WELCOME HOME MASTER prt 4 - The bedroom

I walked into the bedroom amazed at the attention my Master had put into the detail. But my focus soon turned to the female who was bound by all four of her limbs, and blind folded. She lay spread eagle and naked on the bed waiting for us. She had long auburn hair, a clean shaven pussy, pretty erect dark rosey nipples and farely large breasts. I also noticed she had a tappered waiste and very shapely long legs.

I looked at Master with surprise and he gestured with a smile for me to go to her.

Walking to the side of the bed i slightly touched her right foot with my finger tips. As my fingers touched her soft skin she gasped with delight. I gently traced circles up her inner calf to her inner thigh. I watched as her bare breasts rose and fell with each intake of breath she took. Her mouth slightly parted her tongue darted out to her lips as if she were licking honey off them.

Reaching her pussy i ignored the rose bud that peeked out between her pussy lips and circled instead her naval. I felt it quiver as i took my own tongue and tasted her flesh and played with her naval. Tasting her there i became wet with desire as she moaned and began to beg. Destracted slightly by her wreathing i traced my tongue up her torso ; while my left hand rested fully on her pussy. I didn't fondle her i just wanted to feel her heat.

I soon found one of her erect nipples between my lips and as i sucked it she arched her back. Slightly pinching it with my teeth i withdrew and blew acoss its peek making it stiffen further. Taking a cue from her i took my right hand and inserted the two middle fingers in her mouth. She vigorously sucked on them, and occasionally rolled them with her tongue. Saliva dribbled down her chin and i lifted my head to lick it off her face.

Caught up in the moment i bacame startled when i felt Master bite into my flesh. His hardness pressed into my soft ass as his hand snaked around to spread my legs apart. Not hesitating he inserted his own fingers between my pussy where he quickly found my clit. He rolled it, massaged it, even pinched it a little making it hard and slippery as my juices covered his fingers.

"Eat her pussy!", he commanded.

I removed myself from her side and walked to the end of the bed where i hoisted myself up and onto the bed. On hands and knees i slide between her thighs where my tongue finally tasted the juices that were flowing freely out her pulsing hole. Master, in the process of positioning myself had also went to end of the bed where he smacked my ass, and grabbed me by my cheeks. Holding me firmly i felt the pressure of his prick against my ass hole. Pressing forward he entered me gently. Once he was sure that my ass had accepted his rock hard cock he began to vigerously fuck my inviting ass. While he fucked me balls to ass cheeks i ate the pussly my face was burried in.

Wanting to feel her from the inside i inserted, at first, two fingers, then three. Master being ever observant to my needs, wants and desires took a toy and inserted it into my pussy. Holding it with my left hand i fucked myself with the toy as he fucked my ass. The sensation of having both holes filled at once nearly drove me mad. I held my body rigged meeting thrust for thrust, wanting all his hard cock deep inside me.

Fucking her pussy with now four fingers i took her clit into my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue, nibbled on it with my teeth, and rolled it between my lips. I felt her belly tightin, as well did her pussy. I knew she was getting ready to come so i asked for permission for myself to do so also.

"Master may i cum?"

"Yes my cum slut, you may cum."

Just as she began to try and wiggle away from me i felt my body tense and quiver as pulsing waves of exhileration washed over me. I came so hard it knocked the breath out of my lungs and i began gasping as Master continued to fuck my ass and my tongue still played with her pussy. Feeling his cock stiffen i knew Master was getting ready to cum also. I felt the withdrawl of his prick from my ass and a slap to my thigh as he motioned me to move. Sliding to the other side of her belly i watched as he spurted loads of cum over het belly and hairless snatch.

"Eat your Master's cum," he ordered.

"Yes Master."

I bent over her body and began lapping up every drop of cum not wanting to waste any of it. Slowly moving down to her pussy i looked into Master's face as i licked and sucked the mixture of both their cums. Picking up the dildo that had fallen out when i moved, master held it out infront of my face.

"Suck it slut."

"Yes Master," i relpied.

Opening my mouth i sucked on it removing all of my juices for my Master. Looking into his face i saw his eyes darken with fevered excitement. He than ran his fingers through my long red hair. With a handful of hair encased around his fingers he shoved the dildo to the back of my throat causing me to gag.

"Take it slut."

In a mummble voice i relied "Yes master."

"Suck it like it was your masters cock."

Again i mummbled "Yes master."

Gagging on the dildo tears streamed down my face. I loved sucking Masters cock. He tasted so good. So with gusto i took all of the dido i could. With f***e Master jerked my head backwards and spittle ran down my throat, my breasts and belly.

"That's my good lil cum slut."

"Thank you master." I replied with a smile.

Not knowing what was next i sat kneeling before him anxiously awaiting his next surprise.


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3 years ago
very good
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Very nice, and well written.
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For you master, enjoy!