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About last night final

Now Paul at this moment looks at me and slips his fingers down my panties and starts fingering my pussy, he went real deep as if he wanted me to ask to put his whole hand inside me. Me: oh god I getting wet!, he stops and pick me up and takes me to my bedroom. he throws me on the bed, lil shocked because it feels as if I'm about to get hurt or killed by this older man, he takes his dick out and makes a jump for home, putting his cock in my pussy, Me: omg fuck me, fuck me harder! he listened taking his dick out he choices to put it somewhere I never had it before, In my tight little asshole. Pa... Continue»
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[Story] About last night p 5

He didn't say anything but only breathing and he was hard, his cock had to be at least 7 to 9 inches. In my head i wanted to just say ( Im gonna call the cops ) but i was still feeling honey and by looking at his cock, I went up to my window and said i never had a white cock before, why don't you come over here and help me out, he stopped, turned and at a good 2 minutes he was ringing my door bell. I opened my door and their he was, his name was Paul, 58 and was an european who came to america with his parents, he was a quite man who i guess haven't had alot to say.
He looked at me and got c... Continue»
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[Story] About last night p 4

Now for you guys that don't understand why i was upset its because hes like a new born puppy, he doesn't know as much as a bulldog, puppies follow and follow until their hearts are broken, but that doesn't mean for all virgins, some don't follow and cry about it the next day but for him I knew what was coming.
Dave:Hey carmen you still in
Me: yea, what
Dave: i was just wondering if you want to make love with me, i mean im a little tired but if you could wait like an hour
Me: ummm hey i don't know, i don't feel to good , i think im just gonna go to sl**p
Dave: ohhh ok i guess ill go ok,... Continue»
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[Story] About last night p 3

So at this moment he grab my head and I just started sucking his cock, he was at least 4inchs but for how short his dick was it was still fat.
Dave: ohhhhh man, could you go faster?
i went up and down fast, I could feel that his dick was tightening as if he was ready to cum,
Dave: ohhhhh shit!!!!!!!!, ahhhhhh oh fuck.
a min and 20 sec, thats how fast he came, i'm not gonna lie i laughed alittle only because i never made a man cum that fast.
Dave:hey carmen could i tell you something?
I didn't really got to say anything because he cum inside my mouth so i pointed to my mouth and he g... Continue»
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[Story] About last night p2

And I know that I'm a slut, he better off looking for a wife. So i decided I'm gonna make his night, i went up to him and asked him
Me: you wanna come to my place? we can talk if you want?
Dave: Sure ill go, its just you know earlier today
Me: Look we talk about it when we get to my place
After work me and him took the train together, didn't talk, just silences.
So now its 8pm. we got in he took off his jacket and sat down on my couch. Me: So dave you want anything
Me: look dave i just don't want to go out with you, your a nice guy but im not right for you.
Now dave... Continue»
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[Story] About last night p1

hello, whoever is reading this, if you are, I guess you wanted to know what happen to me and wondering about what did i do? Well let me start from the beginning, As you can see im a freak lol I love porn and love to watch when couples fuck so anyway, a friend of mine name dave who I work with wanted to go out with me for the past few months and I always knew but I just felt like he is better off giving a blowjob too, hes a lil shy, a nerd but still for some reason thats what turns me on. So yesterday at my job he finally asked me out but i said NO, Wow you should have seen his face, I think h... Continue»
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