Part 2. The

The big man grabbed both of her small flailing fist in one of his much larger hands and pulled her arms over her head, "NOOOPLEEZEPLEEZEPLEEZE.." Sobbed the poor girl as the trucker now, shifted his large frame between her petite legs. Strong hips once again began their grinding motion, pressing his hard manhood against her soft mound. With her arms held over her head, his other hand was free to m***** her flesh without inference. He obscenely licked his lips as he watched his hand first wrap around her soft neck... Squeeze just enough to get her attention... Then ease up and slide slowly down... Rough fingers slid left, and roughly caressed delicate tanned shoulders... "His hands feel like leather" she thought to herself, his fingers strong and menacing continued.

He stared down at the intoxicating beautiful, blond, young tanned girl, his gaze now, almost trance-like as his eyes played over her body. His large heart began to slam in his chest, as his cruel hand now traveled south and stopped itself on her breast. He squeezed her right tit and let a low, guttural moan... Her skin was soft and moved like jello... With an open hand, he used his palm to knead "little circles" over the nipple... Trying to coax it to harden, after feeling the button semi-respond to his stimulation, he smiled with a sneer and strong fingers, clamped down on her large tit and painfully mashed.... "OWWWOUU... PLEASE... Y-YOUR HURTING MEEE..." She cried, and with a sinister chuckle Old Pete simply replied "No Missy... Not yet." Amber’s tears now flowed like water.... His four short words sent shivers of dread through out her entire being. Her arms struggled trying to pull free of the vice-like hand that held them down as the other hand now painfully, pinched her nipple... Then locking the nipple between two large fingers, he twisted... Tiny blistering needles of pain filled the hardening fleshy nipple. "OOOWWHHHOWWW..." Amber screamed "W-why are you d-doing this to me? WHHHYYY?" She bawled, "You d-don’t have to do this... Please... You looked like such a good person, when I got in the truck... Please don’t do this.."

Amber hoped, she could touch the soul of the "gentle" good person, that stopped and picked her up. She tried to ignore the mashing, squeezing hand that attacked her breast and spoke on. "M-my parents will worry... If I don’t call them on my cell-phone, they’ll call the police..." The word "police" snapped Old Pete out of his trance of lust pulling his attention away from the lushness of her body. "Oh, I’m not worry bout that.." He said in mocking voice, his fingers gently running themselves over her breast. "...From where I picked you up... To where we are now... We’re far, far away from where you broke down... I doubt very seriously, anyone will find us, let alone disturb the privacy of our little party..." This scared Amber more than the hand, that slowly crept under her tee-shirt... "B-but.. B-but... Your not a bad p-person... You don’t have to d-do this..." She gulped and steeled herself as her naked breast under her shirt, felt calloused fingers squeeze the bare flesh. "If you let me go, right now, I p-promised not t-to say a word." The young girl promised.
"Oh I don’t care who you tell... You don’t know me... You don’t know my name... You don’t even know the number on my license plates... Whatcha gonna tell? Some old guy ****d me? So what? You’ll be one more ****d little cunt." He flatly stated then laughed. He let out another low, guttural moan as his hips dug his hard cock into hers as his fingers drank in the feel, of Amber soft breast. Now panicking again, Amber quickly yelled out "WHY ME?" Old Pete responded in a flat unfeeling tone.. "Why not you?" Amber quickly came back "B-BUT WHY A-ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!" Old Pete pulled his hand from under her shirt, Amber let out a brief sigh of relief... He grew quiet as his hand now rested softly on her chin. His body stopped grinding against hers and he looked down on the young girl with a flat seriousness in his eyes. Amber looked up with pleading eyes at the older man, hoping her last question was making him re-think his actions.

"Why am I doing this?" He repeated her question, "Why?" He said again, this time lightly tapping on her chin with one finger. Then an malevolent glimmer sparked in his eye "BECAUSE I FUCKEN CAN!!" He yelled and in one swift movement, his hand left her chin, grabbed her tee-shirt at the neck and ripped it down, exposing her tanned tits as they bounced free. He licked his lips again and before Amber could say another word, large middle aged lips, fell upon young, soft skin and a greedy mouth sucked a perky tit into it. "N-NOOOOOOooo" Screamed the young girl as she endured the suckling action. "PLLEEASEPLEEZEEE...STTOOOOOPPPP..." She felt the strong lips rhythmically squeeze and pull.... Squeeze and pull... Squeeze and pull... Then her soft flesh felt then the warm wetness of his spit as it began to cover it. She felt a rough, stubbled tongue, wiggle and rake sluggish over her skin... Then Amber let out a surprised, stinging yelp, as his teeth bit into her nipple. The greedy mouth slid between her breast and a hungry tongue, lapped the soft skin before moving to the next breast.

