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My Darwin Holiday "P

Okay "D I was staying with one of the guys and it's humid as up at Darwin at the moment and lots of rain "P
The following night after I arrived we had a bit of a party to catch up with everyone which I really enjoyed :D
Later in the evening we decided to hop in to his spa outside "D I went to my room and put on my bikini and went back I climbed in to the spa I saw a bottle of lube sitting amongst the empty beer bottles on the edge of the spa and that's when my pussy started to tingle "P
One of the guys got up and poured me another wine and gave it to me "D he filled the glass... Continue»
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My hard and fast night with the guys. "P

I had some of the guys over on the weekend and im sore as atm.."P
When they came over on the weekend one of guys scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me down to my bedroom "P he threw me down on the bed and my boobs flung out of the dress I was wearing "P he flipped me over and pulled me up on to my knees and elbows "D in like two seconds I had five naked guys in my room lol "P they started kissing me and licking between my butt cheeks and squeezing my boobs when one of the others sat in front of me and started waiving his cock around "D I grabbed him and started sucking o... Continue»
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My dirty night with Kuol "P

Hi :D Um Kuol came over last week end and we had a few drinks,after a while I could see the bulge in his pants and couldn't help myself :D I kneeled down in front of where he was sitting and started rubbing my face on his pants. god he was hard so I slowly un buttoned his pants and un did his zip. when I pulled down his undies my god he was as big as my arm lol "P I stroked him a couple of times and put the tip of his cock in my mouth. I was sucking away when he grabed my pony tail and started pushing my head further and further down his huge cock. my eyes where starting to water as he f***e... Continue»
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Hot pool party..

:P I got invited over a guys house for a pool party,I wore my pink bikini which is in some of the pics here :D as the arvo went on guys kept turning up and I had gone from feeling horny to getting nervous..:/ everyone was really playful which made me relax :P each time I would go to refill my drink I would get pinched or slaps on my butt :P which turned me on lol :P as the last two guys turned up one of them caught my attention :D his name was Kuol..he was South African but lived in the UK for most of his life :D Anyway again I was the only girl there but they know that after a few drinks I'... Continue»
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[Story] Coconut oil

I was telling a guy this story and he said I should post it :D I was out partying one night when I met a guy I used to know.We were chatting a bit when I started to remember how hot he was in bed.:P He offered me a drink and after a couple we headed to his place.I couldn't contain myself as I was tingling with excitement.As we were driving along my hand started wandering..i could feel his cock was already I leaned over and unzipped his pants..I reached in and pulled out his cock.It already had precum dripping out the tip..I opened my mouth and started was just as I remembe... Continue»
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New years..

I was at a new years party this year,and we were all out in the yard having a good time but I was horny so I stood next to a guy who was sitting near by after a while of waving my butt at him I felt his hand on my leg and slowly made his way up.before long he was rubbing my wet pussy ..i think he was happy I hadn't put any knickers on after a while we snuck down the side of the house and his mate followed..i sat down and I didn't even take a breath and I had one cock in my mouth and the other was rubbing my face leaving pre cum all over me lol..after a little bit one guy laid down and I... Continue»
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On the phone :D

lol ok,i was having a few drinks with a few guys and i was leaning on the kitchen bench talking on my phone..then one of the guys come up behind me and lifted my skirt..i only had a g-string on and he started to rub my butt :D then he pulled my g-string to the side and i felt his cock starting to slide up me..they know i love cock and take advantage LOL he was going pretty hard when others came in..i had to hang up because i could hardly concentrate on what i was saying LOL :D so i just hung on to the bench..while they all had a go of me..i think in the end three of them cum in my pussy and fo... Continue»
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