That's what Friends are for!!!

Me,Jack and his missus,Heather were the best of friends.I mean we did everything together.The laughs we had were too numerous to tell.
Now to get the picture right i must describe what we looked like!
I was quite a skinny little runt,about five foot six blue eyes and shoulder length hair,no great shakes realy.
Jim was smaller,about five foot five but stocky.Built like a wrestler and a strong fuck to boot.
Now we come to heather.
How can i put this without sounding nasty?
Well,she was fat.
I mean she was one big mamma.Long flowing,curly blonde hair.Deep green eyes and the roundest face i have ever seen.
But man she was fun.
She was always laughing and she could give back with spades anything that was thrown at her.
I actualy thought of her as one of the boy's.A mate.
She knew a hell of a lot more swear words than I even know now and she could come back with a put down in a flash,that would make you feel about three inches tall.
And drink!!
Put it this way.
I never saw her d***k..I was usualy under the table pissed out of my head by the time she reached the d***k stage.
Funny thing is,for a big girl she hardly ever ate.
Anyway.When the weekend came round I would make my way round to Jack and Heathers for a piss up and a laugh.
The conversation always turned to sex after about my fourth drink and we had a ball talking about our past experiences,In my case usualy made up.Taken from some porn magazine I had read,or just fantasies I wanked to at night.
One night,as I was on my fifth drink,I blurted out how I had been with this girl who liked to be dominated.
"Yeah,she wanted me to tie her up and do all kinds of shit to her",I continude and elaborating wildly.
I had never actualy been involved in anything like that before in my life,nor indeed had it ever even appealed to me.
I happened to watch a rather horny video that very afternoon and some of that had been in it.So you could say it was topical.
To my amazement,Heather realy got carried away for once and wanted to know all the dirty details.
Jack was less enthused.
"Does nothing for me",he grunted and got up to fix us some more drinks.
When he left the room,Heather leaned forward in her seat and smiled the kind of smile I had never seen her give me before.
"was it hot",she asked in a soft voice.
Taking aback slightly, I sat back and tried my best bravado response.
"It was ok",I said and finished the dregs of my drink.
"But she was not realy good at that shit.I mean the idea seemed good to her but when push came to shove,the bitch was chicken shit".
Heathers smile widened and her eyes had a sparkle in them.
I felt kind of uncomfortable under that smile of hers.almost as if I had suddenly found myself out of my depth,floundering a bit.
I was greatful jack re-appeared with our drinks and the conversation returned to the normal banter.Well the evening ended as usual,with me crashed out snoring on there sofa so they flung a blanket over me and went to bed.
Next Morning heather woke me with the usual cup of coffee and slice of burnt toast(The way I still like it).
"Where's Jack",I asked.I must have looked a sight with my hair all over the place and the smell of me was not pretty either.
"Gone to his Mams",she said."Be back later this afternoon,you better have a shower you stink",she said and got up laughing and went into the kitchen,singing to herself.
I finished my coffee,slowly got up and went upstairs to the shower.
When I came back down she was sitting in her chair with the shortest skirt I had ever seen her wearing.For a big girl,Heather had lovely legs and her tits looked like balloons beneath her tight top.
"want another coffee",she asked,and there was that smile again.
I plopped myself onto the sofa opposite her and put my legs up.
"Nah",I answered.trying to sound macho and manly.
We chatted for a while and my eyes were drawn to her legs.
I could see right up to her panties,they were blue and I could feel something happening that I would never have expected were Heather was cvoncerned.
I was beginning to get a fucking hard on.
As if she knew or could tell she parted her legs just a touch more to give me a better view.
"I liked what we were talking about last night",she said and the smile was getting bigger,along with my cock.
"Did you enjoy being that bitches master",she continude.
I was trapped.
If I tried to back track she would surely know I had been lieing and she probably never believe another word I ever said.
So I would have to continue with the lie but I would have to be as convincing as I possibly could,for the same reason.
"too right",I answered."Pity she was fucking shite at it though.She will never know what she missed"I was in full acting roll now and convincing myself it was true as well as Heather.