Old Pete’s mouth covered the adjacent tit, once again his violent mouth went to work... He then pulled at the nipple... Tugged it... His lips viciously suckled... The voracity of his oral, sucking action made Amber gasp. The soft skin of the nipple puckered at the oral brutality... The other hand was busy fondling and squeezing the other breast and pinching her nipple, Amber squealed in protest as the fingers continued pinching and twisting... Then the hand suddenly lost interest with the feel of her tit and headed south... Down... Down... Down... Across the smoothness of a flat stomach... "SSSTTOOOPPP... STOOOOPPP... SSTTOOOOP!" Greedy fingers, played lustfully inside a pierced belly-button, then the hand moved around her body and gripped Amber’s firm ass. She lets out another squeal of protest as the hand squeezed... Then the hand moves down, across the tight, short, denim material until it reached the bare skin of Amber’s thighs. "NNOOOOSSTTTOOOOPPP..." She screamed, as the rough hands moved between the legs at the knee, then headed north.

"Stop fighting me slut... Ya know ya want this... Why else would you’ve gotten the fuck in my truck? Didn’t your daddy teach you about accepting rides from strangers?"
Amber began to violently squirm, attempting to avoid the hand moving up slowly between her legs... Old Pete was going slow, making her see her futility of struggle... Making her anticipate and the next move of her sexual assault... Slow, so she would remember this night for the rest of her life. As the hand moved up her thighs, she wailed and kicked her legs. The large hand was now at her upper inner thigh. Its sized engulfed the softness as it climbed until it was once again touching denim, the large hand cupped her crotch and Old Pete’s the long, fat middle finger pushed against her cunt, then slid slowly up and down between the middle of her legs and even through her shorts, Amber could feel the thick finger slide between her cunt’s vulvar. "Aahhhh... Yeaahh.." He moaned in her ear. "Your cunt is so damn soft..." His stubble face raking against the soft skin of her face. The length of his middle finger rubbed repeatedly over the tight denim material, between the young girls cunt lips. All Amber could do was cry, unable to stop this monster. She tried closing her mind to his raspy and obscene moans of pleasure, that was filling her ears, it made her feel helpless... Dirty... Disgusted... And sickened to the pit of her stomach..

Then she tried mentally "blocking" out the dirty touch of the fat finger rubbing against her womanhood, that made her feel so soiled. As calloused fingers massaged an inexperienced, denim clothed cunt, at the same time a fat, bumpy tongue borrowed its way into her ear... Again the poor girl squealed in protest. A feeling akin to nausea, sent cold shivers down her spine, bringing along with it, an electric numbing sensation that encompassed the ear that was being "orally" probed and that side of her face and down neck. Her ears has always been, one of her strongest "erroneous zones", and she enjoyed hours of having them licked.. Sucked and nibbled on, by her college beau... Now the feeling felt aberrant... It both revolted her and excited her... She then felt a loathsome, gut-churning "disgust" at herself for feeling, the remotest sensation of anything resembling a pleasure... She would curse herself more before this night was over.

She tried moving her head from one side to another but the disgusting tongue followed... It wiggled into her ear, then it "probed" deeper until it pushed against the inner ear hole. She wanted to scream... Bite... Stop what this fiend was doing to her, it felt like a wet, fatten slug, sloshing around inside her head, it’s wetness flickered over the small opening, then it felt as if, it was trying to push itself into her head, like some... Sluggish, wiggling cock, trying to **** her ear. Amber could hear and feel, the hot breath that accompanied the tongue, she bawled as electric, numbing sensation continued to shoot through her ear. The intensity brought images of her boyfriend sucking madly on her ear, while trying to put one hand up her blouse and his other hand down her pants. She would laugh and squeal and pretend to fight him off, he would call her his little "slut" and "playfully" threaten to "****" her sweet pussy. Amber would "gleefully" wrestle him off, she always enjoyed their occasional, "make believe" rough sex sessions more than she let on, the "fantasy" of f***ed sex always appealed to some portion of her feminist mind, and on some nights, she even "masturbated" to the images of her handsome boyfriend, holding her down and fucking her against her will.

But this was different... Far different... She had never been so terrified in all of her life, this male voice, also called her a "slut", now the sound of that word brought on her strong feelings of shame.. Shame for enjoying the "pet" name so much when her boyfriend used it. She felt stupid, for getting into a strange truck with a strange man, she did know better. Did she "secretly" want this? As this r****g son of a bitch suggested? Had she somehow u*********sly chose to hitch hike hoping thi would happen? She felt sickened at this thought... Nauseated, she cursed herself, for ever playing with the sick "fantasy" of f***ed sex in her mind, "I’m not a slut..." she thought as she continued her struggles, "I’m not, I’m not, I’m not..." She repeated over and over in head until the next feeling she received, snapped her back to reality...

