The meal:

You lead me to the table. Walking behind me, guiding me with both hands on either side of my shoulders. Once at the table you pulled out my chair and i sat. Back straight, knees together i placed the cloth napkin in my lap. On top of them i folded my hands together and waited till you were seated.

You tasted your steak and i waited for either your approval or displeasure.

"That is wonderful, baby. You may eat."

I replied with a smile " Thank you sir."

We talked about your day and i listened as your voice aroused me further. My face flushed i barely tasted the food. I sat before you all parts of my body aching for your touch. I watched your lips as you spoke and only answered when you questioned me about my day.

As you finished the last bite i asked permission to "Please sir, may i bring you desert."

"No cunt. The desert i want is right infront of me."

A little confused, i blushed . "Sir i am afraid i don't understand."

"Well if you would listen i will explain."

Lookimg at me i closed my mouth and waited. Seconds turned into minutes and as you peered at me i lowered my eyes and waited for you commands.

"I want you to push the chair back from the table far enough that i have a full view of my pussy. Once you have done that i want you to spread your legs. I want you stick your fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself. You are not to cum until i say so and i want to see pussy juice on your fingers. Once i allow you to cum i want you to take one hand and pinch your nipples and the other stick in your mouth and fuck them like you were fucking my cock."

Without hesitation i slide my chair back from the table. Spread my legs and exposed his pussy.

"Thats my good cunt. Now fuck yourself."

I played with my clit rolling it between my fingers. With my other hamd i took two fingers and inserted them into your pussy. I loved having you watch me. I looked into your eyes and in my imagination it was your cock inside me. I fucked myself until i felt the walls of your pussy clench. I began to gasp and moan i was so close. "Master, may i cum?"

"No cunt you may not."

Sighing, i held it in. Juices ran off my fingers onto the chair. My legs began to shake, breathing became ragged. Across the table your eyes watching your good cunt obey your demands.

"Cum cunt."

"Thank you master." And i came. I nearly fell out of my chair.

"Fuck yes, yes master yes." I loved saying your name when i cum. I love thinking its you inside me punishing your pussy with every thrust. The orgasim wracked my body and i quivered with delight.

Once it subsided i took my left hand and grabbed ahold of my right nipple. So sensitive to the touch that grabbing it the way you desired caused me to gasp. I began to suck my other fingers sliding them in and out if my mouth still able to taste the left overs of your cum mixed in with mine.

"You may stop baby. I am very pleased. Now go to the kitchen and bring me my cheese cake."

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

When i returned we ate in silence

"Come sit on your masters lap." You said as you slide you plate back from you.

I did as i was told. Nestled next to you i felt devine. Your hot flesh next to mine. I could feel your heat through your clothing. Gently but firmly you entertwined your fingers through my long red hair and pulled my head backwards exposing the tender flesh just under my chin.

You nibbled there, my ear, my cheek. Until your lips found mine. You ran your other hand down the length of my body till it was nestled between my thighs.

"This my pussy cunt?"

"Yes sir."

"Is my pussy satisfied?"

"That answer isn't easy for me to answer sir."

"You better explain bitch before your master becomes very displeased."

"Sir your pussy is satisfied, but it always craves you, and every moment it is without you it wants you." I heard your heart beat in the silence that followed. Then you softly patted my ass and said"

"Get up baby, we need to go to the bathroom i have something to give you."

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Very sexy and tasty main course in your story! ;-)P
That´s how I´d like my kitchen Princess to turn me on!
Curious what will happen in the shower - Peter Pan
3 years ago
I missed pt one, will go back and look for it. good job! Looking forward to pt. 3.