Anal-The final Frontier.

I had been married for thirteen years and with her for sixteen.
I had tried to fuck her up the arse on more occasions than I care to rmember,but I always got he cold shoulder and the usual put down.
"It's disgusting".
Wow...where do these women learn this shit?
How to turn ardour into odour in one quick sentance...such a gift.
Like trying to get a blow job for fucks sake.
"You pee out of it".
"You talk crap but I still kiss you don't I".
After years of pleading and cajoling I finaly got a blow job and what a fucking let down.
I couldn't believe it.
All that effoert and hard work and she was totaly crap at it.
So...back to my first anal fuck.
It was not with her.She didn't give into that one ever.
No,this was with my present partner.
Now She was, and is a total different bale of hay and no mistake.
I suddenly and unexpectantly found a women with the same ideas about sex as me.,just when i'd given up all hope that she ever had existed.
Man she was great.
Blow jobs were like meat and two veg to her.
"No problem honey,get it out and stick it in my mouth".
I had always fancied the idea of water sports.Never even dared to approach my ex with that one.
Would have definately ended in divorce?
Come to think of it.Could have saved a lot of time there with hind sight.
Anyway.I transgress.
So after a while with my new partner I figured the time was right to broach the subject of the great Anal chase once more.
"hey babe",I said all seductive and sensualy.
fancy trying a bit of Anal.
I was so damned sure I knew what the answer was going to be that I was actualy already begining to undo the trousers and had a raging stork on.
Imagine my suprise then when that old phrase came out of nowhere to smack me in the face yet again.
"No way.I don't do that".
I actualy had to sit down.I was blown away.
"Why",was all i could manage to say in response.
"It's disgusting".
Oh man..this from a woman who had let me piss and spunk in her mouth and all over her face.
A woman who let me spank her,slap her face with my cock and who had had sex in all different positions with me and in places inside and out.
For fucks sake we even fucked while she was on her period.
Oh yeah,and we had eaten stuff off each others genitals.
The final confusing insult was she let me stick my fingers up her arse.
Why won't she let me stick my cock up there?
I mean,I aint no super cock here.You know what I mean.
Ten inch long and five inch wide,with a knob like a lump hammer.
No sir...Im just slightly below your average joe.About six inches(On a good day).and about as thick as two fingers pressed together.
So you get the picture now...this was a man totaly deflated and confused to fuck.
The old self preservation thing took over automaticaly and I quickly changed the subject.
It took a long time for the subject to come to the fore again.
One night we were drinking and getting all sexy and to my suprise she actualy broached the subject for the first time.
"You never mentioned fucking my arse anymore",she said with a grin.
I bristled up.
"here we go",I thought .
"She wants a argument and this is her way of starting one off".
But to my suprise she stood up.turned round,dropped her trousers and pants to her ankles and bent over to show me her arse.
"You want to fuck this babe",she said.
Well I aint joking when I say that for the first time in my life my six inches burst into seven and scared the shit out of me.I mean I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life.
Was this really happening?
She actually reached behind her self grabbed both cheeks and spread them babies wide open
Oh yeah...this was definately happening.
"You want it,you get it wet.You get it wet,you can have it",she said in the dirtiest voice I had ever heard her put on.
Fuck me I wanted it,oh yes indeed.
I sort of stumbled over to that tight puckered hole and slapped my tongue deep in there.Licking and slurping for all i was worth,all the time fumbling at my fly and finaly unleashing that shiny new toy of mine.
I remeber thinking as I grabbed hold of my cock,"What a beauty you are".
I stood up behing her and tried to ram him up that hole like a ferret going down a rabbit hole.
"easy",she said in a commanding voice.
"Your gonna hurt me you fuck,yours is the first cock to go in there so take it slow and easy".
I didn't want to but i obliged.I just wanted to fuck that hole like I never wanted anything in my life.
But gently I put my throbbing nob at the entrance to her arse and gently pushed.
It was a suprise to both of us how easy he slid in there.Too easy.
Yep,typical guy that I was I hsd to go right for the bullseye.
I pushed hard eager to get on with it and she squeeled.
"oh fuck",she gasped.
I backed off quickly realising I had gone too far too quickly.
A thought sprang into my head.
"Rub your clit baby,see if that helps".
Her fingers moved between her legs and she began to rub furiously.I could feel her orgasm begining so I negan to thrust my cock hard and deep inside of her hearing my body slap her arse as I thrust foreward really turned me on and I went faster and harder.
!I'm coming",she blurted out"and that did it for me.
I shot my load right up her arse in a frothy,hot eruption.
After that she quickly pulled away from me and I heard my cock come out with a plopping fucking hot.
I looked down at her and her body was covered and sweat and lower down to her arse hole I noticed the first trickles of my cum spilling from inside of her.
Oh fuck,I thought.Thats too damn hot.
I had tasted what I had always dreamed of and man I wanted to again right then.
Another glance down at my cock.
"Oh yeah..Still hard.I could definately go again".
So I inched foreward and pressed my cock up against her arse.
"Oh no you don't",she giggled and moved away.
"You had yours,don't be greedy".
We went back to our drinks but I couldn't think of anything else except fucking that lovely round,tight arse.
We done it a lot since and we both enjoy it.
But nothing compares to that first time for both of us...We still wank over that night.
100% (5/0)
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4 years ago
yes to boldly go into the breach of ultimate bliss
4 years ago
To boldly go.. where no man had gone before...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm