Don't Bring me Flowers!!

My partner sent me out to the pub to join my mate and watch the football.She was going to be busy on the phone anyway,talking sex with other guys,she said she might even do a bit of camming for them if she could be arsed.I knew she would though,it was wednesday and her favourite cock would be on there,big Dave was his name.Every wednesday he would b there with his nine inch thick cock and a knob she said looked like ther head of a lump hammer.
She would say it was just her job but i knew that when it came to him and a few others like him that the line between job and pleasure came very faded.
She gave me my orders before i set of though.
"Be back by eleven,bring me some fags,a pizza and if you find a young slut for us to share that would be nice too".She always said this with a smile,but of late I have began to fantasise more and more about this scenario and my mind has began to play tricks on me.
I have started to think that just maybe she is not entirely joking about it!
That she actualy ould like me to do just that.
The fantasy continues in a very erotic direction in my head as I wank or even when I fuck her,and it is so fucking hot n horny that it stays now throughout the day and everytime I see a girl on the street or in the supermarket I immediately put her into that roll in my head and I feel the twinges in my pants that get stronger and stronger.
You never know ladies,maybe I have seen you out there and you never even knew it but we have had some of the sexiest fun times of our my head.
Anyway,I joined my mates at the pub and watched the game.It was shite and infact the night was a big drag.I was just thinking about pissing off home early when I spotted a young girl in a tight top and short skirt sitting at the far end of the bar all alone and at the exact same momment she spotted me.
She had long curly brown hair a pretty kind of face without being exactly beautiful.Her legs were crossed and looked to be very long and shapely.
Almost at once there she was in my fantasy and me and my partner were using her as our sex toy,doing anything we wanted to and the twitch was in full flow.
This time though,there was a subtle difference.As I kept looking at her she did not turn away or even avert her eyes.She just kept staring at me with a sensual kind of grin on her face that almost suggested that she could read my mind and I was the one that began to feel slightly embarrased and even a little uncomfortable.
But I was not going to be the one to back down.
We both raised our glasses at the same time to take a sip of our drinks but our eyes never left each others.
She uncrossed her legs and turned on her seat slightly to face me full on nad her legs parted just enough so that I got a good view up to her knickers,pink and very tight.
I was so turned on and and so damned excited that this could actualy be the momment I had dreamed about.I stood up and left my mates who were engrossed in the game and didn't even seem to notice me leave,and I walked over to her my heart pounding and mythroat dry as a desert.
"Hi",I said and sat in the chair beside her.
She smiled took a long sip of her drink,put her glass down on the bar,then leaned over to my ear,the smell of her perfume was intoxicating.
"Hi back"she whispered and her tongue darted into my ear for a split second then she sat back.
Fuck me I nearly exploded in my pants.
"Got a Girlfriend",she asked as her tongue sensualy traversed her top lip.
"Yes",I answered honestly.
"Where is she".
"At home,working".
"Nice,what does she do?",so i told her and believe me,I did not hold back.
"Sounds very sexy",she said bet you guy's have a brilliant sex live,lots of red hot fun".
I nodded in agreement and finished my drink.
"Ever thought of inviting anyone else of joining in your fun",she asked and her breathing was actualy getting fast,I could tell she was getting excited.
So I told her of my fantasy and how it all started.
When i finished she stood up and reached for my hand.
"Come on",she said and began to lead me to the door.
"I want to meet her so bad".
The journey home was a blur except that i remeber we stopped near to my house for a wild snog and fumble.
We walked up to my front door and I got the key into the slot,but as I was just about to turn it the door opened and my partner stood there in one of her sexy ork outfits.
"Who's this",she asked but I could tell her anger was all for show and so very false.
She had asked the one question though that i could not for the life of me answer.
"I'm Jane",she answered coming to my rescue.
"Hi Jane and what the fuck do you want here",my partner answered but the the mock anger in her voice was almost comical.
"I think you know that",Jane answred and actualy pushed past her and entered the house.
My partner looked at a stern expression that suddenly turned into a smile full of dirty inuendo.
"Nice one",she said and turned to follow Jane into the house.
Numbly,I followed suite.
I went atraight upstairs for a piss and when I came back down and enetered the living room I was greeted by them snogging like fuck on the sofa and there hands wre all over there bodies.
I was hard immediately,and i watched as they almost ripped each others clothing off and got down to the realy good stuff.
To actualy watch up close a Girl on Girl sixty nine is one of the wonders of the world.I got naked faster than I ever had in my life and joined them.
I cant tell you who's mouth first enjoyed my cock or who's pussy i was munchen on first,it didn't matter we all got our fair share of everything.
I got them both on all fours on the sofa and fucked one cunt whileI fingered the other.Then it got real dirty.
"Piss on us",Jane said so I eagerly obliged and they fought over my strem like wild cats,
I fucked both of there arses,they took it in turns to rim my arse hole and we all came at least three times each.
It was damn hot and a brill' night all round.
As we lay on the floor all sweaty and fucked out my partner turned to me with a big grin on her face.
"You forgot the Pizza",she said and we all laughed out loud.
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