About last night p 3

So at this moment he grab my head and I just started sucking his cock, he was at least 4inchs but for how short his dick was it was still fat.
Dave: ohhhhh man, could you go faster?
i went up and down fast, I could feel that his dick was tightening as if he was ready to cum,
Dave: ohhhhh shit!!!!!!!!, ahhhhhh oh fuck.
a min and 20 sec, thats how fast he came, i'm not gonna lie i laughed alittle only because i never made a man cum that fast.
Dave:hey carmen could i tell you something?
I didn't really got to say anything because he cum inside my mouth so i pointed to my mouth and he got an idea why i pointed. As i was cleaning my mouth , i started to think. As i was thinking i wonder to myself ( I never heared him to talk to a woman or even say if he ever had a girlfriend before) and then it hit me like as if my world crashed down, hes a virgin.
Knock, Knock
Dave: carmen could i come in
I sucked virgin cock!.
80% (2/1)
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1 year ago
Carmen you. Bad bad sexy women ;)
2 years ago
see you should have swallowed