WELCOME HOME MASTER prt 4 - public final

As i kneeled before my Black King as the flavor of shared cum still rested on my lips. I watched as he leaned over the beauty tied to our bed. He kissed her lips and removed her blind fold. While one hand reached between her thighs and massaged her pussy, the other skillfully removed her bound wrists.

I watched as he inserted his fingers into her wet pussy and she road them, thrusting her hips upwards to meet his pounding fist. In awe i watched as she climaxed and her body quivered.

Master then offered his fingers to me and they both watched as i licked and sucked her juices from his digits. With a smile she thanked Master, kissing his chest and rubbing her fingers over his back.

Master then backed off the bed and she followed. I watched as he left the room and she dressed and soon followed. I sat, waiting for Master to return. Hearing in the distance the opening amd closing of the door, i anxiously awaited for my command.

Soon i heard the shower and thoughts filled my head of joining him, but knew that this was not expected if me.

Upon returning Master was freshly bathed. In his outstreched hand he held an outfit for me to wear. I was very conservative by nature and looking at the black dress i could tell there was nothing conservative to it.

The black silk dress had a slit that went from ankle to hip, low cut in the front and back with spagetti straps. The heels were spiked 6 inches of open toed splendor that had a thick strap with locks on the outside. Black crouchless stockings, no bra and no panties. I took them from master and dressed with a little trepidition knowing this dress hid nothing.

The material slide across my flesh, caressed my nipples making them hard. I stood before Master. He motioned for me to turn and with a slow twist i offered the view of my backside. I could tell that the dress barely covered my ample ass; which also pleased Master. With a swift swat he patted it, and whispered in my ear.

"Tonight i share you."

I whispered in return. "Yes Master."

Dressed in slacks, a button down white short sleeved shirt and dress shoes we left.

Soon the familar spots that we frequented faded and unfamilar territory replaced the city lights. Names of hot spots such as "The Back Door", and "The Virgins Ear" sprung up. Streets were darkly lit, the pavement glistened from the late evening shower and neon blazed with erotic scenes of dancing girls.

Pulling to the curve i noticed the sign said "The View".

A vallet opened my door and i exited the car where Master joined me and we entered the darkly lit club. Walking down a hall, past open doorways i looked in each room we past to see different forms of erotic pleasures being performed. One with women bound and gagged, another with orgies of dozens of couples.

With purpose we continued to the fourth door on the right. The scene was innocent filled with what could pass for a busy bar on a late saturday night. Scantly clad woman wearing carnival masks and dressed much as i was. Master led me with a firm grip on my shouldet. Turning me this way and that way until we reached a corner booth with no table. Sitting towards the middle. Master left my side.

I watched the woman. High breasts, long legs, tight asses. I was very curious.

Soon Master returned with what i could only describe as my Christmas presents. First he offered me a drink; which i took and sipped while i was introduced to my other gifts. Alisha was a very dark black woman. Large ripe breast barely covered, beautiful red lucious lips, long tone legs and delicate hands. Her partner, Carla, was a shorter vixen. Long bonde hair to her waiste, small pert breasts, beautiful brown gold eyes, dressed in a dark blue see through body suit.

I gracefully took their offered hands as Master introduced me. "Ladies this is my pet."

He watched as we chatted a bit. Pulling up a chair he waited till Alisha and Carla had sat. One on either side of me. Pressed fully to my body Carla leaned over and kissed me fully on the mouth, to my surprise Alisha began to trace circles on my exposed thigh. And at once the room was lost and my body set afire by these two.

My dress soon was lifted above my head and Alisha knelt before me while Carla enjoyed the pleasure of my nipples in her mouth. Tilting my head backwards i closed my eyes and let Alisha taste my Masters pussy. Her tongue fevered with desire she lapped at my pussy juices and sucked my clit. I groaned and moved my hips against her face.

Opening my eyes i found that we had an audience. Standing before me were men and woman. Some touching others, some touching themselves, but Master sat and watched as my legs were pulled further apart by two males. Soon another female joined in and another. I had a woman ontop of me, a woman beneath me, fingers, tongues and toys inside me. Black girls, White girls, Asian girls. Bodies moved and flowed. I tasted cum on lips mixed with flavors of Rum and whiskey. My body ached and exploided with the fiersest orgasim any woman had ever given me.

Soon i felt cold amd realized that one by one the warm bodies were leaving me. Through my passion i hadn't realized my hands and ankles had been bound apart. Fully exposed i looked up to see Master standing before me. Dropping his trousers, his erection fully extended he came to me.standing up on the booth he lowered his hard cock into my mouth. I gagged on it as it slide down my throat.

With a hand full of hair he held my head in place as he fiercely fucked my mouth. I took him in and sucked his cock until he withdrew. Standing before me he lowered himself ontop of me entered my dripping cunt. Harder and faster i felt him fill me until i was ready to cum again.

Asking permission "Master may i cum?" He nodded his head and came with me.

He lay with me a moment. Letting his prick harden again he savored my mouth, my chest. His hands covered my body as he rubbed every inch with a need and fevered pitch.

Soon couples were all around us. Fucking in different positions. Moans of pleasure filled the room and my hands were released. Never had i felt so completely alive as that moment.

We cooled and i nestled into Masters body as i watched Alisha being fucked from behind while her face was shoved into Carlas hungry snatch.

Again he took, flipping me over and pulling my ass back to him he filled my waiting cunt with one thrust. Not being able to stop myself i reached over to Carla and kissed her while Master fucked me doggie style. I caressed her breasts and tasted her mouth. Her hands reached under me and diddled my clitbas master fucked me deeper. I felt my pussy clamp around Masters dick as i came yet again.

Ruffly pulling out of me Master smacked my ass and i turned in time for his load to cover my face. I started to lick it off when Master shock his head.

"Tonight, you will proudly wear my cum. Do not touch it. Do you hear me cunt?"

"Yes Master.

The End
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Sexy story with those two contrasting lovely looking ladies at your sides, slit and clit!
Thanks for the series - Porn Poet Pete
3 years ago
Thank you Master for your inspiration, your tutelage, your care, and you. Muah!