Alone Part II

Four leather cuffs with sheepskin inside
White cotton rope
A black scarf

I knew now where this was going. We had talked a lot about sensory deprivation and the impact it has on sexual arousal. He turned to me and said simply “are you ready?” and I simply nodded.
He placed a cuff on each wrist and ankle, fussing with the adjustments until they were just right. Not lose enough for me to slip out of but not so tight that they bothered me.

He leaned into me and kissed me, our tongues dancing together before finally he drew away. He looked me in the eyes and raised one eyebrow, I nodded again.

Gathering up the bundle of rope I saw that it was actually four pieces of the same length. He took each piece and with quick hands soon had one end of each tied to each one of the cuffs. He tugged on them a bit testing the knot and I felt the first quivers of what some call subspace.

For me subspace is almost an altered state. I seem to lose all sense of what is around me, the only thing that exists is what I’m doing and what is being done to me. It’s a very freeing state, and I think that this is the reward that many those in BDSM seek.

He slowly tied the other end of each rope to a corner of the bed, I heard him say softly “It really is too bad this isn’t a four poster bed, but we’ll make due” and I let his words create an image in my mind of four columns of wood, the kind with the ball on the top.
He made sure that I had some movement of my arms and legs, not enough to touch anything but enough to keep any muscles from cramping. This wasn’t about pain, this was about deprivation. He whistled softly, some tune I didn’t know, as he went back to his bag and pulled out something that made me quiver anew. A blindfold. He smiled at me and again raised an eyebrow. I replied with a slight incline of my head, I was ready.

The blindfold was simple black cloth, soft and gauzy but when gathered up it would completely remove my ability to see. I felt a bit more of me slip, and as he placed the black cloth over my eyes and raised my head to tie it off, I lost everything but him and me.
I felt and heard him move away from me and the bed and I tested the bonds one more time, with each tug I felt a tug inside me, there was no getting up without the assistance of another. He returned to stand beside me, I could hear his breathing. He leaned over and whispered softly in my ear “Have fun darling; I’ll be back for you soon”. With that he slipped the headphones over my ears and I heard the soft sounds of music.
I realized I could hear nothing else, just soft strains of piano music that I wasn’t even sure was a song.

I felt the vibration of the room as the door was pulled shut and I was alone.

© BJG 2001
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4 years ago
Excellent start - with a cliffhanger at the end.
Feels like this could become a hot sequence ...
I hope ;)