This weekend was my 20th year high school reunion in New Orleans. I still can't believe it's been 20 years. I must admit, I had a blast - and by blast, I mean lots and lots of … moments. It was so great to see everybody again. I have to be honest though, the highlight of the weekend was the trip back - and I'm not talking about the bus ride either!

Well, as you can imagine, people were posting away … the reunion. Some of the pictures I saw of me after the fact would really shock you. You know how conservative I am (yeah right!). Well lo and behold, the pictures caught the attention of a friend of mine, Waadi. Waadi graduated the year before me, but we kept in contact online since we have a mutual friend, Lee. Lee and I messed around a few times, but nothing ever really came of it. Waadi and I never did, but I always thought he was good looking. Anyway, Waadi sent me a private message asking if I was passing through Jackson on my way back to Memphis. Apparently, the picture of me with my boobs out and my leg up was pretty enticing. I laughed and said "Yes, why?" Then he said that he and Lee were hanging out and would pick me up from the bus station, if I was interested.

I guess I was still a little tipsy because I said "yes" without hesitation. I didn't even stop to think about the fact that I had already agreed to a radio interview that evening, around the time I'd be passing through Jackson. I had originally planned to do it … my 4 hour layover there, but hey, Waadi's apartment would be an even quieter environment, right? Plus, they agreed to drive me all the way to Memphis the next morning, if I wanted.

When the bus stopped on West Capital, I found myself being nervous and giddy. I hadn't seen Waadi in person in years, but from all of the pictures he posted online, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be disappointed. Reconnecting with Lee was an added bonus too, don't get me wrong, but I had already been there and done that. I collected my bag and went outside to the benches to wait. Waadi and Lee were already there. We hugged, with Lee lingering a little longer than usual. When Waadi hugged me, I felt myself drift. His hands arms were so strong and his chest was so hard. Mmmmm! Waadi took my bag and we all walked over to the car.

"Looking good girl!" Lee said, as he buckled in in the backseat.

"Thank you." I said, blushing.

We headed to a local eatery and caught up some before heading to Waadi's apartment. He lived in this really nice, gated complex with balconies and cameras and beautifully landscaped walkways. It was the kind of place that made you wish you lived there. When we got upstairs and walked into the apartment, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like I stepped into a magazine. I was very impressed. Waadi welcomed me to come in as Lee headed over to the kitchen area and began to pour drinks. Of course, Lee knows me well, so he poured me Crown and Coke! We continued laughing and having a good time, reminiscing about the good old days back at Adams High. I had almost forgotten about my interview when my cell phone rang. I motioned for the guys to be quiet as I answered the call.

"Are you ready, Shana?" the voice on the other end asked. "We go on the air in 2 minutes."

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. I had to pull myself together. Lee laughed and assured me that I would do just fine. I was thinking about those 4 drinks I'd had since we'd been in the apartment. I took a deep breath and the interview began.

"Today, we're talking about "Keyboard Courage." the announcer said. "Our guests today..." He began. As I was being introduced, I glanced up and noticed that Waadi had taken off his shirt. He was wearing a white tank top underneath that hugged his chest and abs in just the right way. Not to be undone, Lee took off his shirt too. He wasn't wearing an undershirt. His smooth, chocolate brown skin was all there was under that goofy shirt he wore. I turned my head to minimize the distractions, but I could tell there was some kind of competition going on and my ass would be the prize.

In case I had to tell you, a … and distracted woman in close proximity of two very desirable, half naked men does not a good radio interviewee make. I listened back to that interview on the way home and believe me, the FCC has a reason to cite me!

I tried very hard to focus on the questions the callers were asking. My co-hosts would whisper my name scoldingly every so often to make sure I was even paying attention. At first maybe, but once he grabbed my legs and scooted me forward, I forgot I was even holding the phone.

"Excuse me?" The caller asked.

"I'm sorry, could you repeat your question?" I said, erupting with giggles as Lee raised my bra and Waadi lowered my panties.

Waadi put his finger over his full, sexy lips and said "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as he knelt before me. Lee gently kissed the side of my neck not covered by the phone. I could not wait for the guy to announce "and that's our show for tonight, folks."

The moment I said "Thank you for tuning in everybody," Lee removed my phone from my hands, pressed the end button, and placed it face down on the side of the couch.

Waadi cupped my breast as he leaned in and kissed me. At the same time, Lee rubbed my bare thighs, getting closer and then farther away from my wet place. As Waadi's lips began to travel down from my lips to my neck, my breasts, my stomach, I began to feel the titillating waves of four hands roaming my body. Then 2 mouths and 4 hands. My head rolled back as I felt my skirt and panties sliding off. Without any shame, I raised my arms to signal the surrender of the remainder of my clothing. It was almost as if my bra and top were vaporized they came off so fast.

