About last night p2

And I know that I'm a slut, he better off looking for a wife. So i decided I'm gonna make his night, i went up to him and asked him
Me: you wanna come to my place? we can talk if you want?
Dave: Sure ill go, its just you know earlier today
Me: Look we talk about it when we get to my place
After work me and him took the train together, didn't talk, just silences.
So now its 8pm. we got in he took off his jacket and sat down on my couch. Me: So dave you want anything
Me: look dave i just don't want to go out with you, your a nice guy but im not right for you.
Now dave at this moment look like he wanted to say I love you but I stopped him and said
Me : But would you want me to do something for you ?
Dave: what do you mean?
I went down on my knee zip down his pants and grabed his cock,
Me: your hard popi
Dave: oh shit wow you serious ?
Me: yes i wanna suck your hard cock?
Dave: yes please
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1 year ago
Yeaaa nice.i want coworker like you sexy Carmen
2 years ago
nice start
2 years ago
you really made his night carmen
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
OK, Carmen - you have me hooked. Can't wait to read part 3!!