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She wanted to hear his voice. She grabbed her favorite romance novel as she waited for his call. Quickly turning to her favorite passage in the book page 44. She read aloud as her pussy began to drool with desire. A puddle formed quickly this was all before she began diddling and humping her imaginary beau.

Then it happened her phone rang. "Hey Ma what ya doing? he coyly asked. Na, na, nothing she stammered as that first wave of ecstasy roared through her well built curvy body. "I've been waiting for your call." She couldn't believe that those words really left her lips. She felt power less when it came to him.

He had shown her a side of herself that she had never known existed. He gave her confidence. He taught her that happiness came from with in, and in no time she was a believer.

She thought to herself how she had gone from the shy semi-innocent good girl type to a full fledged card carrying "new me" she giggled.

"Um baby"I said "does that sound good to you?" She was so caught up in her thoughts that she never heard what he said. "Sure, sounds fine" she muttered.

He hung on her every word. "Really" he said in disbelief. I said "it sounds fine." "When am I going to see you?" "You'll see me soon enough Ma."

He too had been longing with pure a****l like desire for she had given him his swag back.

Hours turned to days and she couldn't seem to shake her thoughts. Seemed like all she cared about these days was sex, not just any sex. Hot nasty passionate sex. She longed to be in his arms, in his bed, in his company.

"Damn I thought that I didn't even like sex anymore" she said to no one in particular as she passed the blunt across the room.

"Girl are you still talking about your mystery man" someone said. "No it's just been since I started doing these pure romance parties I've become more in touch with my sexuality" she grumbled.

"Bitch stop lying he turned your ass out, got you out here selling sex toys and shit, Yo ass is in touch with your inner freak "

"Girl she keeps a fresh mani and pedi and her hair is always done, what else he got a bitch out here doing" another heckled?

"Thats for me to know and you not to find out", she said jokingly while pouring a glass of mos**to. "And he didn't turn me out, he just showed me life had a lot to offer." "If you pot head bitches weren't such freaks I wouldn't be able to afford to stay so fly she taunted back!" The girls roared with laughter.

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