chapter one- the newspaper

the train arrives at 4 this afternoon. so excited for the day, you hardly slept last night. delicious thoughts and images raced through your head: would he be as excited to see you as you are to see him? how much has he changed? will he be pleased with the outfit you've chosen? you try to think of what tasks he might ask you to perform that you would say "no" to. several jump to the front of your mind, but none you would deny. the more thought you give each one, the more excited you become.

7am. most of the shops don't open until 9. might as well get started to the day. you slide out of bed, letting your nightie slip off your shoulders and fall to your feet. his instructions were explicit: get prepared for the day remaining fully nude and the curtains drawn back.

So you walk out to the kitchen and get the coffee going, open the front door and walk to the end of the hall to get the paper. Your heart races as you open the front door. your eyes dart back and forth, your ears seem especially alert for the faintest sound of neighbors or the mail man. You know he would be disappointed of you covered you breasts with your hands or if you ran to get the paper. You hesitate for just a moment, take a deep breath and step out.

you step lightly and quickly down the hall to get the paper. Tunnel-vision sets in and you realize that you can't see anything except that blasted paper. The way your heart has been pounding, you probably wouldn't have heard a shotgun blast, let alone someone opening their door.

Paper in hand, you turn around to go home. it takes every ounce of will you posess to keep you from sprinting. your heart has slowed, no longer thunder in your ears, and you realize Steve is standing at the top of the stairs.

It's Friday, and steve just got done with his security graveyard shift at the casino. Was he there the whole time? instinctually your hands fly up to cover yourself. you flush and feel as though this embarassment will truly kill you.

Steve just leans against the wall, rifling thru his mail. what luck! He hasn't seen you yet. the little alcove where the newspapers are placed is just out of eyesight and with the lightbulb still burned out, you realize it's dark enough back there to hide an elephant.

as Steve fumbles thru his mail, your hands fall back to your sides and you suddenly get a wickedly fun idea. a smirk the Devil himself would be proud of flashes across your face.

You step out of the alcove, into the morning light from the secuirty door downstairs. "Morning, Steve" you say with you usual chipper voice.

"hey" steve responds, as usual not looking up.

"nothing good in the paper this morning, want it?" you ask.

"Sure." he says reaching.
you move slightly and his hand grazes you breast. electricity races across your chest to your nipple. your body betrays you and escapes a muted sigh.
his attention turns from his stack of mail and he slowly looks toward you, wide-eyed and slack jawed.

"enjoy the paper. have a good day, steve" you hand him the newspaper.

he doesn't reach for it and it falls to the floor. he is mezmoried; his eyes drinking in every inch of your naked flesh. he stares at you, as though he is seeing a nude woman for the first time.

you flash a big smile and wink and casually stroll back to your apartment. you can feel steve's eyes on you as you walk away and you can't help but feel incredibly excited.
once back in your apartment you close the door and slide to the floor, heart racing as never before.

"That was the scariest fun i've ever had," you think to yourself.
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4 years ago
thanks. glad you liked it.
4 years ago
very naughty
4 years ago
my kind of fun ;)