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New years..

I was at a new years party this year,and we were all out in the yard having a good time but I was horny so I stood next to a guy who was sitting near by after a while of waving my butt at him I felt his hand on my leg and slowly made his way up.before long he was rubbing my wet pussy ..i think he was happy I hadn't put any knickers on after a while we snuck down the side of the house and his mate followed..i sat down and I didn't even take a breath and I had one cock in my mouth and the other was rubbing my face leaving pre cum all over me lol..after a little bit one guy laid down and I straddled him as he began to pump like a man possessed..i was expecting to continue sucking the other guy but he moved around behind me and I felt his warm hands part my butt cheeks even further..then I felt the tip of his cock push against my butt hole and slide all th way in..meanwhile the first guy is making me sore by now..they pumped me hard for about 15mins before they cum in me the first guy filled my pussy and promptly left,the other in my butt stayed up me until his cock shrunk..then he left..i let the last bit of cum drip out my pussy and left the other load in my butt for the rest of the night :D
Posted by blupr 2 years ago
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7 months ago
aww fuck, that was amazing... the details are very good. got me hard.
1 year ago
Sounds like a very happy New Years...
1 year ago
I wish this happen to me and you :)
1 year ago
mmmmmm beautiful
2 years ago
so hooooooot i wish be one of this guys
2 years ago
That's dirty! I love it! :)
2 years ago
you are unbelievable!!
2 years ago
I wish I was there honey
2 years ago