising i fetched his lighter, returned to the table, lit his cigar then knelt at his feet.

Hours passed and i continued to fetch. Once a snack, another for more E & J, and again to lite his
Cigar. When the men decided to end the game there came a tug to my leash. Looking up master had leaned back and motioned for me to undo his pants. "Suck my cock cunt."

Scooting forward on my knees i undid masters belts, unfastened the button, unzipped his fly and took out his cock. Placing his cock in my mouth i began to administer to sucking it. Slowly at first, running my tongue up and down the shaft until it was firm. Further down the shaft my mouth slide until i felt his balls on my chin. Gagging i relaxed my throat as his big cock tickled the back of it. Slobber ran over my lips and down my chin and i could hear the men around me talking, but i focused mainly on fucking my mouth with my masters cock.

I tightened my lips around it, while using my tongue to massage the underside of the head. I could feel masters hands in my hair then he aggressively shoved my head down fully engorging my throat with bis big black cock. Finally he jerked my head off him then whispered in my ear. "Your a good cunt my dear. Now i want you to stand, turn around and lean over the table. Place your ass high in the air and with your hands i want you to spreed your ass cheeks. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

Do just that i rose leaned over the table and spreed my ass checks. With on quick thrist masters cock entered my tight hole and he slowly, but deeply filled it until i felt his balls smacking into my already drenched pussy. My head turned to the side i could see jerry and his slave watching as master fuck my tight ass. Soon i felt hands on either one of my wrists pulling them above head. Master spasmed as he came inside me than with drew.

Again i felt hands on both my ankles as the were spreed even further apart. I heard, before i felt i swish threw the air then a smack to my ass as my master used his belt to redden my checks. Again with the swosh and across my ass the belt landed. Several blows later and my ass aflamed with angry red welts. My hands and ankles freed. Pulling up by my hair i gasped, but did not speak. "Bring your master a drink cunt."

Doing so i returned to his side where i knelt at his feet.

"You were right Mike she is worth the collar. Next time though you shouldn't be so gental."

There was a mixture of compliments and one by one the men gathered up their slaves Nd left.

Returning to where he left me he tugged on my leash and i rose up to be greeted by a kiss. "Such a good slave. Now clean up this mess, and don't be long. I plan on making my slave cum and i don't want to wait forever.

100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Good one, we'll be over in the US in 2013 for Thunder, I'll keep and eye out you both, MP
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
For my master, your slave awairs your cock, like a breath of air.