"I have always been interested in that stuff but Jack don't like it",she answered.
The penny dropped.
Oh shit I thought,She wants to dominate me,and the nerves were running wild in me....
I was scared shitless.
But the unexpected has a way of not just creeping up on you,but sometimes it slaps you hard in the face.
"I always wanted to be dominated.To be a subserviant bitch,to be the play thing of a strong Master."she blurted out.
I almost fell off the sofa.Of all the people in the world I would have least expected her to come out with something like that.
She was so...strong.She never took shit from anyone.
All i could muster in response was a mummbled"yeah".
How pathetic when I think back,but it didn't seem to phase her.
She sat forward and her legs widened to there full extent.
"You wanna dominate me sir".
It was said in such an innocent sounding voice and the smile was pure little shy girl,that I almost came in my pants there and then.
The actor in me sudenly burst into full bloom and I stood up,chest out and trying to stand as a real macho actor would stand when stairing down the bad guy's in a cool action movie.
"Crawl over here Bitch",I said",On your knees and eyes to the floor".
She obliged without hesitation and I found myself realy getting into this and horny as fuck as she did so.
She was soon at my feet her eys looking down at the floor.
"Whatever you want master",she said.
Ho-l-y fuck!!!
This was awsome man.
"look up at me bitch",I said and again,she did as she was told imediately.
"Yes Master".
I reached down and grabbed her hair quite roughly and pulled her up so she was kneeling as if in church.
"Your mine,understand",And the growl in my voice supprised even me.
"I am Master",she answered I swear I saw a tear in the corner of one of her eyes.
I reached down with my other hand and unzipped my fly and took my cock out.
It was bigger than I had ever seen it.
"Suck my cock bitch" I growled again and she was on me in an instant sucking and swallowing.
Oh this was good!!
I was totaly ad-libbing it but it was coming to me so natural.
I sudenly through her away from me and she crashed to the floor not in a graceful way either.
"You piece of shit",I growled angrily.
"I said suck, not enjoy".
She again looked up at me and real pleading was in her eyes.
Sorry master,I only want to please you".
"Can you ever please me bitch".
"OH yes master",she pleaded and got back to her knees and crawled over towards me.
"get naked",I demanded and I never saw a woman get undressed so quick in my life.
Now as I have already said,she was a big girl.But the one thing I did not expect and still can not quite believe to this day is how tight her fanny was.
I think I was expecting it to be as big as the rest of her,but oh no.
It was tight,puckered and damn nice to look at.
Well,the rest of that morning we played and sometimes the playing got realy rough and dirty.
Two things happened that were firsts for me that day.
I fucked my first big girl and what a joy that was.
The second was I became a Master and fuck me that was also a Joy.
She was true to her word and did anything I asked.
"I want to fuck your arse".
She was up on all fours in a flash and actualy pulled her cheeks appart to let me into her.
"Lick my arse hole".
Her tongue was magic and she not only licked it.She dug for gold,and I didn't chastise her for that one.
"I want to piss all over your face".
She lay beneath me and let me piss all over her on three occasions.
"Look at that mess you dirty slut,clean it up".
She got on all fours and licked the piss up.Every drop.
I smacked her arse so hard it was covered in bright red welts(How she explained that to Jack later I have no idea to this day).
I dragged her accross the floor by the hair,through her on the sofa and fucked her so hard she was screaming.
I used my belt to tie her up and then i prodded and probeed where ever I wanted to,all the time telling her to thank me and beg me for more.
When we were both sated and totaly fucked out,we went for a shower together and then had a sl**p on her bed.
Jack came home about three thirty.
She was in the Kitchen making dinner.I was watching football.
"How's it going mate",he said as he threw me a can of beer and plomped himself next to me on the sofa.
"Who's winning",he asked.
"We are",I answered.
"Good game",he added.
The smile came onto my face uncontrollably.
"yeah",I answered.
"It's a great game.We are totaly dominating".
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4 years ago
nice story :)