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hello, whoever is reading this, if you are, I guess you wanted to know what happen to me and wondering about what did i do? Well let me start from the beginning, As you can see im a freak lol I love porn and love to watch when couples fuck so anyway, a friend of mine name dave who I work with wanted to go out with me for the past few months and I always knew but I just felt like he is better off giving a blowjob too, hes a lil shy, a nerd but still for some reason thats what turns me on. So yesterday at my job he finally asked me out but i said NO, Wow you should have seen his face, I think he was gonna cry but he took it like man. By the way my name is Carmen so if your reading this you can call me by that , anyway after when he said that he have a lil sad face, head down and didn't want to say anything to me at all. As I was thinking about him i was wondering in my head, does he really want to be with me and does he really want to fuck me, reason why is because he the type that would take a bullet for u
80% (5/1)
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2 years ago
Carme hi seeing like good guy.
2 years ago
yes he will be yours forever
2 years ago
I agree, he is really into you. You should at least give him a chance
2 years ago
u should go out with him, he sounds cute and u made him sad.