The neighbor

Every since her dream she couldn't stop thinking about him. It felt so real she thought to herself. "I learned more about me and what I want than any man, any real man has ever shown me." She ran to the window to get a glimpse of him pulling up. It had been three days since she saw him and the sound of his car pulling into the driveway instantly made her pussy wet. She quickly ran up her bedroom stairs and retrieved the vibrator from under her pillow that she purchased after the dream. She stood there in the window watching him sit in the car for an unusually long time as she rubbed the dildo across her breast. The thought of him catching a glimpse of her standing there turned her on. She hardly noticed as she began rubbing that thing on her clit as he walked to his door. In her mind all she saw was him putting his key into her door unlocking the secrets of her woman hood. She came and climbed the walls so loudly that she was sure he had heard. "Ain't this a bitch I wait until I get into my thirties to develop a school girl crush and play in my panties." Why couldn't she get this man out of her mind? She kept masturbating as she walked over to the bed rhythmically inserting the vibrator in her hot aching hole. What strange noises it made when pushing in and out of her. When she stopped cumming the bed was like a wet rag. Weak and somewhat frightened at what had taken place she cleaned herself up and thought "never again" She carefully pulled her black fishnet panty hose over her gorgeous French pedicured feet and slipped on her amazing cum fuck me heels. She had great legs and an amazing curvy body and she knew it would drive any man wild. But today she didn't want any man she wanted him. She pulled her short black skirt over her pretty yellow ass knowing that today would be different as her pussy ached and tingled needing to be fed. The blouse she wore was light pink and clung to her showing every curve of her sweet firm round breast and just a hint of her nipples. She grabbed the vibrator and off she went. He did a double take when he saw her standing there in that revealing skirt, vibrator in hand. "I'm all out of batteries she mustered up." He gave her a burning hot look that she could feel boring into her core. The familiar ache in her pussy appeared at once and she tried to keep her breath steady as he led her through the door...

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good one borrow batteries