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what age did u 1st masturbate?
Stranger 1: Not until 17 or so.
Stranger 2: idk 14..
Stranger 2: are u a girl too?
Stranger 1: Mmhm.
Stranger 1: And veeeeery religious up until...well, about 17, really.
Stranger 1: Masturbation was not encouraged at my church.
Stranger 2: ah yeah ^^
Stranger 2: did u like it when u did try it?
Stranger 1: Obviously.
Stranger 2: hehe ^^
Stranger 2: me too...
Stranger 2: it made me feel super naughty at first
Stranger 1: Yeah, but most of us grow out of that.
Stranger 2: yeah
Stranger 2: it was fun though, that naughty girl feeling ^^
Stranger 1: Yep. Too bad it's irretrievable.
Stranger 2: yeah..
Stranger 2: sometimes i give myself a spanking before bed and it gets me kinda back in that mood... hehe
Stranger 1: Very practical.
Posted by bluenative 3 years ago
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