Finding the new "O"

My Master once asked me what i thought about when i masterbated. At the time i really couldn't recall so i put some thought into it and realized i really didn't think of him doing things to me, but rather what it felt like for his cock to be inside me. The friction, heat, and deepth at which his cock woud pound into me. I loved his cock so much that i would drip just thinking about sucking his amazing cock.

So since i didn't have any fantasys i decided to see what i could do to enlighten my Master.

Closing my eyes i began to think of him and what i enjoyed about him.

His dark lovely body and face, in my mind, standing before me i invisioned him stuffing his cock in my mouth. Down the back of my throat until i couldn't breath causing me to gag. Deeper amd faster his cock f***ed my tongue to relax until i could feel my nose on his stomach and my chin on his balls. Grabbing a handful of my lush long red hair he would roughly pull out of my mouth. Spit covering his cock and pooling over my breasts and face. Gasping for air he would once again shove his cock into my mouth until i gagged, then pullin out and smackig my face with his engorged cock.

Over and over i thought of him tormenting me and teasing me causing my pussy to throb. Then to my surprise i thought of him bending me over and working my tight as with his finger, while another finger found my clit and began to just tap it. I had never thought of this before so of coarse i wanted to know what it felt like.

Opening my toy drawer i removed two toys. One a g spot stimulator the other about the same size as my Master. Sliding in my Masters look alike. At once i realized how wet i had become just tinking about my Master face fucking me. Replacing my right hand with my left i grabbed the g spot stimulator and began smacking my clit. Closing my eyes it became my Master before me. Him sliding the dildo in and out of my tight pussy, him tap tap tapping on my clit.

The sound of the toy wettly smackimg my clit reminded me of the sound of his real cock slamming deep into me and his balls slapping my ass when he fucked me doggie style.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. I began to think of me squirming beneath him because he felt so good. I could feel my pussy become more wet and slightly tighten as i fought off cumming. I liked to prolong an oragsim as long as possible because i have found that denying myself early release inhanced the intensity of the "O".

Removing the dido from my dripping cunt i began to play with my ass hole steadily increasing the tap tap tap of the toy to my throbbing clit. Working the Master look alike into my extremely tight ass it took a moment to f***e it all in, but finally i could handle the length of the shaft fully entering my tight hole.

Once again i found myself thinking of my Master. His cock smacking me ass cheeks, my hands pulling them apart so he could watch as his cock entered into my tight hole. Stretching it apart and entering smoothly. Only because my pussy had became so wet that the juice had covered my other hole with its lubricant.

Again i fucked myself with the toy sliding it in and out of my tight rectum while i tap tap tapped on my clit. I found the visual stimulation of seeing him, hands grabbing handfulls of skin, him fucking my tight little asshole while my fat ass cheeks were pulled apart, him beginning to fuck me harder and hard until i moaned and begging to cum, him powerfully filling up my ass with his big fat cock, the smell of sex, sweet, and pussy fillig the air until i imagined him smacking my ass to signal that he was ready to cum. Pulling the dildo free of my ass i came at the same time, squirting loads of cum on my inner thighs. I came so hard just thinking of my Master shooting a hot load of cum on my face and mouth, tasting it slide down the back of my throat, filling my tummy with the hot sperm, caused me to continue cumming. Over and over my body exploded, i cried out as i still tap tap tapped on my clit. Sliding a set of fingers inside my pussy i could feel my pussy muscles contract over and over as the "O" carried me over the brink.

To this day i have stopped masterbateing just to get off. It is with the fullest intent to prolong my "O" as long as pissible so that each time is an experience i can share with him. Allowing him to be the focus of all pleasure in life!
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very good
3 years ago
Nice naughty dedication.
3 years ago
I like to masterbate but i love to pleasse my Master.