"Candied Yam"

I road a bus each day to work. Always with my face burried in a book. A little shy around people i would avoid eye contact and seldo ever looked up except to see how close i was to y destination. The 20 was a slow route so for and hour i read my who dunnits and slipped into my little fantasy world.

On this particular day i looked up from "The point of origin" to see this striking black girl starring at me. Once i caught her eyes; which were the loveliest grey i had ever seen, she smiled at me. I blushed at first then smiled in return.

I found myself thinking about the ebony beauty through out the day. Nice even white teeth, the complexion of dark molasses, natural curly hair pulled back from a high forhead, strong cheeckbones and a slender neck. I had to guess that her bottom half was just as stunning as the upper half because i couldn't see anything below the top of the seat.

The next day, to my surprise she sat in the seat directly behind me. Leaning forward she began whispering in my ear:

"I have road this same bus everyday hoping you would look up and see me. And everyday you broke my heart. But yeasterday when i finally saw your sexy green eyes i just knew i had to talk to you." Catching her breath because she had excitedly rushed out the flow of words. I started to turn to look at her but she stopped me with a hand on my shoulder and said. " No, please don't. If you look at me i will lose the courage to ask."

My curiosity getting the best of me i replied "Courage to do what?"

"To ask if you were seeing anyone?"

"No," i replied.

Once she received my answer she drew closer to me. I could feel her hot breath on my fleash and instantly i became flushed filled with desire as her fresh scent of citus asulted my senses.

"You smell yummy."

"Thank you," i said choking back the tightness in my throat and fighting the butterflies in my belly. "I was just thinking the same thing about you."

Reachingg forward she clasped my hand and began writting on my palm. " When you get the chance please call me."

I didn't have time to reply because the bus stopped and she left. Immediately i saved the information in my phone under the assumed name of "candied yam". I didn't know why really but it was the first thing i thought of.

Work was a horrible event. Everything that could go wrong did. Everyone seemed to encounter one issue or another with our new system and by the end of the day my back, feet and head ached with the nagging intensity that just wouldn't go away.

Once at home i ran the hottest bath i could handle, added some lavendar bath salts, pulled my hair up in a lose bun and began to finally relax. Once my thoughts were clear i remebered "candied yam". Grabbing a towel i dried off my hands and started scrolling through my phone for her number.

It startled me when she answered because on my end it hadn't even rang. Her voice flowed over my body making my nipples hard. For several minutes we chatted about our days until she asked if we could meet somewhere. Being a somewhat reclusive person i said sure, but i did't know of any place where she might like to. A silence followed until she said. "Would you like to try something new." Tired of my usual, i accepted and we set a time.

We closed the conversation with giggles and i returned to my hot bath where i luxurated for awhile, shaved my pussy, and legs. Washed my hair and lathered up and rinsed my tingling body.

Drying off and oiling myself down i dressed in a lose black skirt, sandles, a button down white blouse and a matching bra and panty set.

Face slightly made up, hair long and flowing down my back i locked up and preceded to the street where i could find the club "O".

Once inside the dimly lit facility i entered to find a mixture of ages and races of women. Some dressed like men, others had so little on it left nothing to the imagination.

I had planned it that i would be early, but to my surprise i saw "candied yam" already there. Dressed in a colorful long halter dress i finaly saw the body that had earlier been hidden from me. Large ripe breast that pulled the fabric so taunt i could see large pert nipples jutting out at me. My eyes hungered for what could possibly be under neath and i blushed. Thankful that she couldn't see the affect her appearance had with me.

Coming to where she sat, i started to pull up a seat when she stopped me. Standing she was fully three inches taller than me; which was impressive because i stand 5'9. Slightly bending forward she took my face between her hands and placed her fully lips on mine. At first it was just a peck, but to my amazement i wanted more. I opened my mouth and soon our tongues were tasting each others lips. My arms, having a mind of their own, encased her body sliding down to a tight firm ass. I grabbed a cheeck in each hand and squeesed.

Kissing me harder, i slipped one hand inbetween us and began to stroke her breast. Playing with her nipple i could feel it harden. Her breath caught and she pulled free crom me. Looking into my eyes she said "Not here. Come with me.

Taking my hand she led me through the crowd weaving between couples of women drinking, dancing and making out. As she led me this was and that way i watched as her ass bobbed up and down under the dress. My pussy already throbbed and the sight of her ass fighting underneath the material was not making it any easier to contain the the wetness soaking my panties.

Into an even darker room, and filled with woman in different forms of passionate embraceses began pulling to a free table that had very lush and overfilled booth like chairs. Shoving me foraward and into the seat she slid to the floor. Wrestling with my skirt she moved it up and over my hips. Then sliding her long delicate fingers under my panties she removed them and brought them to her face. I watched as she took a deep breath and smiled.

Smiling still she than began to lick my thigh. Leaning backwards i lifted my legs up and spread them further apart. Looking up at my face her tongue slide over my lips. Teasing my pussy she kissed and played till i thought of nothing else but cumming in her mouth. Soon enough her fingers slide inside me. Fucking me with her digits and her mouth began sucking on my pussy. I began thrusting my hips up and down, fucking her pretty mouth wanting nothing more than to have release. But everytime she sensed i was going to cum she would stop.

Her free hand snaked up my body where she unbuttoned my blouse and lifted up my bra. Breast exposed she pinched and rolled my nipple while i continued to ride her finger. Finally she took my clit between her lips and sucked. Softly at first, then demanding. Not stopping she allowed me finally the pleasure of my first orgasim.

Letting the wave pass she finally stood and lowered herself over me. Her breast infront of my face i returned the favor. Lowering the upper part of her dress i took ber large dark nipple into my mouth. First one then the other. Not being gentle i bit into her flesh sucking harder still until she pulled free of my grasp.

Standing on the chair she lifted her dress up allowing me to see a nicely trimmed pussy with just a little tuft of hair. Bring her pussy to my face i didnt tease her. I took her clit in my mouth as my arms once again wrapped around her upper thighs. Holding her in place i savored her juices. They covered my chin. With the greatest effirt i eld her tighter as she tried to pull away from me. I felt her ass cheecks clinch as she neared cumming.

Soon she grabbed a handful of hair and f***ed my face even deeper into her cunt. Fucking her lovely pussy for all it was worth until she began to shake. Fighting my grasp i f***ed her to keep cumming. Soon she was trying to pull me away. I only stopped when the noise of her orgasim could be heard over the music that was playing.

After she sank back down onto my lap i kissed her. Then licked all of the remaing juices from my own cunt off her lips.

It didn't end there for "candied yam" and myself. We were lovers for years. Meeting at the "O" every chance we could. Sometimes two or three times. To this day, shes the best "candied yam" i'vever had.

86% (10/2)
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2 years ago
excellent story, well written and visual !
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Lovely lesbian sex story.
To my taste your sexiest,
but that´s my lesbian bias,
I guess - Porn Poet Pete
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
For my master. Assignment is complete, hope you like it!