Are Your Curtains Closed ?

She was my dirty secret!!
I used to watch her from my bedroom window as she got undressed.
I would peer at her valuptious body through a crack in the curtain with the lights out and my cock in my hand.
Her bedroom window was directly opposite mine at the bottom of my back garden,and at eleven thirty mostly every night she would appear there.She never drew her curtains,there was no reason to.No one could see her...he he he.
Or so she thought!
I could see though..oh yes i could see everything.And when i invested in a cheap pair of binoculars.
I could see everything oh so close up.
As i cranked my cock every might I would mutter to myself,"You dirty little bitch.I'm gonna fuck you so hard I will make you squeal".
And as the climax began to build it was as if I actually was fucking her.
For the most parts it was only quick glimpses as she passed by the window.
But every now and then,mostly when she got out of the shower she would linger in sight longer.Drying her hair in the mirror that happened to be right in the centre of the window.
Oh the sight of her tight,firm arse would drive me wild.
On a couple of occasions she would drop something and have to bend over to pick it up.
Oh my god.If I could keep the binoculars steady my wank would go through the roof.
She seemed to like to be naked and would spend ages in her bedroom,applying lotions to her curvacious body.
just occasionaly I would squeeze three wanks in during our rendezvous.
Then one time joy of joys.
As I was tugging away she stopped what she was doing and began to rub her tits as if a lover was caressing her.She closed her eyes,and her fingers began to tweek those large errect nipples,pinching,teasing.
She threw her head back and her long,curly brown hair cascaded all the way down to the small of her back.
One hand traversed down over her belyy and seemed to linger for a moment before finaly gently stroking down to that glorious cavern between her legs.
I could see her elbow moving in time with the gentle says of her hips as she masterbated in front of that glorious mirror.
I could imagine her moans of passion and Funnily for ther one and only time.I was not wanking.
The pure beauty of what i was witnessing was magical and totally captivating,quite possibly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.
And I was mesmarised.
Her hand was moving rapidly and her head was rolling from side to side.
Suddenly in what seemeda climatic gush she came and believe it or not.I felt one tear roll from the side of my eye onto my cheek.
Now i'm not going to get carried away here.
I was stiff as a rod and when she was recovering from her pleasure I grabbed my cock pulled twice and I came instantly.But for that few moments during her play.That was purely and simply the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen.
Anyway,this went on as I said,most nights at the same time for about three months.I would be in my living room trying to watch TV but actualy watching the clock.Counting down the minutes to my date at my window.
As the time approached the excitement would build and I had to physically stop myself from grabbing my cock and starting without her.
I would be at my window ten minutes before she appeared,preparing myself.
It was the best time of my life and in my head she was my girlfriend and we wre going to have some fun.
One winter evening,there was a frost on the ground as I remember,the thing I had been secretly dredding happened.
She didn't appear.
I stood there shivering and perplexed,waiting for over an hour.My hard cock had long since softened and a wave of sadness rolled over me.
Eventualy I left my window and trudged down the stairs back into my living room.
A great feeling of loss had csme over me and i slumped into my chair and began to rub my forehead.
The front door bell roused me from my daze.
Who on earth would be visiting at this time of night?
I went tyo the door and tried to peer through the frosted glass but could only see a blurry shape.
I was apprehensive about opening the door but i shrugged and told myself off mentally for being a wimp.
I undid the chain and pulled the door open.
It was as if a blaze of light burnt into my eyes and I actually felt my breath catch in my throat and i blushed bright red.
For there,standing on my door step was the Girl of my nightly watches,and she was smiling.
"hi",she said and I could not answer,she was wearing a knee length coat tied in a bow at the front and a pair of knee high boots,black leather with very high heels
The breath would not reach my lungs and my mouth was like jello.
"Do you mind if I come in",she asked.
My brain exploded with fears and apprehension.
I had been discoverd,Oh my God she knows,she knows what I've been doing,iv'e been found out.
Fuck,what do I do now.
She must have noticed my face bright red because her smile grew larger but she gave a little shiver and shook her head.
"It's cold out here,do you mind if I come in".
I moved aside and gestured her to enter.
I closed the door and she followed me into the lounge.
My heart was racing and I wa having trouble breathing.
"Thanks" she said.
She looked around ther room and smiled.
