Welcome home MASTER

Serving my master with lust.

Master came in the door and i fullfilled my dutes by greeting him at the door with his beverage, and a smile. Before he had left for the day he had told me in a note what he wanted.

1. I willl be home at six, provide me with a glass of ice water

2. Prepare a meal with three coarses. I want steak, salad, baked potato with butter and sour cream. And for desert i want cherry cheese cake.

3. You are to greet me at the door in black stilettos, fishnet stockings, your collar and nipple clamps that you should be wearimg at no later than noon.

4. The house must be spotless, your pussy clean, and smelling of a scent that is pleasing.

Have a wonderful day my beautiful cunt and i will return expecting you with a smile.

His demands made me anxious, i waited until 11:30 and put the nipple clamps on. The sheer act drove me mad, making my pussy wet with anticipation. I went to the market feeling them pressed into my flesh drove me crazy. I knew people could see the lumps made by the clamps cearly outlined under my clothing.

I then ran the rest of my errands and headed home to cook for my master, my king his lovely meal. Per his previous rules i was never allowed to cook clothed. Undressing i couldn't help but notice my nipples were hard, dark red and so sensitive i dared a touch. They throbbed under my fingers and my anticipation grew.

At 5:00 i jumped in the shower washing my body with a lavander body wash that i knew was his favorite. I shaved, put oil on my skin, did my hair, just to his liking and put on my make up.

Time flew by and at 5:45 his meal prepared, i dressed in my black stilletos, fish net stockings that clasped around my ankles, my black collar and went into the kitchen and prepared him a glass of ice water.

I stood in the entry way waiting his arrival. I knew he was late, but i did not move. I knew that if he opened the door and i wasn't there to greet him he woud be very displeased.

So, i waited.

The sun began to slowly fade into the west when i heard his car in the garage. Door shuts, another opened. That door shuts and then with delight i hear his key in the lock.

The door swung open and before me stood the most hamdsome, strong and tall black man i could ever want.

I greeted him with a smile amd he smiled back. "Its such a pleasure seeing you this way," he said. He circled around me his hands firmly grabbing my ass, and with a swat he spanked my bare ass. Stepping closer i felt the heat of his body as his arm encased me and he graspped my nipples each between a finger and thumb. I gasped.

"You are such a good little cunt. It pleases me to know you were here waiting for me."

His hands, ruff against my flesh ran down my belly to his pussy. His fingers snaking their way between the lips till he found my swollen clit. He rolled it, tweeked it, messaged it. "Spread your legs cunt."

I did. "Spread them further and bend over."

Hands planted firmly on the ground, my ass high in the air, and legs spread allowing master to have a full view of his wet pussy. I heard his pants unzip, and his cock, rock hard sllid in just to the head. On either side of my body i felt his left hand grab my shoulder and his right hand on my hip. With one hard thrust he entered me fully as i took all of his 10 inch cock i gasped.

Harder and deeper he fucked me, wild with heat i begged to cum, but he denied me. My legs shoke my pussy clamped around his dick and i fought back the orgasim that wanted to be released.

"My cock feel good baby?"

"Yes master."

"This my pussy?"

"Yes master."

"Then you may cum."

It exploded, juices running down my legs. Clenching over and over i could feel his rock hard cock empty imside me. His thrust slowed and i dared a question as i felt it grow softer inside me.

Not moving until i was told to i asked, " Master, may i taste us?"

"Yes, you may."

Straightening up you slid out of my dripping hole and i turned around. You smiled at me. Stepping in closer and with lightening speed your hand grabbed a handful of hair. Quick and hard your lips crashed into mine and your tongue parted my lips for a deep heated kiss. I could feel my pussy twitch as your passion aroused me.

Pulling back you stood before me a dark honey king. Dropping to my knees i took your soft cock into my mouth and savored both of our juices. Licking, sucking and fucking your dick with my mouth.

You taste devine!

You grew hard again, but stopped me before i could arouse you further.

"I may be your king and master, but i need food woman. Lets eat first before we play further."

-To be continued-

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3 years ago
Tasty start of an evening filled with more lust to come! ;-)P - Peter Pan
3 years ago
That's why I'm happy to be ur Master
3 years ago
that is a very hot start