welcome to the neighborhood.

My kitchen window looks directy into the east side of my single neighbors house. Her kitchen, bath and bedroom having no curtains or window coverings.

When i first moved into the neighborhood three months ago, it had been an accident one night, that while i was taking out the left over boxes that i glanced up at her well lit house to see her walking around in a dark blue shimmering robe,fully open and billowing behind her as she paced from bedroom to bathroom. A little shocked i ducked back into my house. I tried to stop myself from watching, but she was very attractive.

Long dark hair pulled up in a loose bun, a long neck, high breasts, and tall from what i could tell. Comin back into the kitchen for a glass of water i noticed once again that her lights were still on, but she wasn't alone. A very dark black man had her pinned against the wall her face pushed into it, a handful of hair clasped in his grip, he fucked her. Slightly i could hear her screams and at first i thought she was being ****d until i heard her say "harder, fuck me harder."

Stunned at how agressive they were i watched a few more minutes then retired to my bedroom where i was so aroused i played with my clit until i climaxed.

Several days later i meet her at the park and saw that up close she was even more lovely. Raven dark eyes, lush red lips, very erect and profound nipples. Getting ready to walk past her she stopped me.

"You like watching your neighbors fuck?"

Stuttering at first, and awkward i heard her laugh.

"Don't worry honey why you think i don't have any curtains. I want you to see." A little lost for words i just sat and listened as she explained.

Seemed almost a year ago her husbnd left her for a much younger girl and i would have never guessed her to be in her 40's but a few years older than me she was. After he had left April had found a wild and dark side to herself she never knew about. Soon she craved rough sex almost nightly but was looking for a woman to share it with. Stunned to find out she wanted me to join she had just the black b**st that would fill my tight pussy up.

"So, what do you think?"

"I.... uh.... well i'll have to think about it." Excusing myself i practically ran home. Out of breath i finshed my chore of putting everything in its place until dark. Then began fill my six seater hot tub. Since it takes a few hours i decided to grill out. Going into the kitchen i took out two large chicken breasts. In and out i went back and forth while the chicken grilled along with the fresh corn still in the husk and asparagus.

Returning back inside i made fresh lime margarites grabbed a cup and walked outside to my patio. Glancing over at the hot tub i noticed it was nnear full. Turning off the spout and turning on the heater i let the water warm while i removed my dinner.

Listening to the night noises of summer i heard the sound of feet on my walkway. Not expecting anyone i was surprised to see April come around the corner in furry flip flops and mid-length robe. Behind her the mandingo i had seen fucking her the night before had on lose fitting swimming trunks.

"Don't mind us, but if you honestly thought we would let you enjoy this alone you were mistaken."

I watched as she disrobed. To my amazement she was fully naked. The mandingo walked over to me. As i sat he towered over me and smiled.

"Don't mind her she always wanted to try this hot tub, but the owner before you never even used it. Hi, i'm Mike. Whats your name?"

"Uh, i'm Quincy"

He motioned to the tub where April was "you're gonna join us right?"

I just nodded and he walked away. What a sight watching him saunter over to the tub remove his trunks and hoist himself onto the ledge where he turned and waved for me to come join them.

When i finally walked over i found they were already hot and heavy. April siting on Mikes lap facing me, she bounced up and down on, what i could only guess was Mikes cock. His hands were under her arms and agressively granbbing her breasts helping her impale herself.

I watched as she began to breath heavy and finally shudder when she came. Turning her head slightly she said something to Mike. Looking at me while she talked his eyes, dark pools of hunger bore directly into mine. My breath caught in my chest as he lifted her up and off him. Wading through the steaming gurggling hot tub he came to me. Reaching out to me he caugt me by my blouse and yanked me over the edge of the tub. My face slammed intobhis and his lips, full and powerful found mind. His tongue seperated mine lips and danced inside my mouth.

Next thing i knew he lifted me up and into the tub fully clothed. Soon April was behind me helping him remove my top, bra, shorts and panties leaning my head back on Aprils chest my pussy bobbed up and down as the jets circulated the water.

Mike, slidding between my thighs entered my pussy and i gasped as his huge meat filled me completely up. Forcing my legs over his shoulders he fucked me while April sucked on my neck and one of her fingers was entering my ass hole. The sensation of mikes huge cock fuckig my tight pussy and April fingering my rectum was insane.

No sooner had he started than he jerked me away from April and over to the edge still riding his big black dick. Letting me go i gasped for air as he sat down beside me i watched as april went below the water and sucked on his hard shaft. He pulled me to him and when April came up for air he put me infront of him and April began sucking on my pink nipples and played with my pussy.

Fully in the groove i returned the favor and was amazed at how good she felt. He cunt wrapped around three of my fingers and grabbed at them as i finger fucked her for him to watch. Walking backwards i came to a sit on his lap. Lifting me up i felt his cock slide inside me. April sat on my lap and we fucked girl girl guy.

Cumming over Mikes dick he stood sending us both fully submerged into the tub. Standing, water blurring my view i wiped my eyes just in time to find his cock in my mouth. April came to the side and we both sucked his cock taking turns with the head. When she was gagging on his full 10 inches of pussy pleasing meat, i was tasting his balls and licking his ass. Over and over we would change places until his cock began to stiffen. I opened mouth waiting and April was beside me, hot jizz covered my eye lashes, mouth and lips.

When Mike was finished April turned to me and licked it all off. She and i kissed and i found her wanting move.

Moving next to Mike they began to kiss and with ease i lifted her ass in the air and took her pussy in my mouth. Mike skillfully reached under the water and grabbed a handful of my pussy while i licked, sucked and fucked her pussy with my tongue. It only took several minutes before i tasted her climax and felt her body shake as i continued to flick her clit over and over.

I would have continued, but Mikes fingger took me over the edge and soon i had my own orgasm.

All delighted with our little sex session we relaxed until almost midnight. Needless to say it was the best welcome to the neighborhood i've ever had.

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nice well cum
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What a welcome
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this was soo hot
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Very nice welcome gift from your new neighbor.
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Very good
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Master assignment complete, hope you.enjoy!