"This is nice",she said and the sight of her face warmed me to the bone.
I could smell her perfume,it was intoxicating.
she maade her way over to the open fire that was well ablaze and reached up and put one hand on top of the mantlepiece and seductively began to stroke it.
"I love a real fire",she said."It is so romantic".
The way she looked at me was pure seduction and the horniest thing i had ever seen.
She sort of dipped her head and her hair fell over one eye so that it looked like she was peeping through her own curtain back at me. all of my mental tortures of that evening I could feel my arousal begin.
I finaly managed to say my very first words to her.
"thank you".
When i think back now i cringe.
this was the most magical event of my life.It so deserved better than that.
Our first words should have been so monumental that the universe would stop to hear them.
But thank you is what they were and forever will be.
"my name is Jasmine,I live over the way from you,but you know that don't you"
The grin on her face was devilish and cute.
The blush was back and i lowered my head.
"here it comes",I thought and tried to prepare myself for the deluge that was to come.
Instead she walked over to me and put her mouth close to my ear and whispered.
"I know you've been naughty",she said and the tip of her tongue gently brushed my ear lobe.
She backed away slightly and gazed into my eyes.
"But so have i",she continued.
I was in a daze.Confused and bewildered.
what was going on here.
Her hand moved to the belt on her coat and she slowly losened the bow,she stopped and said.
"Do you mind if I take my coat off,it's warm and cosy in here".
after a brief pause i answered.
"Not at all,here let me take it", and moved closer to her,reaching out for the garment.
It was so quick I still can not remember the action of the event but she slipped the coat of iand swung it round toward my outstretched hand in one liquid motion.
There she stood.Naked,except for her black boots.
I felt a huge lump appear in my throat and my eyes for a brief moment clouded over with the enormity of what was taking place.
This was my secret lover and she was no secret anymore.
"Did you miss me tonight",she asked.
I looked deep into her eyes and gave a gentle nod of my head.
"I missed you",but as you can see.I had other plans".
She slowly walked back towards the chair and her movements were all fluid and so very seductive.
She turned round to face me still smiling and slowly sat down.
"we have a missed date",she said,and her hands gently began to caress her legs moving ever so slowly towards the inside of her thighs.
I think my heart stopped for a few seconds and the coat slipped from my grasp,falling to the floor.
She parted her legs and I could see the glistening place that had been in my dreams and nightly watches for so very long.
her hand moved to that place and began its work.
"Sit down opposite me",she said.
I obeyed her wish,but as i was about to sit down she stopped me.
"Its not fair that i should be undressed and your not",she giggled.
Nervously i granted her wiwsh and sat down naked opposite her.
She snuggled back into the chair and gently placed one leg over the arm spreading herself wide.
My cock was as hard as it had ever been and my hand was stroking the shaft firmly.
Our eyes were locked together with quick glances down at our hands.
The room was filled with emotional passion and we were charged to the hilt.
Our orgasms were mounting towards there climax and my body was tense with anticipation.
I could suddenly see it there.The curtain was once more between us but this time it was imaginary, and so much more erotic.
When it happened,it happened simultaniously and in a gush of raging lust.
We both moaned and closed our eyes at the instant of release and then the gentle floating back to reality that was in it's self,a moment to remeber.
after a minute of recovery,she stood up,ran her fingers through her tussled hairt and walked over and picked her coat up off the floor.She slowly put it back on and fastened it up.
She walked over to the door then paused and half turned to face me.
She winked,smiled then left.not another word was spoken.
A magical night indeed,but also tinged with sadness.
Something special had happened but also,something special had died that night.
Nowe when the chimes ring half eleven each night we stand at our windows and look accross at each other.
We smile,then together,we slowly close our curtains.
Sometimes,secrets are best kept that way.
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14 days ago
Very nice.
1 year ago
Still a new friend! She did not fuss! She helped! Thanks! DREAM CUM TRUE!
4 years ago
to bad nothing came of it
4 years ago
Loved it!
4 years ago
That was a pretty decent story.
4 years ago
I had a neighbor that striped with her blinds open each night and I would jerk off with the lights out watching her for those few minutes.
I was just a kid and even the department store catalogue with women in bra's and panties would get me off.
She was old and had saggy tits, but today, I would love to see them again and jerk off.