My Slut Entertains My Friends During the Game

you invited your two of your friends to come over to watch the game. you have me a heads up and told what to wear: a short dress and no underwear. you let them in and told them to make themselves at home. you called and told me to entertain you and our guests.

as soon as they come in i immediately drop to my knees and i start by unzipping mike's pants and taking out his cock. he's not really hard yet but i can tell his cock is huge. i put it in my mouth and begin to suck as i kneel on the floor infront of him. it didnt take long for him to get hard. i take his cock down my throat as i bobbed my head up and down. when his cock is all wet and slimy, i moved on to john who was sitting in the middle. i took his cock out and saw that its already hard, and its very long! i lick the shaft, feeling the entire length of it... then i stick my tongue out while he slaps me with his very long, skinny cock. its dripping with pre cum so i licked it clean... you already have your cock out and are stroking it slowly while watching me with these guys,

i moved over as you shoved it in my mouth. you grab my hair and pushed my head further down into your cock, forcing me to take you deep in my throat. i had no choice but gag and slobber all over your throbbing cock and down your thighs. you commanded me to get up, without taking your cock out of my mouth. you lifted up my dress and the other guys started to slap my big ass. john took my hand, i stroke his cock and played with his balls. mike buried his face in my pussy and ass. he licks my clit and stick his tongue in my pussy, sucking all my juice. he has a full beard so it tickles a little, making my things shake with excitement. he licked and spit on my ass hole before inserting two fingers and starts fucking me. watching me be used like this turns you on even more that you started slapping my face and floppy tits hard and shoving my head down your cock more f***efully. i can taste your pre cum and feel how hard you are. after a while, you got up and told me to kneel infront of the couch. i obeyed. you stood up, ripped all my clothes off, and begin to tie me up. you handcuffed my hands behind my back, john put a blindfold on me, and mike put a leash on.

i wasnt sure what's happening... i was pulled up, bend over, then im getting beat on my ass with a riding crop. it burns with every strike and i can already feel the welts forming. i let out a scream and you almost immediately told me to be quiet or youll beat me harder. i bit my lip to keep me from yelling in pain the same time i felt the same intense slaps on my huge tits. i couldnt take the intense pain and let out a cry... mike grabbed my head and f***efully shoved his cock down my throat. to keep me quiet he said... i can tell it's his cock from having it in my throat earlier. the beating and face fucking continued. my whole body is sore and shaking and im gagging and slobbering everywhere... next, i was pushed down on the couch. my legs spread open, held down on each side. i felt a hard smack landed on one of my thigh and i can tell right away that im now being paddled. my tits are now being slapped, my nipples pulled and bitten simultaneously and im loving it so much. my tits are so sore but my nipples are also super sensitive. this turns me on so much that i can feel my pussy juice running down to my ass... whoever is paddling my thighs saw this as he took the paddle and hit my crotch really hard. i let out a loud scream, the pain was so excruciating! it got better when i felt a cold tongue licking and sucking my clit. it wasnt long til the paddling resumed. i can already tell that bruises are starting to show on thighs and legs without even looking...

even on my tits, i can feel bruises and bite marks...

it wasnt long before i was pulled up, then pushed back down... this time, i felt a cock shoved up my pussy... i started bouncing up and down, fucking myself on the fat cock inside me. i feel more beating on my face and tits. then i was pulled down, my ass up in the air and another shoved f***efully in my ass. i feel so full as im DP'd for the first time! im not even sure which guy was where until you whispered "good slut" and i knew right away you were lying on the couch, fucking my pussy as you watch me getting ass fucked at the same time... you called john and told him to shove his cock in my mouth... he did and you asked me if i want the blindfold taken off... i nodded yes and you took it off. i got so turned on when i actually realized what is happening; im being DP'd and face fucked at the same time... you guys continued to fuck all my holes at the same time... mike pulled out first and continued to stroke his cock... john pulled out and did the same thing... you told me to get off of you and kneel on the floor. i obeyed, of course. you got up and shoved your cock down my throat and face fucked me until you came, dumping a load of cum down my throat. i tried so hard to swallow everything and not spill a drop. the other guys kept on jacking off until they got off on my face, dumping all their cum on my face and tits and my open mouth with my tongue sticking out... i have been a very good and obedient slut... you guys decided to let me cum...

im still all sticky and covered in cum... you tied me up on the couch, my hands over my head and my legs spread out. john put a ball gag on me, and mike brought out the whip and started beating my already-sore-and-bruised tits. you brought out the magic wand and turned it on... hearing the buzzing almost made cum. john spit on my pussy and eat me out while you watch. watching me get used and fucked really turns you on, you stared at me and i saw you get hard again. john got up and gave my pussy a good, hard smack before walking over and start slapping my ball-gagged face with his cock. you then took the wand and place the buzzing head right on my swollen clit. i almost came immediately, but you took it off and told me i have to wait. you took the paddle and smacked my pussy a couple of times before using the wand on me again. the vibration feels so good... i can feel my thighs shake... i came soon after that, feeling every powerful quiver and spasms... i moaned loudly over the ball gag. you pushed down on my lower stomach while keeping the wand in place on my still quivering clit... i let out a sudden gush of liquid, squirting everywhere and still moaning loudly. it took me a couple minutes to recover, as you and the guys untied me and took the gag off me. you told me to bring you guys beer, take a shower, and get ready for round 2 during half time... :)

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