Alone Part I


We had met on the internet, found each other in a dominance and submission area by pure chance. I think we talked in public rooms for a month before we finally talked in private. It was a few more months before we talked on the phone. God what a rush that was, to finally hear his voice, it was as I imagined, deep and strong.

I was in my 30’s, he in his 40’s. I had never been involved “real life” in Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism or BDSM as it’s more frequently called. I only had fantasies that I had discovered while pursuing the internet. My quest for knowledge was insatiable for a time; I even read the “Beauty” series written by Anne Rice under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure, which of course are pure fantasy fiction. Didn’t matter to me and I found the books to be very stimulating and my first taste of the pony fetish, but that’s another story for another time.

He and I talked over the phone, through email and on the internet for a long time before we finally thought the time right to meet face to face. We had by now of course exchanged pictures and though neither of us would ever grace the cover of a magazine, nor would neither of us be in need of paper bags to be seen in public. Our first few visits were purely platonic even though the sexual tension was so high you could cut it with the proverbial knife. This had been our agreement, meet in large cities where everything we did would be in public. Separate rooms of course, and we even agreed to separate floors. There are after all, crazy people on the internet and neither of us wanted to be a headline in our hometown newspaper.

Our other interactions though were far from platonic. I think some of our writings could have raised the dick of a 90 year old man and make his wife’s cunt clench in spasms. That is, of course, if they found bondage, dominance and submission erotic. Our phone calls were almost always filled with the panting voices and cries as we reached orgasm, one night after an especially frantic session of moans and fluids released we actually fell asl**p with our phone lines still connected. That was an expensive night!

And so the time finally came, we both felt safe with the other and we have found that our desires for each other had not waned over all this time, and we decided to meet in yet another city and act out some of the things we had previously only talked about. We chose San Francisco as the city to meet in, was there any more perfect place in the United States to meet for such a reason?

He chose the hotel and made all the travel arrangements, all I had to do was show up at the airport with my bags. I dressed carefully that morning, though a part of me wanted to wear the stereotypical short skirt with no panties the more realistic part of me chose the simple jeans and shirt, though I did leave off the panties. As I boarded the plane my heart pounded just a bit and I think I saw a bit of tremble in my hands as I handed over my boarding pass. This was to be a weekend like no other and I was wound up like a c***d’s top.

The plane landed and a part of me thought of simply not getting off, but I knew that really wasn’t a choice. This was pre 9/11 and so he would be waiting for me at the gate. I decided to be the calm, cool and collected one and get off the plane in the midst of passengers, I would look not too eager and not too hesitant but just calm. Inside I was anything but calm.

He stood there in the crowd a single red rose in his hand and a smile touching the corners of his mouth. As I moved toward him I did the unthinkable, I looked at his crotch. He of course knew exactly what I was doing and a flush covered my cheeks as I raised my eyes back to his. When I reached him he leaned down and whispered to me “Did you see my cock twitch when you looked at it?” and I blushed yet again “I’ve been waiting a long time for this day, I’ve been half hard from the time I got on the plane this morning”. He pulled me close, pressed his leg between my thighs and he curved over me to kiss me soundly. I felt a flutter inside me as our lips met for the first real kiss and I think I may have actually rocked my sex against his leg when his tongue touched mine. “Your sex is hot young lady, I can feel it through your jeans and through mine” I could only stammer something unintelligible against his chest as once again I felt my face flush.

We gathered up my luggage and walked out to where the rental car had already been parked. His flight had come in two hours before mine so he had already taken care of everything we needed to just be off once I got in. He’d been to San Francisco before as had I, but I’d never been without others who took care of all the transportation. He knew where the hotel was and the best way to get there.

We hadn’t been on the road long when he reached over and put his hand between my legs. I arched to it instinctively; my arousal took most decisions away from the more logical portion of my brain. He reached up and unbuttoned my jeans and then reached for the zipper. I put my hand on his for a moment and he looked at me and whispered “are you ok?” I nodded and slid my hand under the opening and then blushing said “I just don’t want you to catch my hair in the zipper”. He grinned as he then realized I had no panties on; this was going to make his next actions so much easier. He lowered the zipper and in just a moment had a finger buried between my slippery folds. I pushed into his hand with fervor and in only moments found myself close to orgasm. He of course pulled his hand away before I could actually come. I simply muttered “Damn you” and he laughed. I rode the rest of the way to the hotel sitting on my hands with my jeans unfastened showing a patch of black, curly pubic hair to anyone that might pass whose vehicle was high enough for them to look down. I wondered more than once if anyone saw and then I began to wonder if I was going to have a visible wet spot on my jeans when we got to the hotel.

The hotel was a grand old hotel and it seemed that it would fit us perfectly. I stood back as he took care of the business of checking us in and looked around the lobby, taking in the lovely wood floors and crown molding. I love old buildings and wood, I think he must have thought of this when he chose this hotel. Before I knew it the bellboy had our luggage on a cart and was leading us to the elevator. The elevator ride was a lesson in tight control as he stood behind me and ground his hard cock into my bottom. He didn’t seem to care with the bellboy might think if he noticed the bulge in his jeans. For me now, it couldn’t happen fast enough, we needed to get to our room, get naked and fuck. But alas, things don’t always go the way a person wants. We had to get to the room, let the bellboy open the door for us, remove our luggage, blah blah blah as my mind was simply shouting “Get the hell out of here and let us be alone”. It must have showed on my face because when the bellboy left and he turned to look at me he actually broke out in his deep laughter. I was wounded for only a second as the next moment his eyes smoldered their deep blue-grey and I knew the laughter wasn’t so much at me but just a release of pure joy.

It took him only minutes to strip me; he then sat me on the edge of the bed. He looked striking in black jeans, boots and a white cotton shirt and I smiled in anticipation of him removing his clothes. I was a bit confused when he went to one of his bags and gathered some things out of it and I started to ask, then thought better of it and just watched.

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4 years ago
This starts promising, after so much careful preparation, isn't it?
I happened to read part two first, which turned me on even more ;)
I hope BJG will continue to feed us bits and pieces - one by one - every day - for some weeks to come - pun intended ;)