About last night p 4

Now for you guys that don't understand why i was upset its because hes like a new born puppy, he doesn't know as much as a bulldog, puppies follow and follow until their hearts are broken, but that doesn't mean for all virgins, some don't follow and cry about it the next day but for him I knew what was coming.
Dave:Hey carmen you still in
Me: yea, what
Dave: i was just wondering if you want to make love with me, i mean im a little tired but if you could wait like an hour
Me: ummm hey i don't know, i don't feel to good , i think im just gonna go to sl**p
Dave: ohhh ok i guess ill go ok, bye
As i was in the bathroom i cracked the door a little just to see if he left.
Me: yes he left.
As i was standing in my living room where the whole suck fest happen, I happen to see a guy jerking off to me from my window, now my apartment is close by an other apartment, so my window was at least ten feet away from his window. he looked like a pervert, mid age, looked like he was a white guy, white hair and was naked.
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1 year ago
Lol now hi know u like sucky sucky pipi. Carmen u d best
2 years ago
2 years ago
Well, what happens next?