You: kool so u two r wet?? hahaha jk;)
Stranger: yes
Stranger: and horny
Stranger: chsahahha
You: haha really?
Stranger: yep
You: u guys wanna blow me??
Stranger: yep
Stranger: come here
Stranger: you won'y reagret it
You: comes to u
Stranger: ok we ll waitn to u darlig <3
Stranger: 69
You: ok
Stranger: oooh
You: what kinda panties u got on
Stranger: white small panties
You: mmmmmm
Stranger: and no bra
You: mmmm u got big tits\
Stranger: yeees
You: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: like texas !!!!
You: mmm
Stranger: what u wanna do with them ?:>
You: play with them
Stranger: how ?
You: suck on them
Stranger: or maybe, tell what u want us to do ?
You: blow me and ride me hard
Stranger: mmmmm
Stranger: hows your cock?
You: mmmm yea
You: its hard
Stranger: oh
Stranger: right now?
You: yea
Stranger: i want to blow you
You: really how
Stranger: you dont have imagination ?;>
You: i do ;)
Stranger: so imagine that
Stranger: we are so hot
You: im masturbating now ;)
Stranger: like us
You: yes
Stranger: we like that play
You: mmmm
Stranger: nice
Stranger: we want fuck hard
Stranger: with you
Stranger: we want to play with your cock
You: mmmmmmmmm i want that
You: u gonna make me cum
Stranger: ooooh yep
You: mmmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: the best cum you ever had
You: mmmm
Stranger: we want your sperm on our faces and tits
You: mmm in ur pusssy too
Stranger: mmmmm
Stranger: thats what we are waiting for
You: mmmmm r u guys touchin each other
Stranger: we are doing it right now
You: mmmmmm u guys tight??
Stranger: yes
You: mmmmmm
Stranger: u like that ?
You: 8=====D
You: yes mmmmmm i already came
Stranger: mmmm
You: yes mmm what kinda panties ur friend has on
Stranger: black with stripes
Stranger: but we don;t have it on right now
You: mmmm can send pics to my email
Stranger: noo
Stranger: we want to meet you and your cock in real
You: really
Stranger: yep
You: ok ;)
Stranger: can we have threesome ?
You: yeah ;)
Stranger: oh
Stranger: fantastic
You: yes ;) i wanna make u guys loose
Stranger: don't be sooo sure, we are very exacting
Stranger: so try your best
You: ok ;) illl fuck u guys hard!!!
Stranger: ach och uch orgasm
You: mmmmmmmmmm yeah
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmm HARDER BITCH
You: mmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmm
You: she lickin ur pussy
Stranger: yes
You: mmmmmmm with tongue
Stranger: oooooh
Stranger: so fucking hard
You: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: we are so exciting
Stranger: my friend is so good
You: i know ;) u naughty girls
Stranger: exactly
Stranger: i want to ride on your cock
Stranger: and have a hard hard sex
Stranger: and i want a hand job
You: mmmmmmmmmm me too ;)
Stranger: you are making us orgasm
You: mmmm wish i can see it
Stranger: you can feel that
You: i know ;)
Stranger: we are wet
You: mmmmm ;)
Stranger: you want to lick us ?
You: yes!!! ;)
Stranger: so do it right now
Stranger: we want that
You: licks both of u mmmmmmm
You: pussy mmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: but we were just k**ding all the time
Stranger: youre idiot
You: hahahahahahaha
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