me and aunty jill

iv told some of my friends about my aunty jill so iv decided to tell everyone.

it all started back in 86 i was f*ve and my mum was very busy not couldn't look aways look after me my aunty jill always was round looking after me instead she would always treat me very well gie me hugs and kisses she even did a little dance sometimes to chere me up,
she told my mum she would always hav me sl**p over if needed so i ended up staying over, over the next few weeks as i was over she always seemed to leave the bath room door open a bit i cud she her bathing soapin her milf body down hairy fanny few strech marks not a perfect body but that was what made her sexy. jill always liked hugs and kisses from me and she always brushed next to me if she past me, that evening she had helpted me get changed for bed she undressed me i was bit embarrassed she smiled and told me not to worry shed seen it all before and kissed me again and huged me,
we sat down to watch tv she had her arm round me we was talking what about i dont know but all of a sudden the tv went funny and died she got up to check it as she did she bent over i could see her vpl through her skirt it was a tight bum with full back knickers that was the first time i looked at her in a rude way. it was bed time and told me we would get new one tomarrow.
so tomarrow came we got a new tv got home she took it out the box and placed it on the low table she had on a white dress with roses on it was a low cut top so as she bent down i could see her clevage tucked in a white bra, i sat on the sofa shw sqwated down and switced the tv on and began to tune the tv in turning the little tuning dial. as she did she looked at me once witha smile then opened her legs something came over me to look up her skirther attention was back on the tv so i got up and sat next to her then i peeked i was her lace cotton knickers rite between her thighs, the gusset was bulging her fanny lips were pressin tight up to the gusset i could see her bush through the lace pattern of the knickers, as looked up i hurd her say cheeky boy i looked up at her she just had a smile then looked back to the tv, i looked back up her skirt it was a perfect view we. jill was tuning the tv for 30 mins al least sometimes she would get a picture on the tv but would qwickly turn the dial and lose it, she then would look at me and smile say oops i lost the picture hav to start again that happened a few times over the 30 mins.
after later on she said it was ok that i looked up her skirt her son and daughter both did to and said it was normal for me to lik doin that after that day she would now and then do things that let me see up her skirts and dresses.

sorry for crap grammer hop you enjoy i hav few more
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1 year ago
I wish I had an auntie like that! Nice story. I do like to look up my sis in law's and nieces's skirts and maybe a downblouse too if I'm lucky;)
1 year ago
mmmmmmm I always look up moms skirts and dresses and also my aunts and sister to
2 years ago
lol sounds like me
2 years ago
Loved to peek up skirts when i was a kid, great story.
2 years ago
I like your writing. Your post is a really warm memory and you tell the story well. Don't mind too much about grammar...
2 years ago
I enjoyed that tremendously. The grammar is yours and it tells the story beautifully. I had an aunt Jilly who I awakened over, in a way, but she wasn't so warm, and I doubt she knew how I felt. Good job, BRo.
2 years ago
Good story! That's what I call a nice auntie...