I'd never had both my nipples sucked at once. It felt soooooo good. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, as it screamed "me next, me next!" I opened my legs shoulder width apart as Waadi palmed my ass from underneath, still licking my breast. Lee began to run his palm over my freshly-shaven flesh. My pelvis gyrated as my body craved deep filling. But the hands continued to tease me, caressing my hips, my stomach, my breasts, my legs. My inner thighs. Lee moved his hand over Waadi's back, under his tank top and began to slide it upward. I continued to gyrate as Waadi then began to rub Lee's back, reaching for his ass inside his jeans.

My mouth opened to question, until I felt Lee's tongue on my clitoris. My pussy was finally getting the attention it wanted.... or was it? Waadi lifted me, while kissing me deeply with the warmest, firmest tongue I'd ever felt. Before I knew it, I was on my knees. As we continued to kiss, my hand grazed Waadi's tall erection. I massaged it while Lee rubbed Waadi's inner thigh. Waadi placed his hand under Lee's chin and led him to his chest. Lee began to kiss his nipple. Waadi opened his pants and revealed his throbbing … what I needed to do. I grabbed Waadi's penis with both hands, rotating in alternate directions as I took him in my mouth, gently teasing the head before allowing it to find a place deep down my throat. Waadi moaned loudly. He squeezed my ass with one hand as he caressed Lee's back with the other. He wet his finger in his mouth and then I felt his large finger penetrate my anus. Shiiiiiiiiit! I almost lost it as he fingered my ass. I lost track of what Lee was doing until I felt his hand under my chin. I moved back as I watched him wrap his hand around the shaft of Waadi's penis and … began to move it up and down. I resumed sucking the head. Waadi continued to moan. By this time, I realized that we were all three naked and that Lee and I servicing Waadi. I had never experienced anything like this, but I was so high on a combination drinks and general freakiness that my inhibitions were completely gone. Waadi was like a god. His big dick was a scepter. And Lee and I were at his mercy.

Waadi's hand palmed my head, drawing me closer. Lee raised up on his knees and continued to lick beneath me and Waadi caressed his ass. Lee and I traded places and Waadi screamed out. His head fell back and his body tightened. I never knew he was bisexual - that either of them were. I was enraptured. This was a fantasy I had never mentioned to anyone before. Lee and I continued to trade the head and the balls as he stroked his own penis. It was so hard, and just like I remembered it. I stole a couple of grazes as I watched Waadi enjoy his special treat.

"My pussy is so wet and ready, Waadi!" I said. He pushed the coffee table forward with his foot and grabbed a condom out of the drawer. Like a sergeant in the military, instructed me to get on my hands and knees. Anticipating his next move, I quickly complied. When he entered me. My body shuddered. He began thrusting in and and out of my wet pussy as if dancing to some fast beat. He motioned for Lee to come closer and he began to suck his dick. My face rubbed repeatedly against the rug as the Waadi lunged back and forth inside of me. I liked the way his balls patted my ass. I was entranced. Lee moaned. Aware again of his presence, I asked, "Can we do a DP?"

They both smiled. Lee put in his request to enter my ass. There was a big smile across his face. He sat down on the rug as Waadi reached inside the coffee table drawer for the lube. He oiled Lee's dick in a way that let you know he was very comfortable with Lee's member. I mounted Lee … As I took him in my ass, he leaned me back into his chest. Waadi opened his legs wide and climbed on top of us both. Waadi could only get a couple of thrusts in before I lost it. My pussy throbbed so much, I was pushing them both out. Waadi stood up and told us to roll over. I climbed on top of Waadi and began to ride. My pussy now slippery wet. Lee jerked off as he watched me freak his best friend. Soon, I felt his hot cum on my arm. Waadi motioned that he was about to come too. I moved back on my knees, he pulled off his condom, and without missing a beat, Lee got on his knees and opened his mouth. Waadi came in Lee's mouth and still had some to deposit on my breasts. We kissed and laid down on the floor and fell asl**p.

Morning came. I awoke to the smell of breakfast. Waadi was cooking. I was still on the floor, but someone had covered me with a nice blanket. Lee walked over, fully dressed, and offered me some towels. As I showered, I couldn't help but wonder if this was real or a dream. We ate breakfast and loaded the car, headed to Memphis, laughing all the way about the good old days. Ah reunions!
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