The swollen, nasty tongue pulled out of her ear and began to suckle on her ear lobe. Even through her jeans, she could feel the thick middle finger rub between the "cow-toe" shape of her cunt... Mositure was building, then suddenly the finger slid down... It slithered over the spot between her cunt and her anus and kept going, soon the finger was right over the tight opening of her anus, where it stopped and applied pressure. Amber instinctively tried to clench the muscles in her butt cheeks, then the poor girl let out a pitiful whine. In her current position the way her body lay, it was impossible to "squeeze’ her butt-cheeks together and close off the access to her most vulnerable area. The fat finger pushed and pressed firmly against the jean material, protecting her tight opening as if trying to brake through...

"I’m gonna enjoy fucking this.." He mocked, as his mouth moved down to her neck. "NO YOU FUCKEN BASTARD... NO!" She screamed. Old Pete merely laughed at the young girl, then pulled his hands away from her ass. In order to move on to his next step, the trucker had to release her hands, as soon s he did, Amber took this as her chance to somehow fight him off and maybe get away. Her small hands began beating against his much larger body and against the sides of his hands. With his lustful passion now at a point of no return, as his hands began to unbutton her tight denim, low-cut shorts, his beady eyes gleamed and fasten on the sight of her wet, firm, titties bouncing and jiggling, as the young girl vainly fought to get him off her.

Amber felt the opening of the top button on her denims, this drove her on. She pummeled the trucker, with everything she had and when she felt the zipper being pulled down, the energy of sheer panic returned, she redoubled her efforts... Her nails raked his arms and then moved up to his scraggly face. One hand dug its nails into his cheek as the other hand headed towards his eyes. The pain made Old Pete forget about her jeans as he howled in pain, quickly one hand stopped the most immediate threat, the hand scratching at his eyes. He grabbed the small hand in his much larger one and painfully "squeezed.." Amber now cried out in pain and tried to pull her hand free. He growled in a sick type of pleasure and squeezed harder. Amber now howled as her hand felt like it was being mashed between two metal vices. He pulled the other hand from his face with his free hand and began squeezing that one as well.

Amber now jerked and bawled as the trucker slowly, methodically, added more and more pressure. Amber cried... Screamed as he added more pressure and begged he would stop. "So you like giving pain huh? I was gonna make this short and quick and then let you go (He was lying) but now, it seems I gotta teach you a lesson and drag this on, until I get fucken tired." Now Amber was hysterical, her hands hurt so much, she thought they were broken. With every word, the trucker applied pressure and now her fingers felt numb and burned in agony. The pain grew so bad, her head raised up and tried biting the hands, the trucker merely laughed, raise her hands higher and then applied more pressure. "Lay back down slut.." He growled, mocking the poor girl, Amber laid back down and writhed in torment. "You wanna fight me little slut, thats Ok... I like them to fight... Who knows, maybe you’ll get away... But scratch me again and I swear, I’ll slowly cut off each finger... Then use my blade on your tits!"

This he said with bile and contempt. Though he looked as if he would do it, in reality, Old Pete was simply a serial r****t... Not a killer. He enjoyed fucking women... Not taking their life but Amber didn’t know this. Tearfully she agreed and he released her hands, she instinctively pulled them to her mouth as if trying to blow comfort onto them, like a parent does to a c***d’s "boo-boo". They felt numb ached terribly, she laid still and cradled her poor fingers. While she did this Old Pete return to his chore. Amber’s heart jumped, as she felt large fingers, fumble and finally get her shorts zipper down. Rough, uncaring hands grabbed at the sides of her shorts and began to pull them down, they were so tight against her body, Old Pete literally lifted her small body off the small bed and into the air. The shorts slowly peeled over her hips and Amber felt cool air brush against her naked ass... Old Pete pulled and pulled, soon they were at her knees... With one final jerk, the shorts were down her legs and off and her body fell back to bed, with an undignified plop.
Amber instinctively closed her legs in shame. After going this far, the sex-crazed trucker, was not going to be denied the heavenly vision of his prize. He grabbed her legs and snatched them apart, he pushed them back giving him full access to her softness. She Amber looked up at this man, who acted and sounded more like an a****l, then he did a human being. With every jerk, he growled, with every movement of her body, he scowled. Now slowly coming, to the realization, that she might get... ****d, she dutifully studied and watched his features, hoping to later pick him out of some future line-up. She had always heard, that a woman never has the right memory of her attackers face, unless the victim knew the attacker. She would be different, she would separate her mind from her body and study every aspect of his face. Little did she know, this face would haunt her dreams for a long, long time.
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